Terry Gross Fresh Air, Height, Interviews, Salary, and Net Worth

Terry Gross Wiki

Terry Gross is a famous American journalist and author. Currently, she hosts and produces an interview-based radio show titled Fresh Air which is nationally distributed by NPR. Terry has interviewed thousands of guests since joining NPR in 1975. She has received praise throughout the years due to her low-key and friendly yet often exploring interview styles.

Terry started her radio profession in 1973 at WBFO. Later on, she started broadcasting from the Main Street Campus of the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY, where she began as a volunteer on a show named Woman Power. Terry later co-hosted This is Radio. Besides, she did contentious, probing interviews alongside politician Hillary Rodham Clinton; Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly, and political wife Lynne Cheney. In addition, Terry began teaching 8th grade at an inner-city public junior high school in Buffalo in 1972.

Quick Facts

Born February 14, 1951 (age 73)
Height  4 ft 11 in (approx. 1.50 m).
Salary $402,415 per year
Podcast Fresh Air
Husband Francis Davis ​(m. 1994)​

Terry Gross Age

Terry was born on February 14, 1951, in New York City, in the United States. She is 73 years old. Terry celebrates her birthday on February 14, every year.

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Early Life And Education

Terry was born in Brooklyn, NY, to her parents Anne (Abrams), who worked as a stenographer, and Irving Gross, who served in a family millinery business, where he marketed fabric to milliners. She was brought up in a Jewish family, and her grandparents were immigrants. Terry’s paternal grandparents were from Tarnów, Poland, while her maternal grandparents were from the Russian Empire.

In addition, her brother Leon J. Gross is a psychometric consultant. Terry studied at Sheepshead Bay High School and graduated in 1968. Later on, she attended University at Buffalo where she received a bachelor’s degree in English and a Master of Education degree in communications.

Terry Gross Husband

Terry is married to her husband Francis Davis. Her husband is an author and journalist recognized for being The Village Voice jazz critic. He is also The Atlantic Monthly contributing editor. Terry and her husband have been together since 1978. She is Jewish while Francis is Catholic, but none is practicing. They married in 1994 and live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Previously Terry was married for about one year to a guy she knew from high school. They married in 1970 and divorced by the time Terry started her radio career in 1973.

Terry Gross Fresh Air

Terry became part of WHYY-FM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1975 to host and produce Fresh Air. In 1985, the show was nationally distributed weekly by NPR. Fresh Air became a daily program in 1987. On the show, Terry performs the interviews from the Philadelphia WHYY-FM studios.

For most of these conversations, she is not physically present with her subjects. Terry forms a daily show that is an hour-long which regularly includes two interviews, and is heard on more than 190 NPR stations. Fresh Air reaches millions of daily listeners. Most of the producers and staff on Terry’s show have worked with her from the late 1970s to the 1980s.


Terry has interviewed many famous people including:

– Twyla Tharp.
– Mel Brooks.
– André Holland.
– Martin Scorsese.
– Stanley Tucci.
– Padma Lakshmi.
– Stephen Sondheim.
– Lena Waithe.


In 1975, Terry started hosting a podcast Fresh Air from WHYY. This podcast features intimate talks with today’s biggest luminaries. The podcast started its national syndication on NPR in 1985. Fresh Air has won many awards including the 1994 prestigious Peabody Award.

Gene Simmons

On February 4, 2002, Terry had an interview with Kiss singer and bassist Gene Simmons. Their interview started with her not pronouncing Gene’s original Hebrew last name to his desire.


She was born in Brooklyn, NY, to Anne and Irving. When Terry was young, many would always ask where she hails from, speculating that her inadequate heavy Brooklyn accent may mean she was raised elsewhere. Terry is a member of a Jewish family.


Terry produced a 2011 psychological drama movie The Beaver. The movie debuted at the SXSW Film Festival on March 16, 2011, and on May 6, 2011 was released by Summit Entertainment in the United States. It got mixed reviews from critics after its release.


As of now, Terry is in good health and kicking. In 2021, she interviewed guests virtually for her daily NPR program “Fresh Air. On her show, she addresses issues such as Chronic illnesses, like autoimmune diseases.


Terry is a woman of below-average stature who stands at a height of 4 ft 11 in (approx. 1.50 m).


Terry’s salary is $402,415 per year from her work as an NPR interview-based talk program Fresh Air host and producer.

Net Worth

Terry has worked as a journalist and author for more than three decades and has earned a net worth of $15 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Terry Gross?

Terry is a 73-year-old who was born on February 14, 1951, in New York City, in the United States.

Who Is Terry Gross Married To?

Since 1994, Terry has been married to former jazz critic Francis Davis.

Terry Gross How Tall

Terry Stands 4 ft 11 in (approx. 1.50 m) tall.

Is Terry Gross On Leave?

Terry has been actively working as a Fresh Air host since 1975.

Where Is Terry Gross?

She is the host and co-executive producer of Fresh Air.

Who Is Terry Gross?

Terry is a host and producer of Fresh Air Show, an NPR interview-based talk program. She received the 1981 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Award and many other awards. Terry started serving for Buffalo’s WBFO public radio station after college. Fresh Air program premiered in 1975 on Philadelphia’s WHYY-FM station.