David A Arnold Comedian, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Death, Fat Ballerina, and Net Worth

David A Arnold Bio | Wiki

David A. Arnold was an American stand-up, Comedian, writer, seasonal producer, and actor. During his career in Stand-Up he did a Comedy of Fat Ballerina on Netflix. David was also the producer of Bigger on Bet and Fuller House on Netflix. Unfortunately, he passed on at the age of 54 years old at his home in Los Angeles, CA on September 7,2022 due to natural causes.

David A Arnold Age

He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States on March 15, 1968. David was 54 years old(1968 -2022).

David A Arnold Height

He was a man of average stature. David’s height was 5 ft 7 in ( approx. 1.7m ).

David A Arnold Family

He was a local of Cleveland, Ohio, in the USA. David was the son of Barbara Massey, his mother who worked for The O’Jays as a road manager. Furthermore, David was the stepson of Bobby Massey, one of the founding members of The O’Jays. He also had two sisters, Devaki Youngblood and Tammi Carson.

David A Arnold's photo
David’s photo

David A Arnold Wife

He got married to his lovely Julie Harkness in July 2003. David’s wife works for Made in Hollywood as an On-Air Reporter. Julie hit the headlines after she became the first African American woman to dance at Radio City Music Hall. David and his wife were proud parents of two daughters, Anna-Grace and Ashlyn. The duo celebrated 18 years of marriage in June 2021.

David A Arnold Education

He had been performing as a stand-up comedian for at least two decades. However, Arnold had  neither revealed where he attained his high school Diploma nor if he furthered his studies to the Collegiate level.

David A Arnold Fat Ballerina

He garnered more following across all social media platforms after producing stand-up comedy, Fat Ballerina, which was produced by Kevin Hart, his friend for more than 17 years who encouraged him to do his own thing. Furthermore, he admitted in more than two decades of doing comedy, Fat Ballerina was his breakthrough since it trended for the first day days after it was produced around the world. Shortly after releasing the Fat Ballerina, David secured a one-hour stand-up comedy deal with other projects in the works. Furthermore, David also produced the four brothers’ movie.

David A Arnold Comedian

He was a stand-up Comedy for almost two and a half decades. David moved to Los Angeles in 1999 from Cleveland, Ohio with two trash bags of clothes to have a start in his Comedian career. Additionally, he also worked as a comedy writer behind the scenes.

During his career as a comedian, he performed at the Montreal Comedy Festival, The Tom Joyner Show, ComicView, Def Comedy Jam, etc. Furthermore, David also disclosed that in Comedy a person should believe in oneself and keep pushing forward.

David A Arnold Death | Cause of Death

David passed on at the age of 54 years on September 7, 2022. In a statement with The Times, David’s family confirmed that he died of natural causes while at his home in Los Angeles.

David A Arnold Net Worth

He was a stand up- comedian, writer, and seasonal producer for at least two decades. Therefore, it goes undisputed that David had been able to accumulate a decent fortune over the years. David’s net worth was $4.5 million prior to his death in September 2022.

Who Is David A Arnold

He was an American stand-up comedian, writer, and seasonal producer who garnered more followers across his social media platforms after the release of Fat Ballerina comedy which was released by Kevin Hart.

How Much Is David A Arnold Worth

He had a net worth of $4.5 million. David accumulated his net worth from comedy, seasonal production, and also writing comedy behind the scenes.

How Old Is David A Arnold

He was 54 years old. David was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States on March 15, 1968.

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