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Steve Doocy Bio | Wiki

Stephen James Doocy (Professionally known as Steve Doocy) is a veteran American journalist and author. He was born in Algona, Iowa, U.S. but raised in Abilene, Kansas. Doocy is best known as the present-day host of Fox & Friends on Fox News. He also hosts Cooking with Steve Doocy and is featured, alongside his Fox & Friends co-hosts on After the Show Show, which airs weekday mornings at 9 AM/ET.

Doocy started his career while still in college at the University of Kansas as the first on-air DJ for the student-operated radio station at 90.7 FM in Lawrence, KJHK radio. He then worked at various stations in Iowa and Kansas as a reporter. Doocy also worked for WRC, an NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C. for six years. During this time he won several Emmy Awards.

Steve Doocy Age

Doocy was born on October 19, 1956, in Algona, Iowa, United States. However, he grew up in Abilene, Kansas. Doocy is 67 years old.

Steve Doocy Height | Weight

He is a man of above-average stature. Doocy stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (approx. 1.85 m). He also weighs an average body-weight of around 72 kg (159 lbs).

Steve Doocy's photo
Doocy’s Photo

Steve Doocy Family

He was born in Algona, Iowa, and raised in Abilene, Kansas. Doocy is the son of his parents JoAnne Doocy, his mother, and James “Jim” Edward Doocy, his father. Additionally, his father worked in the sales and construction. Doocy was raised as the first child and only son along with his four younger sisters. Apart from loving his job, Steve is also a family man. He is a husband and a father. Steve is the proud dad of three; a son (Peter Doocy), and two daughters (Sally and Mary Doocy).

Steve Doocy Wife | Kathy Doocy Illness

Doocy is happily married to his wife Kathy Gerrity. The couple wed in 1986 and are still going strong more than three decades later. They are blessed with three children, a son and two daughters whose names are as aforementioned. Apart from being his loving wife, Kathy also co-authored two cookbooks with her husband titled The Happy Cookbook and The Simply Happy Cookbook.

Steve Doocy Son | Son Peter

Among his children, Peter Doocy is Steve’s most notable child. Peter is a general assignment reporter for Fox News and works alongside his father Steve. He was born on July 21, 1987, in Washington, D.C. He lives together with his father in their New Jersey family home.

Steve Doocy Daughter

Doocy is a proud father of two all-grown-up daughters, Sally and Mary Doocy. Sally works at Fox News as the senior manager of brand partnerships while Mary is an attorney who works as an Assistant General Counsel at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Steve Doocy Daughter Wedding

Doocy’s daughter Sally Doocy got married on August 1, 2020, in Palm Beach, Florida, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and hurricane Isaias with emergency evacuation orders. The couple had initially planned to exchange their vows on May 2, 2020, but were forced to postpone the wedding owing to the global pandemic.

Sally Doocy married her love, Ali Sadri, despite the fateful twist that arose from the pandemic and a category 1 storm. As if to add salt to injury, the priest who was scheduled to officiate their wedding, “unfortunately and unexpectedly passed away.” This prompted Sally’s brother, Peter Doocy to officiate the wedding ceremony. in addition, his daughter Mary Doocy married her husband Marshall Yates on July 10, 2021.

Steve Doocy Education

Doocy went to grade schools in Russell, Salina, and Industry, in Kansas. He proceeded to Wakefield for his junior high and to Clay Center, Kansas, for his high school education. Doocey then joined the University of Kansas, in Lawrence from where he graduated with a BA in Journalism. While at the university, he became the pioneer on-air DJ for the student-operated radio station at 90.7 FM in Lawrence, KJHK radio.

Steve Doocy Fox News

Doocey is the current co-host of FOX & Friends (weekdays 6-9AM/ET) on FOX News Channel. He has been with FNC for almost 25 years since he joined the station in 1996. On the show, he gives his viewers political and entertainment headlines, and the latest news too on every weekday morning. Alongside his co-hosts, Doocy also delves into an array of topical discussions.

Since 1996, Doocy has contributed to covering every presidential election on the Fox News Channel. Among the most notable personalities that he has interviewed over the course of his illustrious career at FNC include; former President George W. Bush, then-Vice President Dick Cheney, then-Senator Hillary Clinton, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, actress Jessica Alba, actor Rob Lowe and model, and actress Brooklyn Decker.

Some of Doocy’s other colleagues at Fox News Channel include:

Alexandra Hogan – Reporter

Alicia Acuna – Reporter

Matt Finn – Correspondent (Chicago)

Amy Kellogg – Correspondent (Milan)

Ashley Strohmier – Anchor

Aisha Hasnie – Correspondent (NY)

Gillian Turner – Correspondent (WA)

John Roberts – Chief White House correspondent

Steve Doocy Books

Besides his prowess in rероrtіng аnd mеdіа, Ѕtеvе is also a seasoned author. He hаѕ penned twо Nеw Yоrk Тіmеѕ Веѕtѕеlling books tіtlеd “Таlеѕ frоm thе Dаd” and “Тhе Мr. аnd Мrѕ. Нарру Наndbооk”.

Steve Doocy Cookbook

Doocy is also very passionate about cooking and healthy living. Besides being a co-host of Fox & Friends on Fox News, Doocy also hosts Cooking with Steve Doocy. This is a cooking show which is available on FOX Nation, FNC’s on-demand subscription-based streaming service. Alongside his wife Kathy Doocy, Steve co-authored a cookbook entitled The Happy Cookbook and The Simply Happy Cookbook: 100-Plus Recipes to Take the Stress Out of Cooking.

Steve Doocy Salary | Fox News Salary

Doocy is a senior newscaster at FNC. He has been with the station since 1996. Therefore, owing to his wealth of experience, he receives an enormous amount of compensation. Doocy’s earns a salary of $4 million per year.

Net Worth of Steve Doocy

Throughout his long career in the media industry, Doocy has definitely earned big money. Earning an impressive amount of remuneration, there is no doubt that he has accumulated a huge fortune. Steve Doocy’s net worth is $11 million.

Where Is Steve Doocy Fox News

Doocy is still an anchor and co-host of FOX & Friends (weekdays 6-9 AM/ET) on FOX News Channel. He is also the host of Cooking with Steve Doocy, a cooking show that airs on FOX Nation.

Is Steve Doocy Son Married

Yes. Doocy’s son, Peter Doocy married the love of his life Hillary Vaughn on April 26, 2021.

How tall is Steve Doocy

He is relatively tall in stature. Steve stands at a height of 6 ft 2 in ( Approx. 1.85m ).

Is Peter Doocy Steve Doocy Son

Yes. Peter is the son of Doocy. He is a popular American media personality working for FOX News as a White House Correspondent.

Does Steve Doocy Have Cancer

No. Doocy has no cancer. However, his wife Kathy Doocy was diagnosed with ocular melanoma( a type of eye cancer) in 2016 which was the duo’s inspiration to author the cookbook, The Happy Cookbook: A Celebration of the Food That Makes America Smile. Fortunately, Kathy got a clean bill of health in 2018.

Steve Doocy Email

We do not have Steve’s personal email address at the moment. However, he can be contacted via his employer (Fox News Channel) using the channels below.

Tel: (888) 369-4762


Steve Doocy Social Media Handles

Twitter: @SteveDoocy

Instagram: stevedoocy