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Nolan Neal Bio | Wiki

Nolan Neal was an American musician who was a contestant in Season 15 of America’s Got Talent 2020. His dad was a drum player and he would accompany him in shows. Neal would also sound check his father’s drum. He was a recovering addict and said that his main aim to join AGT was to share his life story with people hoping that it would have an impact on their lives. 

When he was 26 years old, things were going really well for him until his dad called him to tell him that he was going to take his life. The next morning he woke up to the news that his father was dead. He thought that his dad really loved him but after the incident with his dad, he thought that he didn’t really matter that much for him to stick around.

Neal got a record deal in Los Angeles, New York and he began partying really hard. He started becoming unmanageable because he thought he was a rockstar. When he got to New York to record his record, it was then he realized that he could not sing because he was so messed up. Neal returned to his hometown after the Label decided to drop. His state worsened to a point that people had to intervene.

Nolan Neal Age

He was born on October 4, 1980, in Nashville, Tennesse, the United States. Neal was 41 years old at the time of his death and celebrated his birthday on October 4 every year.

Nolan Neal's Photo
Neal’s Photo

Nolan Neal Height

He was a man of average stature. Neal stood at a height of 5 ft 8 in (Approx 1.7m).

Nolan Neal Father

He was born and also brought in in Nashville, Tennesse, the USA. Neal’s father played drum when he was young and he would accompany him in shows as well as help him soundcheck his drums. When Neal was 26 years old, his father called to tell him that he was going to take his life and the next morning Neal woke up and received news about his father’s death.

He was devastated because he thought that his dad loved him and that he mattered enough for him to stick around. Neal has posted a photo of his mother wishing her a happy birthday and also thanking her for always being by his side to support him.

Nolan Neal Spouse

Neal was married to his wife Stephanie. The couple shared two children, a daughter named Caylin, and a son. Neal had been noticed posting pictures of his son wishing him a happy birthday on their trip to Maine. However, information on when the pair tied the knot is still under wraps.

Nolan Neal Education

He attained his high school diploma from a local High School in Nashville, Tennesse. However, information concerning what college or University Neal attended is still unknown to the general public.

Nolan Neal AGT

Neal was a 41-year-old musician who was a contestant on Season 15 of America’s Got Talent 2020. His dad was a drum player and he would accompany him to shows as a child. Before Neal began performing on AGT, he gave a brief story about his life. He was a recovering drug addict who had managed to stay sober for quite some time before he began using the substance again. Neal sang his original song known as “Lost,” his first song after his recovery.

His voice was unbelievable and the song itself was inspiring and emotional that Judge Sogfia broke down. She said that his performance gave her hope that things would get better in her family situation. He received four yes’s from all the four judges and a standing ovation.

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Nolan Neal The Voice | The Voice Audition

Besides being a contestant on America’s Got Talent season 15, Neal was also a contestant on The Voice. He competed in The Voice season 10 in 2016. However, not much is known in regards to Neal’s time on The Voice.

Nolan Neal Death

He was a well-known American singer. Neal became worldly known after his performance on America’s Got Talent season 15 in 2020 and The Voice season 10 in 2016. He was a recovering addict during his time at AGT. However, it seems like Neal went back to substance abuse since he died of substance abuse on July 18, 2022.

Nolan Neal Net Worth

Having been a musician for quite some time now, Neal is able to secure a decent future for himself. His net worth is around $700,000 to over 2 Million. However, the exact figure is still not available.

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