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Ann Dorn St. Louis | Bio, Wiki

Ann Dorn is an American St. Louis Police Sergeant. She is the widow of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, who was murdered after responding to a burglary. She is set to speak at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on August 27, 2020. David Dorn was found murdered outside a pawn shop in St. Louis during the George Floyd protests on June 2, 2020.

Ann Dorn Age

Dorn was born and raised in the United States. However, the exact date and year of birth are currently unclear. She is estimated to be around 57 years old.

Ann Dorn Husband | Husband Death

She was the wife of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn until his death on June 2, 2020. David was shot by unknown looters during the George Floyd protests in St. Louis, Missouri. David was responding to Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry shop whose alarm had gone off. The shop is owned by a friend of David. A 24-year-old man Stephan Cannon was charged with David’s murder.

Ann Dorn Daughters | David Dorn Daughters

The daughters of David Dorn from a previous marriage, Lisa and Debora, are vehemently opposed to their father’s widow Ann, speaking at the RNC. They state categorically that their father was not a Donald Trump supporter. They further say that was their father alive, he would not have approved of his name, image, or memory to be used in Trump’s campaign. The two daughters are convinced that their father’s widow is using her husband’s death for political goals.

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One of the daughters, Debra White (a quality assurance analyst) said that:

We know his wife is a Trump supporter, but he was not. He frequently said they were not able to talk about politics, because they were at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I know he would not want his legacy to be for his death to be used to further Trump’s law-and-order agenda.

Their father was killed at 77 years of age. His marriage to Ann was interracial as he was African-American and Ann is white.

Ann Dorn Trump

Ann is an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump. After the death of her husband, she was invited to the White House along with four St. Louis police officers injured during the protests for a July 4, 2020, speech.

Ann Dorn RNC

As a Trump diehard, Ann is set to speak at the Republican National Convention (RNC 2020) where she will reiterate her unwavering support for the Trump-Pence ticket. She is expected to go in hard on the Biden-Harris campaign. However, the daughters of her late husband David Dorn are opposed to her appearance at the RNC saying that she is politicizing their father’s death.

During the event, Trump is expected to make his acceptance speech of the Republican Presidential nomination. Other speakers of the night include Carl Mueller and his wife Marsha Mueller.