Burgess Owens RNC, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Trump, and Net Worth

Burgess Owens Bio, Wiki

Clarence Burgess (Full name: Clarence Burgess Owens) is a retired American football safety and author who is now a frequent contributor on Fox News. He played for the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders for a total of ten seasons in the National Football League (NFL).

Owens is a Republican and a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. Currently, he is his party’s nominee for Utah’s 4th congressional district in the 2020 election.

Burgess Owens Age

He was born on August 2, 1951, in Columbus, Ohio, United States. Owens is 59 years old in 2020.

Burgess Owens Height

He is a tall guy in stature. Owens stands at a height of 6 ft 2 in (Approx. 1.88 m).

Burgess Owens's photo
Owens’s photo

Burgess Owens Family

Owens was born to a Texan father in Columbus Ohio. His father had come to Ohio for postgraduate studies which he would not complete in the South due to the Jim Crow Laws. Owens’s father later taught as a college professor in Tallahassee, Florida, where he moved his family. Owens had three other siblings.

Burgess Owens Wife

He was married to his unnamed wife for 34 years before the decades-long marriage ended in divorce. Out of the more than three-decade marriage, Owens had six children. It is not clear if he has since remarried.

Burgess Owens Trump

Owens is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. He first expressed his support for the President in 2016 during his first presidential run for office. He is currently still in support of Trump for a second term. He has always been criticized by anti-Trump voters because he is deemed to support a man who they see as against the struggle Owens’s father went through during his early years.

Burgess Owens Book | Plagiarism

Owens was accused by Media Matters of taking passages and phrases from other sources verbatim without giving the requisite credit to the original authors. The allegations were raised after the publication of his book Why I Stand: From Freedom to the Killing Fields of Socialism. Some of the sources whose material was said to have been plagiarized included Wikipedia. In his defense, Owens argued that:

Every single thing they (Media Matters) showed was referenced. I was very careful to make sure that anything I did – I mean, I’m not an expert at journalism, I’m a biology major – but I knew one thing that if I took someone else, I made sure I referenced.

Burgess Owens RNC Address | Republican National Convention

He is set to take the floor as a pro-trump speaker at the RNC on August 26, 2020. Others who will address the RNC on the same day as Owens include: Sister Dede Byrne and Clarence Henderson.

Burgess Owens Net Worth

Owens is estimated to be worth $15 million. His fortune comes from numerous sources including his professional football career, book sales, and entrepreneurship.