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Kelsey Mckinney Bio | Wiki

Kelsey McKinney is an American entrepreneur, author, journalist, and podcaster. She works as a features writer and co-owner at Defector Media LLC. Additionally, Kelsey is the host of the Normal Gossip podcast.

Kelsey Mckinney Age

She was born on September 3, 1991, in Austin, Texas, in the United States. Kelsey is 32 years old.

Kelsey Mckinney Height

She is a woman of above-average stature. Kelsey possesses a height of 5 ft 6 in ( approx. 1.68m ).

Kelsey Mckinney Family

She is a native of Austin, North Texas, in the U.S. Kelsey was raised Evangelical along with her sister. Additionally, she has shared her struggles with clinical depression through writing. Furthermore, Kelsey spent her childhood reading a lot as she wanted to be a writer.

Kelsey Mckinney's photo
Kelsey’s photo

Kelsey Mckinney Husband

She got married to her husband Trey in July 2014. Kelsey and her husband celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary on July 27, 1991. Furthermore, the duo resides in Washington, DC together with their dog.

Kelsey Mckinney Education

She earned her high school diploma from a high school in North Texas. Additionally, Kelsey is also a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin where she received a bachelor of arts degree in American Literature in 2014.

Kelsey Mckinney Normal Gossip | Podcast

She is the host of the Normal Gossip podcast which delivers funny, juicy, strange, and utterly banal gossip about the people you will never know and never meet. Moreso, she also discusses reader-submitted comedic gossip with guests while deep-diving into the decisions and lives of complete strangers. Additionally, the Normal Gossip podcast is produced by Alex Sujong Laughlin. It is also available for listening to on Apple podcasts.

Kelsey Mckinney Defector

She works for the Defector as a features writer and co-founder since July 2020. Prior to joining Defector, Kelsey was working for Deadspin as a features writer since July 2019 where she wrote several long-form features. However, Kelsey resigned from Deadspin in November 2019 after working for six months.

Before joining Deadspin, she was working for Fusion-Univision as a staff culture reporter and writer between May 2015 to November 2016. During her stint at Fusion, Kelsey wrote five pieces a week for the website and -published several travel-based features. Furthermore, she also received the prestigious National Arts and Entertainment Journalism award for Best Feature in 2015.

Prior to working for Fusion—Univision, Kelsey was a culture writer for Vox Media between April 2014 to April 2015. Previously, she was working for The Daily Texan as an associating manager as well as a life & Ats section editor. While working for the Daily Texan, Kelsey worked for the paper’s SEO strategy and oversaw digital strategy for production and distribution.

During her career as a journalist, she has also worked for Delayed Gratification as a remote researcher in London, in the United Kingdom. Kelsey has also been a Public Affairs Researcher in Austin, Texas at Harry Ransom Humanities Library.

Kelsey Mckinney Book

She authored her first book published with Harper Collins Publishers in June 2021 titled, God Spare the Girls. Additionally, the book is set in Northern Texas about two fictional sisters Caroline and Abigail Nolan in the fictional town of Hope as they struggle with family betrayal and the evangelical faith. Furthermore, Kelsey’s book is available for retail on Harper Collins Publishers for $22.39.

Kelsey Mckinney Salary

She works for Defector as a features writer and co-founder. Kelsey’s salary is $110,000 annually.

Kelsey Mckinney Net Worth

She has been working as a features writer and journalist for at least a decade. Therefore, it goes undisputed that Kelsey has been able to accumulate a decent fortune over the years. Kelsey’s net worth is $1.2 million.

How Old Is Kelsey Mckinney

She is 32 years old. Kelsey was born in Austin, Texas, in the United States on September 3, 1991.

Is Kelsey Mckinney Married

Yes, she has been married to her husband Trey since July 2014. Additionally, Kelsey and her husband reside in Washington, D.C. along with their dog pet.

Who Is Kelsey Mckinney

She is an American author, features writer, and the host of the Normal Gossip podcast. Additionally, Kelsey works for Defector as a feature writer.

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