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Jen Lilley Bio | Wiki

Jen Lilley is an American singer, songwriter, advocate, producer, and actress. She is well-known for her role in Soap Operas, General Hospital on ABC, and Days of Our Lives on NBC.

Jen Lilley Age

She was born on August 4, 1984, in Roanoke, Virginia, in the United States. Lilley is 38 years old.

Jen Lilley Height

She is a woman of average stature. Lilley’s height is 5 ft 3 in ( approx. 1.6m ).

Jen Lilley Family

She is a local of Roanoke, VA, in the United States. Jen is the daughter of Vince, her father, and Ellen, her mother. Additionally, her mother is a director of marketing and event planning while her father is a well-renowned judge. Lilley is the second born in a family of four children. Furthermore, she was raised with her siblings Michael, Ryan, and Katherine.

Jen Lilley's photo
Lilley’s photo

Jen Lilley Husband

She got married to her lovely husband Jason Wayne on May 26, 2007. Lilley’s husband is an engineer and also social worker and child rights activist. and her husband met in 2004. Furthermore, the couple are proud parents of four children Kayden, Jeffrey, Julie, and Jacqueline.

Jen Lilley Children

She is a proud mother of four wonderful children, Jeffrey, Kayden, Julie, and Jacqueline. Furthermore, two of her children, Kayden and Jeffrey have been adopted from foster homes. Lilley and her husband Jason share the passion of helping thousands of children found in the foster care system. Additionally, Lilley also confined that she had a miscarriage in 2018 when she was 12 weeks pregnant. However, she became pregnant again with her daughter Julie who was born in July 2019. The duo welcomed their fourth child, a daughter, Jacqueline.

Jen Lilley Movies | Tv Shows | Movies and Tv Shows

She filmed her first movie in 2007 while playing the role of Janey Richardson in the film Suburban Skies. Since then, Lilley has been a cast member of numerous movies including Changeling(2008), The Back-up Bride(2011), The Artist(2011), The Sticky Chocolate Kingdom(2011), One Small Hitch(2012), The Olivia Experiment(2012), Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End(2013), The Book of Esther(2013), Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire(2013), Turnaround Jake(2014), Crossing Streets(2016), Off the Menu(2018), and Where Are You, Bobby Browning?

Apart from casting in the movies, Lilley has also been a cast member of various Tv Shows including Hannah Montana(2007), Ingles Ya! (2008), Castle(2010), Disaster Date(2011), PrankStars(2011), General Hospital(2011-2012), 2018 Days of Our Lives(2013-2016, 2018), Grey’s Anatomy(2016), Twin Betrayal(2018), Mingle All The Way(2018), Love Unleashed(2019), USS Christmas(2020), Snowkissed(2021), A Little Daytime Drama(2021), etc.

Jen Lilley Hallmark Movies

She has also been a cast member of the television series that have been aired on the Hallmark channel. As a result, people classify the films as Hallmark movies. Therefore, Lilley has been featured in numerous Hallmark movies including A Dash of Love(2017), Eat, Play, Love(2017), Harvest Love(2017), Yes, I Do(2018), Mingle All The Way(2018), Winter Love Story(2019), Paris, Wine & Romance(2019), Love Unleashed(2019), Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday(2019), USS Christmas(2020), A Little Daytime Drama(2021), and Snowkissed(2021). Additionally, Hallmark is a television cable that is owned by Crown Media Holdings, Inc. Therefore, Lilley is a Hallmark star.

Jen Lilley Days Of Our Lives

She played the role of Theresa Donovan in the NBC television series, Days of our lives. Furthermore, Lilley was a cast member between July 3, 2013, to November 18, 2016, and also from May 2018 to July 2018. Additionally, Brandon Wesh is also a cast member of Days of our Lives.

Jen Lilley Church

She once revealed that the church rocks her world through a tweet in January 2016. In an interview with the Christian Post, Lilley also disclosed that she would rather not play a role in a film that goes against the will of God. Furthermore, she is a strong believer that Jesus raised her brother from the dead after he was born stillborn and her mother had been playing for the pregnancy.

Jen Lilley Eyes

She is a well-renowned actress who has hazel eyes. Furthermore, her eyes are full of life and therefore she is a philosopher of the phrase” kindness is the secret of being beautiful”. Additionally, while wishing his husband a happy birthday through her Instagram account, Lilley attributed him to be a person who never turns his eyes from circumstances that seem too hard.

Jen Lilley Net Worth

Lilley’s net worth is $3 million. She has been a professional actress and singer for at least a decade and a half. Therefore, it goes undisputed that Lilley has been able to cumulate a decent fortune over the years.

Is Jen Lilley Pregnant

Yes, she shared the news of her pregnancy in October 2021 that her family will be welcoming a new member in May 2022. Even before she carried out a pregnancy test, Lilley was aware she was expected since she knows her body too well.

How Old Is Jen Lilley

She is 38 years old. Lilley was born in Roanoke, Virginia, in the United States on August 4, 1984.

Who Is Jen Lilley Married To

She has been married to her husband Jason Wayne since May 2007. Furthermore, Lilley and her husband are proud parents of three children.

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