Ibizan Hound Black, Price, Wirehaired, Colors, Personality, and Size

Ibizan Hound Dog Breed Introduction

Ibizan Hound ( nicknamed Beezer) is a medium-sized hound dog from the Spanish Island of Ibiza. There are two coat varieties that this breed may have, a smooth coat or a wirehaired coat. Although, some consider to be a third coat variety, long hair, which may be a variation of the wire haired coat. The Ibizan Hounds are great watchdogs that bark when necessary. They also get along well with children and other dogs making them great house pets.

However, they are athletic and active in need of a lot of physical and mental stimulation. The Ibizan Hounds are also escape artists that are able to jump incredible heights from a standstill. Therefore, they need very tall fences. Some may also escape from crates and open locks and baby gates. Due to the high prey drive, Ibizan Hounds should never walk off-leash unless in a secured yard.

Ibizan Hound Origin | History

The progenitors of Ibizan Hounds, Egyptian Hounds existed more than 5000 years ago. These dogs were brought to one of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza by Phoenicians around 3000 years ago. The Ibizan people used these dogs for hunting rabbits as a means of livelihood. At the time, food was scarce in Ibiza. Therefore, hunting was more of finding something to eat rather than a sport. The Ibizan Hounds were kept in the homes of Ibizan people and remained Isolated from other dogs.

However, recent DNA analysis have shown that this breed was developed from an older type hence they don’t have a lineage that stretches centuries back. The first pair was imported to Rhode Island in the United States in 1956. The first litter of eight puppies was born and together with other imported dogs became the stock foundation of Ibizan Hounds in the USA. The Ibizan Hounds have been AKC recognized since 1978.

Ibizan Hound's Photo
A Photo of a wirehaired Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound Lifespan

The Ibizan Hounds have a lifespan of 11 to 14 years.

Ibizan Hound Grooming

The Ibizan Hounds have a smooth or wire-haired coat that needs weekly grooming to remove dirt, loose hair, and keep the coat looking its best. However, the wire-haired coat may be profuse and may need regular grooming to prevent matting. Both coat varieties need an occasional bath unless the dog is smelly or has rolled in something stinky.

Use a canine shampoo and conditioner to bathe and moisturize the coat. Trim the nails of Ibizan Hounds fortnightly using a grinder or clippers to prevent overgrowth, splitting, and cracking. Brush the teeth of these hounds at least twice a week if not daily to remove tartar buildup using a dog-formulated toothpaste and toothbrush. Check the ears weekly using cotton balls soaked in an ear cleanser solution to remove dirt or excess wax.

Ibizan Hound Shedding

The Ibizan Hounds shed at low-levels throughout the year.

Ibizan Hound Coat | Coat Type

An Ibizan Hound may either have a smooth or wiry coat that has a smooth texture. The wiry coat has a length of one to three inches all-over the body. 

Wirehaired | Wire Haired Ibizan Hound

The Wire-haired Ibizan Hounds have a coat length of one to three inches on all or part of the body. They may also have a possible generous mustache.

Ibizan Hound Long Hair

There are two coat varieties of Ibizan Hounds, smooth and wiry recognized by the breed standard. Some also consider a long hair type of coat that may be a possible variation of the wiry coat.

Ibizan Hound Hypoallergenic

Although Ibizan Hounds shed at low levels all-year round, they are not hypoallergenic dogs. This is because shedding allows fur and dander to spread around the house aggravating allergies. Apart from dander and fur, Ibizan Hound’s saliva, mucus, and urine also contain a protein allergen that triggers inflammation.

Ibizan Hound Training

The Ibizan Hounds are intelligent and trainable dogs. Although, at times they may be somewhat stubborn and independent. Use of interactive toys, playtime, snacks, petting, and verbal praise encourages positive behavior. If punitive methods are used when training, Ibizan Hounds will always balk. Keep the training sessions lively, short, and challenging to avoid boredom and distraction. Socialization is key to raising a well-mannered and well-adjusted Ibizan Hounds.

This training exposes the dog to a wide variety of people, animals, surfaces, situations, places, experiences, and sounds such as door bells, baby crying sounds, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, lawn mowers, whistles, and sirens. Enrolling Ibizan Hounds in a puppy class will also serve as a form of socialization. Start teaching basic command words like come, sit, stay, lie down, etc. one at a time from when an Ibizan Hound joins you home. Effectively housebreak Ibizan Hounds by creating a feeding schedule, crate training, and potty training. 

Ibizan Hound Personality | Temperament

  • Playful.
  • Loyal.
  • Affectionate.
  • Friendly.
  • Even-tempered.
  • Watchful.
  • Alert.
  • Sweet-natured.
  • Versatile.
  • Sensitive. 
  • Athletic.
  • Agile

Ibizan Hound Exercise

These are athletic and energetic dogs that need daily exercise. They enjoy vigorous daily play sessions with other dogs or owners. Long walks a couple of times a day while on a leash also keeps the dog stimulated. These dogs have a very strong prey drive and should not be allowed off leash in unsecured area. The Ibizan Hounds are also able to jump five or six feet from a standing position. Therefore, this breeds needs a tall and secure fence.

Ibizan Hound Bark

The Ibizan Hounds are generally quiet dogs that will only bark when necessary making them excellent watchdogs.

Ibizan Hound Height

Female Ibizan Hounds have a height of 22.5 to 26 inches ( approx. 57 cm to 66 cm ) while male Ibizan Hounds have a height of 23.5 to 27.5 inches ( approx. 60 to 70 cm ).

Ibizan Hound Weight

A female Ibizan Hound has a weight of 45 pounds ( approx. 20 kg) while the male counterpart has a weight of 50 pounds ( approx. 23 kg ).

Ibizan Hound Size

The Ibizan Hounds are medium-sized dogs with a height of 22.5 to 27.5 inches ( approx. 57 to 70 cm ) and a weight of 45 to 50 pounds ( approx. 20 to 23 kg ).

Ibizan Hound Health Issues

The Ibizan Hounds are generally healthy dogs with a lifespan of up to 14 years. However, they are affected by certain health issues including deafness, allergies, seizures, eye diseases like retinal dysplasia and cataract, Axonal Dystrophy, autoimmune thyroiditis, and hip dysplasia.

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Ibizan Hound Food | Dog Food 

The amount of food that Ibizan Hounds feed on depend on their age, metabolism level, activity level, and body build. This breed will thrive on commercial dry or wet food, home-made, or a raw diet. Get acquainted with the human foods that are safe for dogs. The Ibizan Hound should feed on dog-food formulated for medium-sized pooches that is appropriate for their age i.e. puppy, adult, and senior.

Ibizan Hound Colors | White

The Ibizan Hounds may have a solid white or red coat or a combination of red and white. The red color ranges from light, yellowish-red known as lion to deep-red.  

Ibizan Hound Black

There are no pure bred Ibizan Hounds that have a black coat.

Ibizan Hound Price

The average price of Ibizan Hounds is $1200 to $2500 depending on the location of the breeder as well as the age and pedigree of the dog.

Do Ibizan Hounds Shed

Yes. Ibizan Hounds shed all-year round at minimal levels.

Are Ibizan Hounds Good Pets 

Yes. Ibizan Hounds are alert, affectionate, cheerful, loyal, intelligent, versatile, and watchful.

Ibizan Hounds Quick Facts

  • Although Ibizan dogs are sweet and affectionate dogs, they are independent and stubborn
  • The Ibizan Hounds have a trot that is graceful and light.
  • The large upright ears are the hallmark of Ibizan Hounds.