Emerald Gordon Wulf America’s Got Talent, Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, and Net Worth

Emerald Gordon Wulf Bio | Wiki

Emerald Gordon Wulf is a 15-year-old contortionist who was a contestant in Season 15 of America’s Got Talent 2020. She started off when she was only three years and would do beauty pageants where her mom was her trainer and photographer.

Emerald won several titles from the beauty pageants and whatever she did came from the heart. She currently lives in San Diego with her parents. In addition, Emerald gets a lot of support from her parents.

Emerald Gordon Wulf Age

She was born on October 4, 2006, in Texas, the United States. Emerald is currently 15 years old and celebrates her birthday on October 4 every year.

Emerald Gordon Wulf Height

She is of below-average stature. Emerald stands at e height of 5 ft 1 in (Approx 1.55m).

Emerald Gordon Wulf's Photo
Emerald’s Photo

Emerald Gordon Wulf Parents

Emerald was born in Texas and currently lives in San Diego, California with her mother, Chelsea, and father, Brandon. Her mother serves as a photographer. Emerald’s parents have supported her since her childhood in her journey to achieve her dreams. Chelsea, her mom was her personal photographer for her pageants when she was a little girl.

Emerald Gordon Boyfriend

She is a young and energetic contortionist who at the age of 15 is focused on making a milestone in her career. Therefore, she has not shared any information about having a boyfriend or dating someone.

Emerald Gordon Education

She attended a circus school owned by Cheryl in California, where it was confirmed that she was indeed a contortionist. Emerald began learning ways of becoming stronger in a way specific to her gifts and also challenges with the help of Cheryl. However, information concerning her educational background is still under wraps.

Emerald Gordon Wulf America’s Got Talent

Emerald is a 15-year-old contortionist who was a contestant in Season 15 of America’s Got Talent 2020. Her performance was one of a kind whereby the AGT crew went on stage wheeling something that looked more like a desk which makes the judges a bit confused. All the judges and the audience were shocked when they saw one of the desk drawers open and Emerald emerged out of the drawer.

The fact that she could fit in the drawer itself was amusing to everyone. As soon as she was out of the drawer, she began performing her contortionist and it appeared like she didn’t have any bones in her body. Emerald’s flexibility was amazing and her performance was wonderful. She received a standing ovation after her performance and four yeses from all the judges.

Simon Cowell warned her that if she was to proceed with the competition, she had to do something they had never seen before. Emerald got a chance to proceed to the next round. Unfortunately, she did not win the competition as the winner of AGT’s season 15 was Brandon Leake, a spoken word poet.

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Emerald Gordon Contortionist

She started off as a gymnast at the age of 6. Emerald watched her first circus show at the age of six where the star was a contortionist. She went home and began trying out some of the poses she saw on the show. Surprisingly, she was able to do some of them. Since her mother is a photographer, the mother and daughter duo decided to take some photos for fun with some of Emerald’s flexible poses.

Her mother Chelsea posted them on he Instagram account. Emerald’s photos rapidly went viral and her mother moved from 300 Instagram friends to 100,000 friends within a period of three months. The family later relocated from Texas to California where Emerald joined a circus school owned by Cheryl which was one hour away.

After more practice and determination, Emerald commenced learning ways of becoming stronger more specifically in her gifts and challenges with the help of Cheryl. She finally got a second chance to audition in America’s Got Talent since the first time she didn’t know much about being a contortionist.

Emerald made it to the show and earned herself four yeses from all the judges as well as a standing ovation. Since then she has been on different shows including a tv show in Paris. In addition, Emerald has also performed in Little Big Shots Vietnam and Little Big Shots Australia. Moreover, she has also been in circus shows in Canada as well as London.

Emerald Gordon Wulf Net Worth

She began her career as a gymnast at the age of six and later began trying contortionist moves after watching her first citrus show at the age of 6. Since then, Emerald has performed in various concerts and competitions in Vietnam, Australia, Canada, and London. Emerald’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million. Other online sources estimate her net worth to be around $1.13 billion.

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