Clay Travis Fox Sports, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Outkick, and Net Worth

Clay Travis Bio | Wiki

Clay Travis is an American sports journalist, writer, television analyst, media personality, lawyer, and founder of OutKick. Currently, he works as the host of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show and podcast along with Buck Sexton. Previously, Clay was working as the radio host of Outkick the Coverage for Fox Sports Radio.

In addition, in 2004, he went on a 50-day pudding strike for not accessing the NFL Sunday Ticket. The strike failed to get the attention of DirecTV responsible for offering NFL games on Virgin Island. Therefore, he resorted to blogging his experience which received media attention

Clay Travis Age

He was born on April 6, 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States. Clay is 43 years old.

Clay Travis Height

He is a man of tall stature. Clay has a height of 6 ft 1 in ( approx. 1.85m ).

Clay Travis' photo
Clay’s photo

Clay Travis Family

Travis was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He is quite a reserved person when it comes to his parents and siblings but once the information is available we shall update.

Clay Travis Wife

He got married to his wife Lara Travis in August 2004. Clay’s wife is a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader. Furthermore, the duo met at Vanderbilt. Clay’s wife is originally from Michigan and has a Master’s Degree in Guidance Counseling. Additionally, he and his wife are proud parents of three sons.

Clay Travis Children

Clay and his wife Lara have three sons born in 2009, 2012, and 2016 respectively. In addition, one of his sons is named after President Abraham Lincoln. Moreover, the name of his youngest son is, Nash Travis. Regularly, he and his family have their best time together by going to exotic beaches, visiting zoos and beautiful parks as well as engaging in outdoor games.

Clay Travis Education

In 1997, Clay received his high school diploma from Martin Luther King Magnet at Pearl High School in Nashville. In addition, he is a 2004 graduate of George Washington University where he received a bachelor of arts in History in 2001. Furthermore, Clay also has a JD from Vanderbilt University Law School.

Clay Travis And Buck Sexton Show | Podcast | Radio Show

He is the podcast and radio host of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show and podcast. Furthermore, this is a news podcast that tackles the biggest stories in politics, news, and current events with humor and intelligence including far-left missteps, border crisis, and the madness of cancel culture.

Moreover, he and Buck Sexton listeners through the latest headlines and hot topics with fun and entertaining opinions and conversations. Moreover, the podcast is available for listening to on iHeart podcast, Apple podcast, etc. In addition, the show replaced Rush Limbaugh on Premiere Networks following the death of Rush Limbaugh.

Clay Travis Barstool

He and Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool had a professional rivalry for a long time probably because they approach entertainment the same way. In addition, their rivalry was further fueled by the rumor that barstool wanted to purchase Outkick the Coverage. However, in May 2021, the beef was speculated to be over after Dave brought Clay onto his show.

Clay Travis Outkick

He founded Outkick the Coverage in 2011 while working for FanHouse. Furthermore, Outkick was the most visited college football site on the web. Furthermore, in 2015, Clay signed a deal to license his entire sports media brand under Fox Sports including Outkick the Coverage.

Furthermore, he also started Outkick the Show broadcast on Facebook and Periscope which was later launched as a national radio show in 2016 on Fox Sports Radio.

In addition, on Outkick the Coverage radio show, Clay took live callers, gave his outstanding view on the world of sports, and also spoke with the big athletes. Moreover, Clay also shares his betting picks on OutKick.

Clay Travis Books

In 2006, Clay wrote a book titled Dixieland Delight. This book highlights his journey of visiting 12 stadiums in the southeastern conference. The college football has got seven out of 12 schools to fill stadiums with a capacity of about 6.5 million people who hit the road every year to cheer there teams to victory.

He has also written On Rocky Top which gives an insight into how Tennessee football season went terribly wrong ending a long-fabled Era. Clay has also expressed how sports are no longer focused on who is talented and who sucks. The new emphasis is on who is right or wrong based on the sidelines.

He has written the book Republicans Buy  Sneakers Too to show that sports should be used to unite all Americans despite race or gender.

Clay Travis Espn

Espn repurposed the interview done on Outkick the Coverage into their own content without acknowledging the source of the information. The interview done by Clay hosted President Trump who said that the cancellation of college football will be a tragic mistake. Clay justly expressed his dissatisfaction with the issue.

Clay Travis Show

Clay holds various shows starting with Outkick the coverage which airs weekdays. This show covers 50 states on 300 stations and on Satellite Radio from six to nine a.m.He also appears on the FS1 daily cable TV show and hosts daily Periscope and Facebook Live shows from three p.m. The website version of Outkick the coverage.

Clay Travis Audiobook

Clay is the author of the book: Republicans Buy Sneakers, Too: How the Left Is Ruining Sports with Politics. The book seeks to restore the sports industry to its former glory to serve the purpose of uniting all Americans regardless of their gender or race. The audiobook allows people to listen to the book contents without necessarily having to read it.

Clay Travis Fox Sports

Clay started working for Fox Sports news in 2014 for its Saturday pre-game show after resigning from his role on 3HL.In 2015 he signed a deal with Fox Sports to license his entire sports brand including the outkick underFox Sport website. He also started a national radio show with Fox Sports Radio in 2016.

Clay Travis Salary

He works as the host of Clay Travis And Buck Sexton Show. Clay’s salary is $110,000 annually.

Clay Travis Net Worth

He has been working as a radio personality, political commentator, radio personality, sportswriter, journalist, and lawyer for at least a decade and a half. Therefore, it goes undebated that Clay has been able to accumulate a decent career over the years. Clay’s net worth is $10 million.

Who Is Clay Travis

He is an American political commentator, lawyer, writer, sports journalist, television analyst, podcast host, radio personality, and the founder of OutKick. In addition, he works as the radio and podcast host of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.

What channel is Clay Travis on

He is currently on WFMD-AM where he co-hosts The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show.

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