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Noah Epps Bio | Wiki

Noah Epps is a 13-year-old American marionette dancer who was a contestant in America’s Got Talent season fifteen in 2020. He began dancing from the tender age of around six years. Noah was accompanied by a man who is believed to be his dad in America’s Got Talent Season 15 in 2020.

He gives a story about kids who wouldn’t let him join their dance when he was in 1st grade because they thought he sucked or he thought they sucked. Noah decided to take up the challenge and started learning how to dance and after a few dance classes, the kids were impressed. He did an excellent performance that was more like a robotic dance.

Noah Epps Age

He was born in Emporia, Kansas, the United States on April 16, 2009. Noah is currently 13 years old and celebrates his birthday on April 16 every year.

Noah Epps Height

He is of below-average stature. Noah stands at a height of 5 ft 1 in (Approx 1.55 m).

Noah Epps' Photo
Noah’s Photo

Noah Epps Family

He was born and brought up by his supportive father Brandon Epp and mother Natasha Feliciano in Emporia, Kansas, the United States. His mother is double-jointed. In addition, Noah gets some of his talents from his mother.

Natasha also worked in the Navy for 11 years before retiring as an SH1 petty officer, first class. As a result, Noah has lived in various states and countries and also refers to himself as “Navy Brat”. Additionally, Noah’s aunt, uncle, grandfather, and cousin also worked in the military.

He was accompanied by his dad Brandon in America’s Got Talent Season 15 2020. Noah’s dad revealed during an interview on AGT season 15 that that was not Noah’s first time trying out AGT but his third time. Also, Noah has a baby sister named Nola whom he often posts on his Instagram account.

Noah Epps Girlfriend

He is a young and energetic marionette dancer who hails from Emporia, Kansas, in the USA. Currently, Noah is solely focused on his studies and career as a dancer. Therefore, there is no available information in regard to Noah having a girlfriend or being in a relationship.

Noah Epps Education

He attended Stone Hill Middle School and was a 7th grader in 2020. During his time on America’s Got Talent Season 15, Noah’s classmates and teachers were very supportive of him. However, there is not much available information in regards to Noah’s education.

Noah Epps AGT

He is a 13-year-old marionette dancer who was a contestant in America’s Got Talent 2020. However, that was not Noah’s first time trying AGT. He had previously sent video auditions the first two times without any success. After doing more practice and perfecting his moves, he finally managed to secure a spot on America’s Got Talent season fifteen in 2020.

During his Live audition, Noah started off by giving a story about kids in 1st grade who wouldn’t let him join their dance because they thought he sucked or he on the other hand thought they sucked. Noah was determined to learn dancing and was up for the challenge.

Before he began performing on stage, judge Howie said that it is hard for one dancer to command the stage but after Noah’s performance, he changed his mind as he complimented his performance as lit. Noah’s dance performance was mesmerizing with more robotic moves and some contortion involved.

On the other hand, judge Sofia said that Noah’s performance was fantastic and that she would want to see more and more of his dance. He received a standing ovation and four yeses from all four judges and was able to proceed to the next round. However, the winner of AGT season 15 in 2020 was a spoken word poet named Brandon Leake.

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Noah Epps Net Worth

He has been dancing since he was around six years old. In addition, Noah is also involved in acting and spends 15 to 20 hours a week auditioning, dancing, taking acting classes, performing, callbacks, and also traveling. He is entitled to an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

How Old Is Noah Epps

Noah is a 13-year-old marionette dancer. He was born on April 16, 2009, in Emporia, Kansas, the United States.

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