Paul Chappell, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Books, Sermons, Devotions, and Net Worth

Paul Chappell Bio | Wiki

Paul Chappell is an American senior pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California. He is also listened to on the Daily in the Word radio broadcast. 

Paul Chappell Age

He was born in April 1962, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States. Paul is 59 years old.

Paul Chappell Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Paul’s height is 5 ft 11 in ( approx 1.8m ).

Paul Chappell Family

He is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the U.S. However, Paul was raised in Northern California. He is the son of Maxine, his mother, and Mr. Chappell, his father. However, his mother passed on in November 2020 after battling with Alzheimer’s.

Paul Chapprll's photo
Paul’s photo

Paul Chappell Wife

He got married to his beautiful wife Terrie Blanco in 1980. Paul’s wife is also the director of the ladies’ ministry at Lancaster Baptist Church.  Furthermore, the duo are also proud parents of four children, two sons, and two daughters who are fully invested in the Lancaster Baptist Church Ministries together with their spouses.

Paul Chappell Education

He earned his high school diploma from a high school in Seoul, South Korea. Furthermore, Paul proceeded to Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College where he attained a bachelor of arts degree in pastoral theology in 1983. While he was still in college, Paul founded a church near Indio, California by the name, Seaside Baptist Church.

Furthermore, he is also a holder of a master’s degree from the Louisiana Baptist University in Shreveport, Louisiana. Additionally, Paul also received an honorary degree in Doctor of Divinity degree in 1995 from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida.

Paul Chappell Books | Devotional Books

Apart from working as a senior pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church, Paul has also authored several books which are based on Christianity and Faith. Some of the books that Paul has published include:

  • The Ministry of a Baptist Deacon(November 2010)
  • Trust and Obey(December 2018).
  • Stewarding Life(May 2012),
  • A Word to the Wise(November 2013).
  • The Gospel in You(September 2021).
  • A Maze of Grace:(June 2005).
  • Take it Personally: (June 2016).
  • A Daily Word:(November 2010).
  • One Another Leader’s Guide: (September 2019).
  • Sending Forth Laborers: (April 2007).
  • The Burden Bearer:  (December 2012), etc.

Paul Chappell Sermons

He was brought up in a staunch Christian family. Therefore, when he sensed the call of God to ministry, Paul enrolled in a theological school. Furthermore, he also offers sermons based on the Bible and real-life experiences. Some of paul’s sermons include Characteristics of the Unashamed, Not Ashamed, The Perfect Gift, Overcoming a troubled Heart, etc. Additionally, the sermons are also available for download either in audio or video.

Lancaster Baptist Church Paul Chappell

He started serving as the Senior Pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church in 1986. This was after twelve members approached Paul to Pastor the Lancaster Baptist Church. At the time, the church was on the verge of closure and they could not offer Pastoral Salary. However, Paul and his family moved to Lancaster. Since then, the Church grew to thousands of faithful. Furthermore, Paul was also awarded the Lancaster Citizen of the Year award for 2008 in 2009.

Paul Chappell Devotions

He offers devotions through, A Daily look in God’s Word. Furthermore, Paul’s devotions include reading a bible verse and giving the faithful a deeper understanding of the word. Additionally, Paul has also authored a book that compliments the devotional walk with the Lord titled, A Daily Word: 366 Scriptural Devotions for Growing Christians (June 2009).

Paul Chappell Podcast

He is the host of the podcast, Daily in the Word which has new episodes Monday through Friday. Furthermore, Paul is also the host of the Podcast, Spiritual Leadership which was started with the aim of encouraging and striving together with the spiritual leaders around the World.

Paul Chappell Net Worth

He has been working as a senior pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church for at least three decades. Additionally, Paul has also authored at least ten books. Therefore, it goes undisputed that Paul has been able to cumulate a decent fortune over the years. Paul’s net worth is $5.5 million.

How Old Is Paul Chappell

He is 60 years old. Paul was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States in April 1962.

Is Paul Chappell Married

Yes, he has been married to his wife of four decades, Terrie since 1980. Furthermore, Paul and his wife are proud parents of four all-grown-up children.

Who Is Paul Chappell

He is an American pastor serving the Lancaster Baptist Church as the senior pastor. Furthermore, Paul is an author and the host of the podcast, Spiritual Leadership and Daily in the Word.

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