Raphael Miranda NBC 4, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Baby, Salary, and Net Worth

Raphael Miranda Bio | Wiki

Raphael Miranda is an American journalist working as a meteorologist for NBC 4. He is a winner of two Emmy Awards for the coverage of Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. Raphael is fluent in Spanish and has appeared on Telemond 47 as a meteorologist. Additionally, he is a holder of the National Weather Association Seal of Approval. Raphael is an active member of The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

Raphael Miranda Age

He was born on April 26, 1977, in Bedford Hills, NY, in the United States. Raphael is 45 years old.

Raphael Miranda Height

He is a man of average stature. Raphael’s height is 5 ft 7 in (Approx 1.7m).

Raphael Miranda Family

He was born and raised in Bedford Hills, NY, in the United States. Raphael is a son of an American mother and a Brazillian father. His father migrated to the USA in the 1960s. Therefore, Raphael was brought up flying back and forth between the two countries. Furthermore, he was raised along with his sister Renata. Unfortunately, Raphael’s sister passed on some time back.

Raphael Miranda's photo
Raphael’s photo

Raphael Miranda Husband

He is an active member of the LGBT organization, Live Out Loud, among others. Raphael is happily married to Doug Simpson and together they have two kids, a son, MacArthur, born in 2016, and a daughter, Elis Rose, born in May 2022. Raphael and his husband exchanged their wedding vows in a private ceremony on December 3, 2003. The gay couple resides in New Jersey.

Raphael Miranda Baby

He got married to his lovely husband, Doug Simpson on December 3, 2003, in a private ceremony. The gay couple welcomed their firstborn baby, a son, MacArthur on May 6, 2017, through a surrogate mother, Sarah who is their long-time friend.  Additionally, the duo also welcomed their second-born baby, a daughter, Elis Rose born in May 2022.

Raphael Miranda Education

He is a graduate of New York University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish. with a concentration in Latin American literature. Additionally, Raphael also attended Brooklyn College where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism. Furthermore, he is also a holder of a geosciences/meteorology degree from Mississippi State University.

Raphael Miranda Nbc 4 | Meteorologist

He is currently working as a meteorologist for NBC 4. Moreover, Raphael began his broadcast career in 2007 at NBC 4 as a weather intern before moving to production and on-air roles. While working for NBC 4, he provided coverage for the snow that was more than three feet in New York in February 2010.

Additionally, Raphael has covered the Blizzard of 2016 in Central Park as well as the 2011 Halloween snowstorm. During his career as a meteorologist, he has made regular appearances on MSNBC, and he has also appeared on Weekend TODAY, The TODAY Show, CNBC World, NBC Nightly News, and Early TODAY.

Some of Raphael’s colleagues at NBC 4 include:

Natalie Pasquarellajournalist and anchor.

Rana Novini – journalist and reporter.

Lynda Baquero – journalist and consumer reporter.

Gilma Avalosjournalist and anchor.

Raphael Miranda Salary

He currently works as a meteorologist for NBC 4. Raphael’s salary is $92,500 annually.

Raphael Miranda Net Worth

He has been working in broadcast journalism for more than a decade. Therefore, it goes undisputed that Raphael has been able to cumulate a decent fortune for himself over the years. Raphael’s net worth is $1.2 million.

Did Raphael Miranda have a baby

Yes, Raphael’s firstborn baby, a son, MacArthur was born in May 2017 via surrogacy. In addition, his second-born baby was born in May 2022, a daughter, Elis Rose. Raphael is raising his two children together with his husband Doug Simpson.

Is Raphael Miranda Married

Yes, he got married to his lovely husband, Doug Simpson on December 3, 2003, in a private ceremony.

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