Kim Iversen Show, Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Political Party, Salary, and Net Worth

Kim Iversen Bio | Wiki

Kim Iversen is an American broadcaster and news personality working as the host of Rising on Hill Tv along with Robby Soave. Furthermore, she also works as a news personality for her self-titled show on YouTube.

Kim Iversen Age | Birthday

She was born on March 28, 1980, in Boise, Idaho, in the United States. Kim is 43 years old. Therefore, Kim celebrates her birthday every March 28.

Kim Iversen Height

She is a woman of above-average stature. Kim’s height is 5 ft 8 in ( approx. 1.73m ).

Kim Iversen Father | Family

She is a local of Boise, Idaho, in the USA. She was raised single-handedly by her father since she was three years old after her parents divorced. Furthermore, her mother was a refugee from Vietnam while her father was a son of a small-town farmer. Following the divorce, Kim’s mother moved to Southern California where she often visited.

Kim Iversen's photo
Kim’s photo

Moreso, she also credits her father for raising her as an independent lady, teaching her not to take shit from anyone, and to always speak her mind. Moreover, she also has an older sister. Since she was raised by her father, Kim developed unusual hobbies and interests such as becoming an accomplished Jazz drummer winning numerous awards, college scholarships, and accolades.

Kim Iversen Husband

Kim married her husband Keith in June 2022.

Kim Iversen Wedding

In June 2022, Kim and her husband Keith exchanged their wedding vows in the presence of their close friends and family. The wedding was officiated by John Wood Jr who works as a columnist for USA Today. On the wedding day, Kim’s father walked her down the aisle.

Kim Iversen Education

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with an emphasis in Ethics from the University of California-Davis. However, Kim had initially enrolled at the university to pursue a career in law.

Kim Iversen Show

She currently works as the host of her own show on The YouTube Channel where she discusses both the local and national happenings. Furthermore, her show is also available for listening to as a podcast. Additionally, she has also been the host of the on-Camera digital show, Kim Out Loud, which was a digital talk show based on policies and how they affect people’s lives.

Furthermore, she has a long history of interest in social issues and policy. Additionally, Kim proposed anti-deforestation legislation while working closely with the legislators in passing the bill. Prior to hosting Kim Out Loud, she was working with premier Radio Networks syndicators of shows like Steve Harvey where she co-hosted The Rendezvous with Simon and Kim.

During her career as a journalist, she has also worked for WAZY and WQQB radio stations. Furthermore, she started her broadcast career while working for KDVS as a newscaster. Following her stint at KDVS, Kiminterbed for KDND in Sacramento and was hired full-time to the network’s sister station, KWOD. Moreover, she also had stints at KCTC, Cablevision’s News 12, and Concert TV.

Kim Iversen Political Party | Political Views

In September 2021, Politico published an article that Andrew Yang no longer identifies as a Democrat and was planning to launch a third party in October 2021. Therefore, Kim shared the link of the article while also disclosing that she also no longer identify as a Democrat either, nor identifies as a progressive. Additionally, she also disclosed a third party from the working class is truly needed and people should pull from the left and the right.

Kim Iversen Salary

She works for Hill Tv as a co-host of Rising. Kim’s salary is $100,000 annually.

Kim Iversen Net Worth

She has been working as a journalist, news personality, and host for at least two decades. Therefore, it goes undisputed that Kim has been able to cumulate a decent fortune over the years. Kim’s net worth is $2.5 million.

How Old Is Kim Iversen

She is 43 years old. Kim was born in Boise, Idaho, in the United States on March 28, 1980.

Is Kim Iversen Married

Yes. Kim married her husband Keith in 2022.

Who Is Kim Iversen

She is an American broadcaster and news personality working for Hill Tv as a co-host of Rising.

Kim’s social Media Handle

Instagram: kimiversen