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Nic Robertson Bio | Wiki

Nic Robertson is a British journalist working for CNN as an international diplomatic editor based in London. While working for CNN, he reports on wars, global terrorism, armed conflicts, and a range of other major news events.

Nic Robertson Age

He was born in the United Kingdom  on June 8, 1962. Nic is 61 years old.

Nic Robertson Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Nic’s height is 6 ft in ( approx. 1.83m ).

Nic Robertson Family

He is a local in the United Kingdom. He was born Dominic and he was raised in a family of English descent. Additionally, in the early 80s,’ his parents were residing in Dundee, Scotland.

Nic Robertson's Photo
Nic’s Photo

Nic Robertson Wife

He is a happily married man to his beautiful wife Margaret Lowrie since 1991. Nic’s wife is a journalist who previously worked for CNN between 1989 to 2001 as an International Correspondent. The duo met while working for CNN in 1990 in Jordan. Furthermore, his wife has also authored Season of Betrayal(2013). Additionally, Nic and his wife are proud parents of two all-grown-up daughters, Lowrie and Nicky.

Nic Robertson Education

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Aston University. However, Nic has neither disclosed what he majored in while college nor where he attained his high school diploma.

Nic Robertson Cnn

He works for CNN as an international diplomatic editor based in London since joining in 1990. While working for CNN, Nic has reported on some of the biggest news around the globe. Additionally, he has also reported on the escalating violence in Syria from both inside and outside the country.

Nic also reported in Libya from both sides of the conflict while interviewing Muamar Gadhafi’s, Saif al Islam, and Saadi Gadhafi. Moreso, he was the first to report on NATO bombings in the Gaddafi compound. Additionally, he also interviewed Eman al Obeidy, an alleged rape victim, whose story of abduction, rape, and torture Gadhafi forces afflicted the world.

For his three-decade plus with CNN, Nic has also reported from conflict zones in Pakistan, former Yugoslavia Egypt, Afghanistan, and all over the Middle East. Furthermore, he was one of the first western journalists to get into Osama Bin Laden’s compound following his killing by US Navy Seals in May 2011.

Earlier in his career, Nic provided coverage for the violent breakup of the former Yugoslavia and the first Gulf War in Iraq in 1991. Additionally, he was one of the few Western journalists reporting from Afghanistan at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

Some of Nic’s colleagues at CNN include:

Ryan Lizza – senior political analyst.

Irin Carmon – commentator.

Lisa Ling – host.

Mj Lee – White House Political Correspondent.

Natasha Bertrand – White House Reporter.

Nic Robertson Awards

During his three-decade career as a journalist, Nic has been a recipient of numerous awards including the Prix Bayeux TV War Correspondent of the Year award in 2012, The New York Festivals 2013 Award for Coverage of a Continuing News Stor, two Overseas Press Club Awards, Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia Award, multiple Emmy Awards, Foreign Press Association Member Award, etc.

Furthermore, Nic was also part of the CNN team that received an Emmy and a Peabody Award in 2012 for the coverage of the Arab Spring and its repercussions, as it spread across the Middle East.

Nic Robertson Accident

In the summer of 1984, Nic was involved in a train accident. He was on his way to London from Dundee, Scotland to start his first job. The train pulled out of the station in Dundee. When they got to Edinburgh, his train was delayed. However, it did not matter to Nic. He settled into the bed in the tiny sleeper compartment. Although, after they pulled out of Edinburgh, Nic remembers hearing rumbling sound that got louder and louder.

This is because the the engineer had been trying to go into a curve at 90mph yet it was limited to 50 mph. Therefore, they were involved in a train accident. Nic was trapped into the compartment but they were let out first when rescuers arrived. A few hours later they resumed the journey after they were put on another train.

When Nic finally arrived in London, journalists were waiting to get their stories. However, the grown -ups told Nic not to talk to them. Later during the day, he arrived at his new job with blood on his shirt from a few minor glass cuts. After two days, Nic discovered he had a broken wrist. However, there is no information that suggests that Nic was scheduled for a surgery.

Nic Robertson Salary | Cnn Salary

He works for CNN as an international diplomatic editor. Nic’s salary is $125,000 annually.

Nic Robertson Net Worth

He has been working in his journalism career as an international diplomatic editor for at least three decades. Therefore, it goes undisputed that Nic has been able to accumulate a decent fortune over the years. Nic’s net worth is $2.5 million.

How Old Is Nic Robertson

He is 61 years old. Nic was born in the UK on June 8, 1962.

Is Nic Robertson Married

Yes, he has been married to his wife Margaret Lowrie since 1991. Furthermore, Nic and his wife are proud parents of two daughters, Lowrie and Nicky.

Who Is Nic Robertson

He is a British journalist who has been working in London for CNN as an international diplomatic editor.

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