Steve Benen MSNBC, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Book, Blog, Salary, and Net Worth

Steve Benen Bio | Wiki

Steve Benen is an American blogger, author, and political writer working as a contributor to MSNBC. He is also the producer of The Rachel Maddow Show. In addition, Steve is also the editor of the MaddowBlog.

Steve Benen Age

He was born on May 15, 1973, in Miami, Florida, in the United States. Steve is 50 years old.

Steve Benen Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Steve has a height of 5 ft 10 in ( approx. 1.78m ).

Steve Benen Family

He is a local of Miami, FL, in the U.S. However, Steve is quite a reserved person. Therefore, he has kept undisclosed the identity of his parents or whether he has any siblings.

Steve Benen's photo
Steve’s photo

Steve Benen Wife

He is married to his wife “Mrs. Carpetbagger”. However, Steve has not disclosed how he met his wife, when they exchanged their wedding vows, or if he has any children in his marriage union.

Steve Benen Education

He is a graduate of Florida International University where he received a bachelor of arts degree in Political Science. Furthermore, Steve also attained an MA in Political Management from George Washington University. Additionally, he interned in the White House during President Clinton’s administration.

Steve Benen Msnbc

He works for MSNBC as a political contributor. Furthermore, he is also the producer of The Rachel Maddow Show which also airs on MSNBC. In addition, Steve also writes at least two to three articles for MSNBC in a day.

During his career as a political writer, Steve has also been a guest on several radio and television programs including MSNBC’s Live with Thomas Roberts, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, MSNBC’s The Ed Show, MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Current TV’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, XM Radio’s POTUS ‘08, and Air America Radio’s The Sam Seder Show.

Furthermore, his articles have also appeared in the Washington Monthly, The New York Times, New York Daily News The Huffington Post, and The American Prospect. Apart from being a contributor to MSNBC, Steve has also been a contributor to Crooks and Liars, Political Wire, The Guardian, AlterNet, and Seven Days. Additionally, The Atlantic named Steve one of the top 50 most influential political commentators in the U.S. in July 2009.

Some of Steve’s colleagues at MSNBC include:

Steve Kornacki – political correspondent

Ayman Mohyeldin – anchor

Lindsey Reiser – weekend anchor

Alicia Menendez – anchor and correspondent

Kendis Gibson – weekend anchor

Steve Benen Blog | Maddow Blog

Not only is he a producer of The Rachel Maddow Show but also an editor of MaddoeBlog. Moreover, Steve has also been a lead blogger of the Political Animal blog for the Washington Monthly. During his career as a blogger, he has also been a publisher for The Carpetbagger Report, for five years. Moreso, Steve was the lead editor of Blog Report for

Steve Benen Book | The Impostors

He is the author of the popular book, The Impostors: How Republicans Quit Governing and Seized American Politics(June 2020). In the book, Steve exposes the Republican Party as a gang of impostors while meticulously documenting how they have abandoned their duty to govern. Therefore, endangering America. Moreover, the Impostors retails on Amazon for $11.99(Kindle) and $18.00(Hardcover).

Steve Benen Salary

He works for MSNBC as a political contributor. Additionally, Steve is also a producer of  The Rachel Maddow Show. Steve’s salary is $100,000 annually.

Steve Benen Net Worth

He has been working as a political commentator, editor, writer, and producer for at least two decades. Therefore, it goes undisputed that Steve has accumulated a decent fortune over the years. Steve’s net worth is $1.2 million.

Who Is Steve Benen

He is an American political commentator, writer, producer, and editor. Steve works as the producer of The Rachel Maddow Show. Furthermore, he is also the editor of MaddowBlog. Moreover, Steve is a political contributor for MSNBC.

Is Steve Benen Married

Yes, he is married to his wife who is referred to as “Mrs. Carpetbagger”.

How Old Is Steve Benen

Steve is 50 years old. He was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States on May 15, 1973. Therefore, Steve celebrates his birthday every May 15.

Steve’s Social Media Handle

Twitter: @stevebenen