Marsha Mueller RNC, Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Kayla Mueller, Obama, and Trump

Marsha Mueller Bio, Wiki

Marsha Mueller is an American mother from Prescott, Arizona, United States. She came to the limelight in 2015 when her daughter Kayla Mueller was killed by ISIS in Syria. Marsha’s 26-year-old daughter had been in Turkey for humanitarian missions when she was abducted by ISIS after crossing over to Syria to visit a hospital. She is set to speak at the RNC on August 27, 2020, for Trump.

Marsha Mueller Age

She was born and raised in Arizona, the United States but her exact date of birth is still unclear. However, she appears to be around 65 years old.

Marsha Mueller Husband

She is married to her loving husband Carl Mueller. Carl is the father of her slain daughter Kayla. Together, the two have appeared on numerous stages trying to further the cause for which their daughter was killed. They still live in Prescott, Arizona.

Marsha Mueller Kayla Mueller’s Mother

Marsha was the mother of the slain humanitarian worker, Kayla Mueller. Her daughter Kyla was on a humanitarian mission in Turkey helping refugees who were fleeing from neighboring, war-torn Syria. Kayla was abducted by ISIS on August 3, 2013, after she crossed the Syrian border to visit a hospital. The hospital was run by Doctors Without Borders.

Marsha Mueller's photo
Marsha and Carl Mueller (Kayla Mueller’s Parents)

Marsha Mueller’s Daughter Death

It is when Kyla was on her way returning to Turkey that she was abducted by the ruthless terrorist group, ISIS. She was held captive in various locations in Syria by the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. al-Baghdadi is said to have forcefully married Kayla nad raped her repeatedly. Kayla was eventually tortured and killed.

The cause of her death is however still a mystery with conflicting reports from different sources. Some sources indicate that she was tortured and killed by al-Baghdadi himself. ISIS, on the other hand, released a statement stating that Kayla was killed in a series of Jordan airstrikes. Kayla is believed to have been killed on February 6, 2015. She was 26 years old.

Marsha Mueller Obama

As at the time of her daughter’s abduction, Obama was the POTUS. During the 18 months that Marsha’s daughter was held captive by ISIS, there were numerous attempts at rescuing her from her captors. One of the attempts saw Delta Force and Navy SEAL Team Six (the U.S. special operations forces) raid unsuccessfully an abandoned oil refinery near Raqqa trying to find reporter James Foley (who was later murdered by the terrorists), Kayla and other hostages.

After many other options bore no fruit, Marsha, her husband, and family asked President Obama to consider trading Mueller for Aafia Siddiqui in a letter in the summer of 2014. Siddiqui is a convicted terrorist who is serving 86 years in federal prison. The Obama administration declined this request from Kayla’s family.

Marsha Mueller Trump

Marsha and her family deem the Obama administration as having failed to secure the release of their kin. This failure led to them gravitating towards the current US President Donald Trump. It is under Trump’s administration that an operation named after their daughter Kayla Mueller was carried out resulting in the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In his statement announcing the death of the ISIS leader, Trump acknowledged Kayla by name. This warmed her parent’s hearts.

Marsha Mueller RNC | Republican National Convention

Owing to the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death and the aftermath, Marsha and her husband have become staunch Trump supporters. The couple is set to jointly address the Republican National Convention (RNC 2020) on August 27, 2020. They are expected to throw their weight behind the Trump-Pence reelection campaign.

During the event, Trump is expected to make his acceptance speech of the Republican Presidential nomination. Ann Dorn, the widow of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, who was murdered during the George Floyd protests, is also set to speak.

Is Marsha Mueller Republican

She belongs to the Grand Old Party. Marsha is an ardent supporter of President Trump and she fully backs his reelection.