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Ray Comfort Bio | Wiki

Ray Comfort is a New Zealand-born Christian evangelist and minister currently living in Bellflower, California, in the United States of America. He is popularly recognized for founding The Way of the Master ministries in 2002.

Additionally, he is the founder of Living Waters Publications. He is a popular author, known for publishing best-selling Christian books such as Jesus in Red (2019), School Biblical Evangelism (2018), and God Has a Wonderful Plan For Your Life (2000).

During his free time, Ray loves reading books and spending time with his family. In 2011, Ray wrote and produced 180: Changing the Heart of a Nation a 33-minute anti-abortion documentary film. The film received criticism from The Huffington Post.

Ray Comfort Age

He was born on December 5, 1949, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ray is 72 years old and celebrates his birthday on December 5 every year.

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Ray Comfort Height

He is slightly short in stature. Ray stands at a height of 5 ft 5 in (approx. 1.65m).

Ray Comfort Family

In Christchurch, he was born on December 5, 1949, in New Zealand to his caring and loving parents. Details about his early childhood are currently unavailable, therefore his parents’, names, whereabouts, profession, and whether he had any siblings are not known at the moment but shall be updated soon.

Ray Comfort Wife

He is happily married to his beautiful and supportive wife Sue Comfort. The couple has been living under the same roof since they were officially wedded in 1972. Ray and his wife Sue are proud parents of their three grown and responsible children. The adorable couple happily resides in Bellflower, California, in the United States where they founded Living Waters.

Ray Comfort Children

He is a proud father of three children; Rachel, Daniel, and Jacob. His children are all grown up, Rachel currently resides with her loving husband in Southern California, Daniel was born in New Zealand and raised in California in the United States of America, while Jacob currently resides in California.

Ray Comfort Banana

He has published more than 80 books and tracts. In February 2009, his book named “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think“, ranked number 1 in Amazon.com’s atheism and apologetics categories. In November 2009, he released an edited and short version of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, with 50 additional pages containing arguments against the theory of evolution.

His books were given to selected schools in the United States of America for free. Stan Guffey, who works as a biologist at the University of Tennessee, claimed that most of Comfort’s foreword was plagiarised from Darwin himself. However, Ray denied the allegations and stated that nothing has been removed from Darwin’s original work. Executive director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), Eugenie C. Scott, noted that Comfort had deleted four chapters by Darwin which described the evidence for evolution.

She added that two of the omitted chapters which were Chapters 11 and 12, contained some of Darwin’s strongest evidence for evolution. Ray argued on his social website and stated that the four chapters were omitted randomly to reduce the size of the book in order to be affordable as a giveaway. The National Center for Science Education arranged a campaign at colleges across the United States to distribute an analysis of Ray’s introduction, which was a one-page flier, and “the NCSE Safety Bookmark” in the shape of a banana, was a reference to Ray’s flawed presentation as an argument for the existence of God.

Ray Comfort Books

  • Jesus in Red (2019)
  • School Biblical Evangelism (2018)
  • God Has a Wonderful Plan For Your Life (2000)
  • How To Be Free From The Fear of Death (2021)
  • Faith Is For Weak People (2019)
  • Banana Man (2017)
  • My Comfort Is Jesus (2020)
  • Counting The Days (2020)
  • Anyone But Me (2010)
  • World Religions In a Nutshell (2008)

Ray Comfort Tracts

To date, Ray has designed dozens of gospel tracts, a literary work in current usage often used for religious purposes. Since the 1970s he has sold millions of Living Waters Tracts yearly. Some are designed to resemble paper money, including fake $100, $1,000, and $1 million bills while others employ novelties intended to amuse.

The purpose of tracts is to persuade the reader that on judgment day, they will certainly be found guilty of breaking one or more of the Ten Commandments. In June 2016, his tracts were confiscated by the US Secret Service however a federal district court judge ruled the return of the tracts since they were not a legal tender.

Ray Comfort Living Waters

Living Waters is a place refuge located in North Carolina, in the United States of America. They offer retreats for men, women, youth, college/career, pastors, work/worship, a fall retreat for those 18 and over, additionally they also offer a marriage retreat. Availability of gifted preachers who share God’s Word, and worship teams that welcomes the Lord’s presence. Living Waters is a place, where Jesus transforms the lives of countless people who receive physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Ray Comfort Quotes

  • “It is embarrassingly unscientific to speak of anything creating itself from nothing”.
  • “Darwinian evolution is unscientific, unobservable, unbelievable, but understandable in a world that hates God”.
  • “Never let the defeat of the past rob you of the success of your future”.
  • “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, but You Can’t Make Him Think”.
  • “Atheists who keep asking for evidence of God’s existence are like a fish in the ocean wanting evidence of water”.

Ray Comfort Films

As a producer, Ray has released several films and documents. They include:

  • 7 Reasons as an executive producer (2019)
  • Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith as a director (2013)
  • The Atheist Delusion Executive producer (2016)
  • Genius writer, and director (2012)
  • Evolution vs. God director (2013)
  • Noah and the Last Days as a producer, writer, director (2014)
  • The Way of the Master series as a writer, host, and producer (2003–14)

Ray Comfort Net Worth

He has successfully accumulated decently acquired wealth over the previous years from his primary career as a Religious Leader. Ray’s average salary is $8 million. 

How Old Is Ray Comfort

He was born on December 5, 1949, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Therefore, Ray is 71 years old.

Is Ray Comfort Married

Yes, he is a loving husband to his caring and supportive wife Sue Comfort whom he wedded in 1972 and the duo are happy to be sharing three adorable children

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