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Heather Tesch Wikipedia

Heather Tesch is a popular American meteorologist, author, animal lover, and podcaster. Currently, she is the host of BEYOND with Heather Tesch on YouTube. Before, Heather worked as at The Weather Channel (TWC) from 1999 to 2012. Heather also worked for other TV stations like WGME-TV in Portland, Maine, and WGAL-TV in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In 2000 she began co-hosting in America’s Morning Headquarters with her colleague Marshall Seese, working in Your Weather Today program. In her profession, Heather had the most successful coverages and reports on hurricane Katrina, blizzards in the Northeast, as well as the tornado in Ringgold. Recently, Heather has been more focused on her writing work. She is an encouraging author and has already releases a few books, such as HairDoodle.

Besides her professional life, Heather is recognized as an activist for animal welfare and has declared publicly that she is an animal lover. She is a promoter of pet adoption and mostly uploads about it along with animal safety. Heather also takes part in charitable efforts that help victims of disasters, technology advancements, and other humanitarian jobs.

Quick Facts

Age 57 years old (born May 2, 1967)
Husband Married
Measurements height (1.57 m) Weight 54 kg (120 lb)
Occupation meteorologist
Net Worth $1 million
Heather Tesch's photo
Heather’s photo

Heather Tesch Age

Heather was born on May 2, 1967, in Buffalo, Minnesota, United States. She is 57 years old. Heather celebrates her birthday on May 2, every year.

Early Life And Education

She was born in Buffalo, Minnesota, to her parents. Her ethnicity is white. Heather keeps her personal life private, and not much is recognized about her siblings or her parents. After completing her primary and high school education, she joined the University of Minnesota, where she earned a bachelor’s in broadcast journalism. Additionally, Heather earned a degree in Meteorology from Plymouth State University, based in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Heather Tesch Husband

Heather is married to her husband whose name is not disclosed. Her husband is a navy pilot. They have been married for over nine years. Heather and her husband have two teenage kids: a daughter and a son.

Heather Tesch Meteorologist

She was a meteorologist known for well known for her work with The Weather Channel (TWC) until her firing in 2012. Heather began her meteorologist career in 1993 when she joined WPXTV in Florida. Afterward in 1996, she became part of the team of WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. She also served in the channel as a reporter for three years prior to quitting.

Weather Channel

Heather started working at The Weather Channel (TWC) in January 1999 starting as an anchor and reporter role. She also served as a producer of animal welfare and pet care stories, which broadcasted on TWC.

Heather was afterward fired from the station in 2012 following working for 13 years. This was due to the companies’ change of ownership that they decided to lower their employees’ number to cut costs. Following being removed from TWC, she tried to focus on other projects that were different from broadcasting.

Her weather channel career has made her one of the popular television personalities whose reports are viewed widely across America. Alongside her charming voice, Heather has managed to capture the attention of her fans during her broadcasts.

Beyond With Heather Tesch

She hosts BEYOND with Heather Tesch on YouTube. In every episode of “BEYOND with Heather Tesch” they talk with near death experiencers who share their story. They examine some of life’s biggest questions. Heather launched her podcast in May of 2023. In this podcast, they not only give people insight into what happens when they die, they also educate then how to live.

Return To Weather Channel

After her firing in 2012, Heather has not returned to The Weather Channel.


She is healthy as of now. However, Heather has a website where she talks about integrated health and functional medicine. This program inspires nutritional and lifestyle changes that she believes will get the body back to its perfect vitality state.


Heather’s voice is normal. There are no details showing if her voice has changed or has a problem.


As of today Heather is recognized for authoring books and hosting a podcast titled BEYOND with Heather Tesch on YouTube.

Marshall Seese

In 2001, Heather began co-anchoring Your Weather Today with Marshall Seese a Retired anchor/meteorologist at The Weather Channel. Marshall retired in 2009.


Heather is a woman of below-average stature who stands at a height of 5 ft 2 in (approx. 1.57 m). She also weighs 54 kg (120 lb). Heathers waist size is 26 inches, breast size is 36 inches, and Hip since in 32 inches.


As a meteorologist with The Weather Channel, Heather’s annual salary was $$96,890 per year.

Net Worth

She has been an on-camera meteorologist and broadcast journalist for over two decades, most notably with The Weather Channel. Heather’s ne worth is $1 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened To Heather Tesch Voice?

As per several sources there is nothing wrong about Heather’s voice.

How Old Is Heather Tesch?

Heather is a 57-year-old who was born on May 2, 1967, in Buffalo, Minnesota, United States.

Is Heather Tesch Married?

She happily married her longtime boyfriend, a navy pilot. On November 24, 2009, Heather confirmed her marital status by stating that she married nine years before. They are parents of two children: a daughter and a son.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter – @HeatherTesch

Facebook – Heather Tesch

Instagram – beyond_with_heather_tesch