Shyamala Gopalan Kamala Harris Mother, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Family, Husband, and Cause of Death

Shyamala Gopalan Biography and Wiki

Shyamala Gopalan was a Tamil Indian-America breast cancer researcher and civil rights activist. She was the mother of both Maya Harris, a political commentator and a lawyer, and Kamala Harris the US senator and vice-presidential nominee for 2020.

Gopalan attended Lady Irwin College of the University of Delhi where she received her undergraduate degree at the age of 19. She later enrolled in the University of California, Berkeley, and graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Nutrition and Endocrinology at the age of 25. Gopalan’s essay was known as “The isolation and purification of a trypsin inhibitor from whole wheat flour.”

Shyamala Gopalan Age

She was born on April 7, 1938, in Madras (now Chennai), in the Mandras Province (now Tamil Nadu), of British India. Gopalan passed on when she was 70 years old and celebrated her birthday on April 7 every year.

Shyamala Gopalan Height

Drawing from her photos, Gopalan was quite short in stature. Her height was around 5 ft 1 in (Approx 1.55 m).

Shyamala Gopalan's Photo
Gopalan’s Photo

Shyamala Gopalan Parents

Gopalan was born to her parents Rajam and P.V. Gopalan in Chennai, in the Tamil Nadu Province of British India. Her father was a Tamil diplomat who also took part in the freedom movement. However, there is no much information in regard to her mother.

Shyamala Gopalan Siblings

In a family of four, Gopalan was the oldest child. She had two sisters and one brother whose names are currently not available.

Shyamala Gopalan Kamala Harris Mother | Family

She was the wife of Donald Harris, a professor of economics at Stanford who was born in Jamaica. Gopalan had two daughters with Harris named Kamala Harris and  Maya Harris. She was also the grandmother to Meena Harris, Ella Emhoff,  Cole Emhoff, and mother-in-law to Kamala Harris husband Douglas Emhoff and Maya Harris husband, Tony West. Gopalan was a great inspiration to her daughters.

Shyamala Gopalan Donald Harris | Husband

The late Gopalan was married to the love of her life Donald Harris, a Jamaican-American professor of economics at Stanford University. The two met at Berkeley where they were both involved in the civil rights movement. Together they were blessed with two daughters, Kamala Harris and Maya Harris. Gopalan and Donald’s marriage ended in divorce in 1971 when Kamala was only seven years old. She raised her daughters as a single mother instilling good morals to her children.

Shyamala Gopalan Nationality

She was an American by Nationality and belonged to Indian of Tamil ethnicity

Shyamala Gopalan Harris Cause Of Death

Gopalan passed on on February 11, 2009, in Oakland, California, the United States from colon cancer. She died at the age of 7o leaving behind her two daughters and granddaughter.

Shyamala Gopalan Religion

There is no much information in regards to her religion. However, Gopalan named both her daughters with Sanskrit names of Hindu deities, saying that a culture that worshipped goddesses produced strong women.

Dr. Shyamala Gopalan Harris

Gopalan was a Tamil Indian-American breast cancer researcher and civil rights activist. She carried out research at UC Berkeley’s Department of Zoology and cancer research Lab. Gopalan worked at both the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin as a breast cancer researcher. She also worked at Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research and McGill University Faculty of Medicine for 16 years.

Gopalan worked as a peer reviewer for the National Institutes of Health as well as a site visit team member for the Federal Advisory Committee. In addition, She also served on the President’s Special Commission concerning Breast Cancer. Gopalan was a mentor to dozens of students in her lab. She worked in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for her last decade of research.

Gopalan’s research led to the development of the knowledge of hormones concerning breast cancer. Her efforts in the isolation and characterization of the progesterone receptor gene in mice transmuted research on the hormone-responsiveness of breast tissue. During her time at Berkeley Laboratory, Gopalan’s lab examined the role of sex steroids in the induction of breast cancers.

Who Is Shyamala Gopalan

Gopalan was a Tamil Indian-American breast cancer researcher and civil rights activist.

Where Was Shyamala Gopalan Born

She was born in Madras (now Chennai), in the Mandras Province (now Tamil Nadu), of British India.