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Wayne Grudem Bio | Wiki

Wayne Grudem is an American evangelical theologian, author, and seminary professor. In addition, he served as the general editor of the ESV Study Bible and also co-founded the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Grudem has written various books including Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine.

Wayne Grudem Age

He was born on February 11, 1948, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, in the United States. Grudem is 75 years old.

Wayne Grudem Height

He is a man of below-average stature. Grudem stands at a height of 5 ft 6 in (Approx 1.68 m).

Wayne Grudem Family

He was born to his parents in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Grudem attended First Baptist Church in EAU Claire, Wisconsin, as a child. However, he has not revealed any information regarding his parents and siblings.

Wayne Grudem's Photo
Grudem’s Photo

Wayne Grudem Wife

He is married to his beloved wife Margaret Grudem. The pair tied the knot in the year 1969. Grudem and his wife Margaret have three children named Oliver, Elliot, and Alexander. However, he has not disclosed much information in regard to his wife and children to the public.

Wayne Grudem Education

He attended Havard University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Grudem later received his Master of Divinity as well as Doctor of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary. In addition, he also holds a Ph.D. in New Testament studies from the University of Cambridge.

Wayne Grudem Health | Parkinson’s

On December 22, 2015, Grudem visited his family doctor with some puzzling symptoms which the doctor suspected were Parkinson’s disease. He was referred to a neurologist who confirmed that he had Parkinson’s disease. Parkison’s disease is a brain disorder that leads to shaking, stiffness, and also difficulty with walking, balance, as well as coordination. The disease has no cure but there are treatments that reduce the symptoms and may also slow the progress of the disease.

He started the process of seeking an appointment at Barrow Neurological Institute, the world’s largest neurological disease treatment as well as a research institution in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of Grudem’s symptoms include a diminishing of fine motor control which causes his handwriting to be less legible and more crowded together. Buttoning his shirts has become quite a difficult task. However, despite the disease and the challenges he faces every day, Grudem continued to write and teach at Phoenix Seminary. In addition, his wife has been a great supporter.

Wayne Grudem Calvinist | Calvinism | Systematic Theologian

Grudem’s book titled Systematic Theology advocates a Calvinistic soteriology, the verbal plenary inspiration as well as the inerrancy of the bible, a plural-elder form of church government, believer’s baptism, and also the complementarian view of gender relationships.

Wayne Grudem Books

Besides being an evangelical theologian and seminary professor, Grudem is also an author. His books are all available on Amazon. Grudem has written several books including:

– Systematic Theology.

– Second Edition: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine.

– Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith.

– Christian Ethics: An Introduction to Biblical Moral Reasoning.

Wayne Grudem Politics

He is also the author of the book titled Politics – According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture. In this book, Grudem illustrates numerous perspectives that exist within the Christian community when it comes to political matters and also political involvement. The book demonstrates a political philosophy from the perspective that the Gospel concerns all of life so Christians should be involved in political matters. In short, this book is an analysis of conservative and also liberal plans to do good for the nation, evaluated in the light of the Bible as well as common sense.

Wayne Grudem Quotes

He has written various quotes including one that said that he did not believe that God intended the study of theology dry and boring. Grudem went ahead and said that theology is the study of God and all his works, and it is meant to be lived as well as prayed and snug.

Wayne Grudem Phoenix Seminary | Church

He has been serving as a Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary since the year 2001. Previously, Grudem had worked at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he taught for 20 years, and was also a chairman of the department of biblical as well as systematic theology. Besides that, he also worked on the committee where he oversaw the English Standard Version translation of the Bible.

Dr Wayne Grudem

He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Harvard University, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctor of Divinity from Westminister Theological Seminary. Besides that, Grudem also attended the University of Cambridge where she acquired his Ph.D. in New Testament studies. He became a Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in the year 2001. Before that, Grudem had taught for two decades at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he also served as chairman of the Department of Biblical and also systematic theology.

In addition, he also served on the committee where he oversaw the English Standard Version translation of the Bible. He later served as a general editor for the 2.1 million-word ESV Study Bible from 2005 to 2008. Grudem served as the president of the Evangelical Theological Society in 1999. On December 22, 2015, he announced his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. He then published an opinion piece on Townhall known as “Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice” on July 28, 2016. The piece was later retracted on October 9 and replaced with one titled “Trump’s Moral Character and the Election”.

Wayne Grudem Beliefs

He was once a qualified advocate of the Vineyard Movement. In addition, Grudem holds onto non-cessationist beliefs. Moreover, he has also written a book titled Christina Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know which was published in 2005.

Wayne Grudem Net Worth

Having served as an author, seminary professor, and evangelical theologian for quite some time, Gruden has managed to secure a decent fortune. His net worth is $2 million. 

Who Is Wayne Grudem

He is an American seminary professor, author, and evangelical theologian currently working at Phoenix Seminary as a Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies.

Is Wayne Grudem A Calvinist

He is the author of various books including Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine which supports a Calvinistic soteriology. However, details regarding whether Grudem is a Calvinist or not are currently unknown to the public.

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