Matt Bruenig Lawyer, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Law School, Fired, and Net Worth

Matt Bruenig Bio | Wiki

Matt Bruenig is an American commentator, lawyer, blogger, and policy analyst. In 2017, he founded the People’s Policy Project. Furthermore, Bruenig is also the co-host of The Bruenigs podcast along with his wife Elizabeth Bruenig. Previously, he blogged for Demos.

Matt Bruenig Age

He was born on November 22, 1988, in Arlington, Texas, in the United States. Bruenig is 33 years old.

Matt Bruenig Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Bruenig has a height of 5 ft 10 in ( approx 1.78m ).

Matt Bruenig Family

He is a native of Arlington, Texas, in the USA. Bruenig is the son of Martin, his father, and Noella Weldon, his mother. Furthermore, he was raised along with his younger sister, Heather Marie. Unfortunately, his sister Heather passed on at the age of 29 years in 2016 after she was murdered.

Matt Bruenig's photo
Bruenig’s photo

Matt Bruenig Wife

He got married to his wife Elizabeth Bruenig in 2014. Bruenig’s wife is an American journalist and podcast host working for The Atlantic as an opinion writer. Previously, his wife was working as a staff writer for the New York Times. Bruenig and his wife met during a debate in Arlington High School. Additionally, the duo are proud parents of two daughters.

Matt Bruenig Education

He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he received his bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, Bruening attained his Juris Doctor from Boston University.

Matt Bruenig Podcast

He is the co-host of The Bruenings podcast along with his wife Elizabeth Bruenig. This is a weekly news podcast based on discussing online happenings and their lives. Furthermore, the podcast is available for listening to on Patreon, Apple podcast, Podchaser, etc.

Matt Bruenig Fired

He was fired from part-time blogging at Demos over his refusal to apologize for a couple of mean tweets. This was after he posted a series of what Gawker called, rude tweets targeting Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress, and Joan Walsh. Therefore, the blog stated that Bruenig was let go due to online harassment with the people he disagrees with.

Matt Bruenig Law School

In January 2015, Bruenig wrote an article about law School following the arguments of professors Carrie Menkel-Meadow and Erwin Chemerinsky against the reduction of legal education requirements. Furthermore, he is also a lawyer who earned his JD from Boston University in 2014.

However, he discussed that the current requirements of law school have only a small pool of lawyers. Therefore, hiring their services becomes a bit expensive which is good for lawyers but bad for everyone else. In conclusion, Bruenig wrote that Law schools should be made two years instead of three years.

Matt Bruenig People’s Policy Project

In 2017, Bruenig founded the People’s Policy Project. This is a left-wing think tank that raises money via crowdfunding. Moreover, the People’s Policy Project also analyzes politics while also producing market socialism.

Apart from funding the People’s Policy Project, Bruenig is also a writer whose writings have appeared in a range of publications including Jacobin, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Current Affairs, The Atlantic,, etc. Additionally, he has also been a featured guest of the humor and politics podcast Chapo Trap House. Furthermore, Bruenig has also been featured on The Michael Brooks Show and The Young Turks.

Matt Bruenig Net Worth

He has been working as a lawyer, writer, policy analyst, and podcaster for at least a half-decade. Therefore, it goes undisputed that Bruenig has been able to accumulate a decent fortune over the years. Bruenig’s net worth is $2 million.

How Old Is Matt Bruenig

He is 33 years old. Bruenig was born in Arlington, Texas, in the United States on November 22, 1988.

Is Matt Bruenig Married

Yes, he got married to his wife Elizabeth Bruenig in 2014. Additionally, Bruenig’s wife is a journalist working for The Atlantic as a staff writer.

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