Charles Booker Kentucky, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Daughters, For Senate, and Campaign

Charles Booker Bio and Wiki

Charles Booker is an American politician who serves as the Kentucky House of Representatives for the 43rd district. In the house, he is the youngest Black state lawmaker. Currently, Booker is a candidate in the Democratic primary for the 2020 U.S. Senate race in Kentucky to be held on June 23, 2020. He is vying against Amy McCgrath with the winner set to face Senate Majority leader and incumbent Republican Senator for Kentucky, Mitch McConnell in the General Election.

Charles Booker Age

Booker was born on October 20, 1984, in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, one of the poorest zip codes in the state. He is 35 years old.

Charles Booker Height

He appears to be a man of average stature according to his photos. His height could be around 5 ft 8 in (Approx. 1.73 m).

Charles Booker Family and Ethnicity

Booker was born in Louiseville, KY, one of the poorest zip codes in the state. He was born to black parents who had to drop out of school in order to fend for their younger siblings.

He says that he still went hungry at times despite food stamps and free lunch. Booker adds that he also had to ration his insulin just to survive after he found out that he had diabetes. However, his parents’ and siblings’ names are unknown to the public at the moment. We will update this section once we have more details.

Charles Booker's photo
Booker’s photo

Charles Booker Wife

Booker is married to his lovely wife Tanesha Booker. Tanesha works as a Claims Analyst at Evolent Healthcare in Kentucky. It is not clear when or where the couple met and for how long they dated before tying the knot. However, their marriage is thought to be more than a decade old.

Charles Booker Daughters

Booker and his wife Tanesha are proud parents of two children, both daughters; Kaylin (aged 10) and Prestyn (aged 2). The family resides in Russell, Louisville, KY.

Charles Booker Education

Booker attended the Louisville Male High School and graduated. He then proceeded to join the University of Louisville from where he earned his Bachelor of Science in political science and Juris Doctor.

Charles Booker Kentucky

Booker is a native of Louisville, KY, where he was born and bred. His first stab at an elective office was in 2016 when he ran against Gerald Neal in the Democratic Party’s primary election of the Kentucky Senate for the 33rd district. However, he finished in third place behind Neal, and Joan Stringer, who garnered 48 percent and 32 percent respectively to his 20 percent.

Booker again ran in 2018 to succeed Darryl Owens following his retirement from representing the 43rd district in the Kentucky House of Representatives. This time round he won the Democratic nomination with 29.5 percent of the vote in a field of seven candidates. He went on to beat Republican Everett Corley by 56 percent of the vote in the general election.

Charles Booker For Senate

He is the current member, serving in the Kentuck Senate. In 2020, he decided to contest to represent Kentuck in the U.S. Senate. Being a Democrat, he will have to contest in the primary to be held on June 23, 2020. He will face off with Amy McGrath with the winner set to square off with Senate Majority Leader and incumbent Senator for Kentuck, Mitch McConnell.

Charles Booker Polls Vs Amy Mcgrath

He was a long shot until the killing of Breanna %Taylor, when he led protests to demand justice and equal treatment of citizens regardless of race echoing the Black Lives Matter Movement. He was then endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren boosting his polls immensely.

Booker is facing off with former fighter pilot and 2016 congressional candidate Amy McGrath. Kentucky being a red state, this is a race that is definitely one to watch.

Charles Booker Campaign

Booker is viewed as the underdog in the race to represent Kentucky in the U.S. Senate when his campaign is pit against Amy McCgraths. His opponent campaign has raised well in excess of $40 million. Booker has been campaigning door to door and in his own words, Kentuckians can do it.

Charles Booker Mitch MacConnell

Throughout his campaign, Booker has discounted incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell’s performance despite the fact that he is the U.S. Senate. Were he to secure the Democratic Party nomination against Amy McCgrath, Booker would face off with McConnell in the General Election.

Charles Booker Net Worth

Booker has worked in various capacities thus far and is currently a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives for the 43rd district. Coming from a poor black family in Kentucky, he is estimated to have a net worth of around $200,000.

Charles Booker Website

Booker uses his website to inform the public, tell his story, and advance his campaigns. In his own words:

“We’re Kentucky. We’re not a tragedy, and we’re not a joke. When we get knocked down, we come back. We don’t wait for folks to tell us what to do. We show them how it’s done. I am not the alternative to Mitch McConnell. WE are. That’s why I’m meeting with my fellow Kentuckians to talk about how we lead this fight.”

Source: Charles Booker website.

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