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factsbuddy.com is a highly reputed website that values our readers. For four years now, we have established and maintained a loyal audience for the latest biographies, educational information, and entertainment updates. Since we intend to create the best content in our niche, we have adopted a newer and fresher approach and design with our esteemed visitors topmost on our minds.

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As the FactsBuddy fraternity, we relentlessly aspire to become your fast, factual, and free one-stop site for information.

We are well aware of the frustrations that you go through to find meaningful information that is original, accurate, relevant, up to date, and concise, to adequately service your everyday information needs.

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It is with this need in mind that we decided to start up and focus on this niche to bridge this glaring gap. Facts Buddy promises you quality, detailed, and straight to the point content that will leave you filled with satisfaction.

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