American Foxhound Training, Price, Temperament, Size, Colors, and Lifespan

American Foxhound Dog Breed Introduction

American Foxhound is a medium-sized scent hound breed of dog developed in the United States. George Washington, the USA Founding Father is credited for contributing to the development of this breed. The American Foxhounds are closely related to their cousin English Foxhound. However, they have longer legs, slightly arched back end ( loin), and more finely boned as compared to the English Foxhound.

The American Foxhounds are known for their loud baying that sounds musical to the breed’s fanciers but can be nuisance to neighbors. Therefore, they are not suitable for an urban setting. The American Foxhounds are low-maintenance dogs, good-natured, and get along with dogs, kids, and even cats. Although, they come with special considerations especially to potential owners.

American Foxhounds need a lot of exercise which makes them perfect pets for hunters, joggers, runners, and owners with large fenced-in spaces. Irregular exercise can make this breed depressed or destructive. The American Foxhounds were also bred to work independently in the hunts. Therefore, they are independent thinkers, have a strong prey-drive, and can be stubborn.

For this reason, American Foxhounds should enroll in obedience classes even if you are an experienced dog parent. Training is easier if this breed is raised with people. However, if raised outdoors or has been working in packs, it makes obedience training a bit difficult. Their are also four types of American Foxhound:

American Foxhound 's Photo
American Foxhound ‘s Photo

Trail hounds which follow a trail of an artificial lure.

Field-trial hounds – these dogs have a competitive spirit and speed.

Pack hounds – these are dogs that hunt in packs of about 15 to 20 dogs. They are used by hunters on horseback.

Fox-hunting hounds – These type of American Foxhounds work slowly with a loud baying sound. 

American Foxhound History | Origin

The progenitors of the American Foxhounds were brought to the United States to the American Colonies by Robert Brooke from England in the 17th century. The offspring of those hounds were crossed with other European hounds creating a dog that was faster, lighter, and taller to suit the terrain of USA.

George Washington was an avid fox hunter and kept a pack of Foxhounds in Mount Vernon. He refined his Foxhound stock with French breeding stock gifted to him by his friend Marquis de Lafayette. George did not develop the modern American Foxhounds single-handedly. Although, he was a key player in the development of the breed.

After colonial times, further refinements were made to the breed throughout the south until the American Foxhound was distinctly separate from its British Cousin, English Foxhound. In 1886, AKC recognized the American Foxhound as a breed.

American Foxhound Lifespan 

The lifespan of American Foxhounds is 10 to 13 years.

American Foxhound Grooming 

An American Foxhound is a low-maintenance dog when it comes to grooming. It has a short hard hound coat of medium length that requires once-a week brushing using a hound glove, rubber grooming mitt, or a bristle brush. Brushing helps to remove dirt, loose hair, and evenly distribute the natural oils present on the skin.

This breed needs an occasional bath using a hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner unless it rolls in something stinky after an outdoor activity. After bathing the pet, thoroughly clean off the cleaning products residue from the coat using lukewarm water. Brush the teeth of the American Foxhounds at least twice a week using a tasty canine toothpaste and toothbrush.

Clean the floppy ears on a weekly basis using an ear cleanser solution and cotton balls to remove excess wax or debris. Trim the nails every 3 to 5 weeks using clippers or grinders to prevent cracking, overgrowth, splitting, and discomfort while walking or running.

American Foxhound Shedding 

The American Foxhounds shed at moderate levels all-year round. Although, weekly brushing helps to confine the loose hair in the brush rather than around the house.

American Foxhound Coat 

An American Foxhound has a hard, close, and hound coat of medium length. 

American Foxhound Hypoallergenic 

The American Foxhounds are not hypoallergenic. They shed all-year round at moderate levels. Shedding allows dander and fur to spread around the house triggering inflammation in people who suffer from dog allergies. Apart from fur and dander, saliva, urine, and mucus of a dog contain a protein allergen that triggers an allergic reaction. 

American Foxhound Training 

The American Foxhounds are energetic dogs that get destructive or depressed if not regularly exercised. Therefore, to have a well-behaved dog at home, strive to exercise the dog to get an amiable and easygoing companion. The American Foxhounds were also bred to hunt independently hence they may be stubborn and independent which makes obedience training a must do.

The dog should not be trained in an open area that is not safely secured since it will ignore all commands once it catch a scent. A Foxhound that is raised in a family setting tends to be devoted, mild-tempered, and easygoing. They also get along well with children. Although, parents will still need persistence and patience when training the American Foxhounds.

Use positive reinforcement methods to encourage good behaviors by giving treats, toys, verbal praise, petting, and playtime. Avoid use of harsh correction methods, they make training counterproductive. Some of harsh correction methods include beating, punching, shoving, kicking, and use of choke or prong collars. Keep the training sessions short, fun, and challenging to avoid boredom and distraction.

Socialization training will also help in raising a well-mannered and well-adjusted Foxhound. The American Foxhounds may act shy and wary around strangers. It is not unheard of for this breed to act timid with unfamiliar surroundings which make socialization a must-do. This training normally starts from the age of 3 weeks while the pet is with the breeder until the age of 16 weeks after the pet has already settled home.

Although, socialization may be a life-long process to ensure the pet develops to have a well-rounded temperament and personality. To socialize a Foxhound, expose it to a wide variety of people, animals, experiences, situations, surfaces, sight, smell, and sounds such as lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, baby crying sounds, whistles, and siren. Enrolling a Foxhound in a puppy class will also serve as a form of socialization. These classes create a controlled environment where pets interact.

The classes also empower parents to not only identify and correct bad habits but also have access to training information and assistance. Teach basic commands words such as come, sit, lie down, stay, heel, leave it, etc. immediately the pup joins you home from the age of 8 weeks. Effectively housebreak a Foxhound by creating a feeding schedule, crate training, and potty training. Consistency and patience is key when housebreaking the American Foxhounds.

American Foxhound Temperament |  Traits | Characteristics

  • Energetic.
  • Easygoing.
  • Gentle.
  • Docile.
  • Stubborn.
  • Independent.
  • Kind.
  • Good-natured.
  • Great with kids.
  • Vocal.
  • A high-prey drive.

American Foxhound Exercise 

The American Foxhounds need at least an hour or two of extensive exercise on a daily basis to curb destructive behavior and boredom. They also make great hiking and jogging partners. Due to their high prey drive, American Foxhounds should exercise in a safely secured yard and go for walks while on a leash.

American Foxhound Bark 

The American Foxhounds are vocal dogs popular for their howls and bays that can carry for miles. The baying may be musical to the lovers of the breed but nuisance to the neighbors. Therefore, they are not suitable for an urban setting.

American Foxhound Height 

The female American Foxhounds have a height of 21 to 24 inches ( approx. 53 to 61 cm ) while their male counterparts have a height of 22 to 25 inches ( approx. 56 to 64 cm ).

American Foxhound Weight  

A mature female American Foxhound has a weight of 60 to 65 pounds ( approx. 27 to 29 kg ) while its male counterpart has a weight of 65 to 70 pounds ( approx. 29 to 32 kg ).

American Foxhound Size 

The American Foxhounds are medium-sized dogs with a height of 21 to 25 inches ( approx. 53 to 64 cm ) and a weight of 60 to 70 pounds ( approx. 27 to 32 kg ). 

American Foxhound Health Issues

The American Foxhound is not a carrier of genetic disorders, although it can easily become overweight when overfed. Some of the health issues that affect this breed include thrombocytopathy, hip dysplasia, and ear infections. 

Other Breeds of Dogs Include:

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Clumber Spaniel.

American Foxhound Names 

After getting a pet from a responsible breeder, the next exciting activity is getting a name for the Foxhound pet. Names may be inspired by the origin of the breed, coat color, celebrity Foxhounds, movies, songs, books, food, nature, or historical figures.

Regardless of where you will source the name, ensure it freely rolls off your tongue and it will not make you embarrassed when uttered out loud in the public places. American Foxhounds and other dog breeds better understand names that have vowels.

If the parent settles with a long name, they should find a cute nickname for the Foxhound pet. Avoid giving your pup a name that rhymes with a command word to prevent confusion. If an American Foxhound shares a name with any family member or guest who frequent the home, it may cause confusion. Some of the names that Foxhound parents give to their pets include:

  • Ginny.
  • Kylie.
  • Dylan.
  • Festus.
  • Pluto.
  • Katie.
  • Chaos.
  • Lola.
  • Pepper.
  • Empress.
  • Cleo.
  • Cody.
  • Gizmo.
  • Mickey, etc.

American Foxhound Colors 

The traditional color of the American Foxhound is black, white, and tan. However, this breed may have any coat color including tan, red, blue, white and cream, white, black and tan, etc.

American Foxhound Food 

The amount of food that American Foxhounds feed on depend on their age, activity level, metabolism, body build, and size. Adult and senior dogs have a lower metabolism rate as compared to puppies. Therefore, a pup feeds 3 or 4 times a day from when they start weaning until the age of 6 months.

The American Foxhound can do well on a raw diet, home-made food, or commercial feeds. In addition, any diet should be appropriate to the age of the dog whether a puppy, adult, or senior. This breed is also susceptible to obesity. Therefore, owners should watch calorie consumption. The American Foxhounds should also not be free-fed all day.

American Foxhound Price 

The average price of an American Foxhound is $500 to $1000 per puppy from a responsible breeder. 

Do American Foxhounds Shed 

Yes. The American Foxhounds shed all-year round at moderate levels.

What Is An American Foxhound 

This is a medium-sized scent hound dog breed originating from the United States.

American Foxhound Quick Facts

  • It is the state dog of Virginia. 
  • They are extremely vocal dogs known for loud baying and howling sounds.
  • American Foxhounds should train and exercise in a secured area due to the high prey-drive.