Travis Rodgers ESPN, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Now, Jim Rome, Salary, and Net Worth

Travis Rodgers Bio | Wiki

Travis Rodgers is an American sports talk radio personality working for KSPN(AM) an ESPN affiliate in Los Angeles. Previously, he was hosting his own Yahoo! Sports Radio show on KLAA 830 AM.

Travis Rodgers Age

He was born on November 22, 1971, in Arcadia, California, in the United States. Travis is 50 years old.

Travis Rodgers Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Travis’ height is 5 ft 11 in ( approx 1.8m ).

Travis Rodgers Family

He is a local of Arcadia, CA, in the United States.

Travis Rodgers' photo
Travis’ photo

Travis Rodgers Wife

He got married to his wife in September 1997. Furthermore, Travis’ wife celebrated her 50th birthday on December 22, 2020. Has two sons and a daughter, Kelly. However, Travis has not disclosed the identity of his wife or his two sons.

Travis Rodger Education

He schooled at Arcadia High School where he attained his Diploma. Travis later enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. While in college, he pitched for the UCSB baseball team for four seasons. Moreso, Travis interned for KEYT, a local ABC affiliate while still in UCSB.

Travis Rodgers Espn

He is the radio sports talk show host of ESPN”s affiliate in Los Angeles, KSPN(AM). Prior to joining ESPN, Travis was hosting his own Yahoo! Sports Radio show on KLAA 830 AM.

Additionally, he has also worked for KGOW 1560 in Houston which gave him an opportunity of working as a radio host with no experience whatsoever after working for Jim Nome Show as a producer for at least a decade.

During his career as a journalist, he has also worked for Sporting News Radio in 2011 where he was voted Best Sports Talk Host of 2011 by the Houston Press. Moreso, Travis also the KLAA 830 AM program ESPN Morning Show along with Kelvin Washington.

Some of Travis’ colleagues at ESPN include:

Wendi Nix – sports reporter and anchor.

Howard Bryant – columnist.

Emily Kaplan – NHL reporter.

Brooke Weisbrod – sports broadcaster.

Fred Huebner – part-time host.

Travis Rodgers Jim Rome

Shortly after graduating from college, Travis secured a role working as a salesperson selling equipment for Canon. During his tenure at Canon, Travis drove around on sales calls while listening to Jim Rome every single day.

Fortunately, he landed a job working at Jim Rome Show while he was 23-years-old. During his tenure at Jim’s show, Travis provided him with paper copies and faxes of fan commentary in the ’90s rather than the current printed tweets and emails.

Additionally, Travis later worked as the producer of Jim Rome Show for 13 years. During his tenure at the show, Travis and Jim’s combined efforts made the program to be syndicated eventually getting to more than 200 affiliates in Canada and in the United States.

However, Travis and Jim parted ways in 2009 after the show moved in a new direction which was led by necessity. After working for Jim Rome’s show, Travis was hired as a radio host by KGOW 1560 AM, in Houston, Texas in 2010.

Travis Rodgers Now | Podcast

Apart from working for ESPN, Travis hosts his own show that he considers a blend of sports and pop culture. While hosting Now, Travis encourages his listeners to tweet instead of using traditional phone calls or emails. Additionally, he also reads tweets that he finds funny, interesting, or insightful. Furthermore, Now is also available as a podcast at YSR shows and at Yahoo! Sports Radio Podcasts.

Travis Rodgers Salary

He is the host of the Now podcast and Espn’s sports radio talk show. Travis’ salary is $105,000 annually.

Travis Rodgers Net Worth

He has been working as a sports talk host and radio show producer for at least a decade. Therefore, it goes undisputed that Travis has been able to cumulate a decent fortune over the years. Travis’ net worth is $2 million.

How Much Is Travis Worth

He has a net worth of $2 million which he has been able to accumulate while working as a show producer and radio host.

Is Travis Rodgers Married

Yes, he has been married to his lovely wife since September 1997.

How Old Is Travis Rodgers

He is 50 years old. Travis was born in Arcadia, California, in the United States on November 22, 1971.

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