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Becky Bailey Bio | Wiki

Becky Bailey Ph.D. ( also referred to as Dr. Becky Bailey) is an American renowned teacher, developmental psychologist, author, expert in childhood education, and podcaster. She is popular for creating Conscious Discipline training and authoring a book series under the same name. Furthermore, she is the podcast host of the Real Talk For Real Teachers podcast.

Becky Bailey Age

She was born on March 18, 1952, in Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States. Becky is 70 years old.

Becky Bailey Height

She is a woman of above-average stature. Becky has a height of 5 ft 6 in ( approx 1.68m ).

Dr Becky Bailey Family

She is a native of Richmond, Va, in the USA. Becky is the daughter of  Frances Bailey, her mother, and Talmadge, her father. Furthermore, her father was a secret service agent. Therefore, Bailey’s family moved a lot, and apart from growing up in Richmond, Becky was also raised in Charlotte, N.C., Washington, D.C, Miami, and Jackson, Miss. In addition, she was also raised along with her older brother Clifton.

Becky Bailey's photo
Becky’s photo

Becky Bailey Personal Life

In 1968, Becky was involved in an accident in Richmond, VA at the age of 16 years. Following the accident, she had no childhood memories. Furthermore, Becky has no children of her own since she suffered a lifelong fertility problem. Fortunately, she became pregnant in 1992 only to suffer a near-death experience miscarriage.

Dr Becky Bailey Husband

She is a resident of Oviedo, Florida. In the mid-1990s, Becky was single and had never been married. However, Becky has not disclosed her current marital status due to her secretive nature.

Becky Bailey Education

She is a 1974 graduate of Longwood College where she majored in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; Adapted Physical Education. In addition, Becky is also an MS holder in Educational Psychology and Elementary Education from Appalachian State University class of 1975. She also earned her Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education and Developmental Psychology from Florida State University in 1979.

Becky Bailey Podcast

She is the host of the bi-monthly podcast, Real Talk For Real Teachers. Furthermore, this podcast is based on exploring the trends in classroom management and social-emotional learning. She does this together with special guests, Certified Instructors, and a Conscious Discipline Master. Moreover, the educational podcast may be accessed on Apple podcast, Podbean, Podchaser, Audacy, etc.

Becky Bailey Books

She is an internationally recognized educator and developmental psychologist who has written several books. Some of the books that Becky has authored include:

  • Easy To Love, Difficult To Discipline: The 7 Basic Skills For Turning Conflict (October 2013).
  • I Love You Rituals(1996).
  • Brain Smart(1998).
  • Conscious Discipline Expanded and Updated: Building Resilient Classrooms(2015).
  • Creating the School Family: BUlly-Proofing Classrooms Through Emotional Intelligence(2011).
  • Sophie’s BIG Voice(2015).
  • Managing Emotional Mayhem The Five Steps for Self-Regulation(January 2011).
  • Conscious Discipline Shubert Value Pack(January 2010).
  • There’s Got To Be A Better Way: Discipline That Works! (October 1994), etc.

Becky Bailey I Love You Rituals

During her career as an educator, Becky designed I Love You Rituals as a playful means to promote optimal brain development, build self-esteem, reduce hyperactivity, increase attention span, facilitate language development, and amplify cooperation.

Furthermore, I Love Your Rituals are also structured connected activities that include playfulness, touch, eye contact, and presence. For instance, families enjoy I Love You Rituals during the morning routine, bedtime, when saying goodbye, before or after meals, while on the diapering table, etc.

On the other hand, classrooms benefit from this ritual in routines such as during circle time, Brain Smart Start, and after transitions. Moreover, I Love You Rituals are beneficial to all children especially those who are at risk or experience special needs. Additionally, Becky authored a book titled, I Love You Rituals(1996).

Becky Bailey Quotes

She is an award-winning author and speaker who has written and uttered words that have been helpful. Therefore, readers have been curious to know Becky’s quotes. Some of Becky’s quotes include “What I offer to others, I give to myself.”, “Rewards reduce intrinsic motivation in children. In essence, they erase the work ethic.”, “To thrive in the world, we must learn to tolerate a level of uncertainty. Some children react to uncertainty with anxiety.”, “Children who are happy see other children as possible friends. Children who are hurting see other children as competition for scarce resources.”, etc.

Becky Bailey Conscious Discipline

She is the founder of the Conscious Discipline Company. Furthermore, Conscious Discipline has impacted an estimated 17 million children while also training and inspiring at least 3.5 million caregivers and educators. Moreso, Conscious Discipline creates a compassionate culture while also facilitating an intentional shift in adults’ understanding of behavior via the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model.

Therefore, it then provides trauma-informed, specific brain-friendly, and research-backed strategies for responding to each child’s individual needs with wisdom. Furthermore, Conscious Discipline has been proven to increase empathy, self-regulation, connection, intrinsic motivation, sense of safety, and intrinsic motivation in both children and adults.

When Conscious Discipline is applied in schools it leads to fewer discipline referrals, increased teaching time, and e, improved academics. Additionally, Conscious Discipline is practiced in at least 73 countries with resource materials offered in 22 languages.

Becky Bailey Conscious Discipline Book

Not only has Becky created Conscious Discipline Company and training program but also she has authored several books under the same title. Some of the Conscious Discipline books that Becky has written include Conscious Discipline Shubert Value Pack(January 2010), Conscious Discipline: 7 Basic Skills for Brain Smart Classroom Management(January 2001), Conscious Discipline Brain State Poster Set(January 2008), and Conscious Discipline Building Resilient Classrooms Expanded & Updated Edition.

Becky Bailey Ted Talk

She is a dynamic and engaging Ted Speaker who also facilitates courses, workshops, institutes, and keynote addresses. Some of the topics that Becky has addressed in her Ted Talk include Writing the Brain for Success, How to Demonstrate the brain hand, Three Small words, etc.

Becky Bailey Conscious Discipline Songs

Some of the conscious Discipline songs include: Get Ready, Welcome, It Starts in the Heart, That Was Helpful, Look at Me, My School Family, Caring Friends, and I Wish You Well.

Becky Bailey Salary

She is the podcast host of the Real Talk For Real Teachers. Becky’s salary is $100,000 annually.

Dr Becky Bailey Net Worth

She has been working as an educator, speaker, developmental psychologist, author, and podcast host for at least three decades. Therefore, Becky has been able to cumulate decent career earnings over the years with no lingering doubts. Becky’s net worth is $25 million.

Is Becky Bailey Married

In the mid-90’s Becky was single and she had never been married. However, her current marital status is publicly unavailable.

How Old Is Becky Bailey

She is 70 years old. Becky was born in Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States on March 18, 1952.

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