Shannon O’Donnell KOMO, Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Wedding, Salary, and Net Worth

Shannon O’Donnell Bio | Wiki

Shannon O’Donnell is an American journalist currently working as a chief meteorologist for KOMO TV in Seattle, Washington. Before her current position, she served as a meteorologist for KOMO 4 News. Shannon joined the station’s Forecast Team in the year 2009 serving as a weekend weather anchor.

Currently, Shannon covers the weather for Western Washington on the weekday evening shows for KOMO Newsradio as well as KOMO4 News. Previously, she spent seven years at the San Francisco NBC station called KNTV where she served as the morning meteorologist. Before that, Shannon worked for KING and NWCN as a meteorologist from 1995 to 2000. In addition, she also worked as a weather producer at KOMO during her college days.

Shannon O’Donnell Age

Shannon was born on September 27, 1973, in Redmond, Washington, in the United States. She is 50 years old.

Shannon O’Donnell Height

She is a woman of average stature. Shannon’s height is 5 ft 6 in (Approx 1.68 m).

Shannon O'Donnell's Photo
Shannon’s Photo

Shannon O’Donnell Family

She was born to her parents in 1973 in Redmond, Washington, USA. However, there is no available detailed information in regards to Shannon’s parents and siblings hence we can’t tell whether she has any siblings or not.

Shannon O’Donnell Husband

She is married to her loving and caring husband who has been her support system through thick and thin. Shannon and her husband share three adorable children and also have a Golden Retriever called Max. The family currently resides in Seattle, Washington. However, there is no available information concerning her husband or when the two exchanged their wedding vows.

Shannon O’Donnell Wedding

She got married to her husband and the father of her amazing three children on a date that is still unknown to the public. Shannon is quite a secretive person when it comes to her personal life matters including her married life hence she has not shared any details concerning her wedding.

Shannon O’Donnell Education

She graduated from Redmond High School where she was referred to as valedictorian. Shannon later enrolled at the University of Washington where she studied Meteorology and also obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences.

Shannon O’Donnell Wardrobe

She is an attractive woman and mother of three who has good taste in fashion. However, there is no available information in regard to her wardrobe. We will update this as soon as we have verified facts concerning Shannon’s wardrobe.

Shannon O Donnell Recipes

On December 17, 2017, Shannon posted on her Facebook page a recipe of Chatty Kathy’s Peanut Butter Balls recipe as well as directions on how to make the cookies or candies depending on one’s preference. The end product as seen from her post was mouth-watering. In addition, She also has a number of recipes from her mother’s and grandma’s handwriting. As it appears, Shannon loves baking and trying new recipes.

Shannon O’Donnell KOMO

Shannon joined KOMO4 Forecast Team in the year 2009 working as a weather anchor. She was later promoted to meteorologist and is now chief meteorologist. Currently, Shannon is responsible for covering the weather for Western Washington on the weekday evening shows for KOMO Newsradio and also KOMO4 News. Her passion for all things atmospheric began at the age of 7 when her Bellevue elementary school covered a unit concerning the weather. Prior to joining KOMO TV, she served as the morning meteorologist for the San Francisco NBC station called KNTV.

While there, Shannon was invited to guest-anchor several times on the national level at Early Today and MSNBC and also enjoyed working with the Today Show’s Al Roker. In addition, she also served as a meteorologist at KING and NWCN from 1995 to 2000 and later in 2008. During her time in college, Shannon served as a weather producer at KOMO. In addition, she also worked as a research assistant in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences for Professor Robert A. Houze, Jr. as an undergraduate.

During that time, her duties as a research assistant included flying in a P-3 aircraft over the Pacific to collect data planned to improve northwest storm forecasting as well as starting radiosondes from the decks of NOAA research ships. Currently, Shannon is back in the department helping with a number of research projects such as the Olympic field campaign. In the year 2020, she developed and began a “Media & Meteorology” class, aiding the next generation of prognosticators to learn how to forecast as well as present weather and science information through the ” UW Dawgcast”.

Currently, she is working on a few pieces of children’s literature that hopefully, she will publish as well as aid to benefit the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and also the National Sarcoidosis Foundation.

Some of Shanno’s colleagues at KOMO include:

Kelly Koopmans – Anchor

Holly Menino – Anchor

Mary Nam – Anchor

Michelle Esteban – Anchor & Reporter

Shannon O’Donnell Awards | Achievements

She has obtained various awards throughout her career including “Best Meteorologist” by the Golden Gate Chapter of the American Women in Radio and Television in the years 2005 and 2006. In addition, Shannon was also a member of several Emmy-winning morning news programs at KNTV and has also been featured in Men’s Health Magazine.

Shannon O’Donnell Amrm Injury | Injury Update

On July 30, 2021, Shannon posted a photo of her injured arm. She explained through a tweet that she had a bad fall while running on Monday, July 26, 2021. Shannon stumbled on a rock, flew through the air, struck the ground, and skidded over dirt and gravel. As a result of her injury, she spent almost the whole Monday night in the ER getting her forearm de-graveled as well as stitched up.

Shannon O’Donnell Weight Loss

She is a prominent American meteorologist who loves running since she was a kid. Shannon ran cross country during her high school years and still goes for her morning runs. As a result of her healthy lifestyle, she seems to maintain a moderate weight and body shape. However, Shannon has not shared much concerning her daily routine and diet and whether she has indeed lost weight.

Shannon O’Donnell Salary

She receives quite a generous amount from working as a chief meteorologist for KOMO TV in Seattle. Shannon’s average salary is $110,500 annually.

Shannon O’Donnell Net Worth

Shannon has been working in the media industry for quite some time and has managed to accumulate quite a hefty wealth. Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

How Old Is Shannon O’Donnell

She was born on September 27, 1973, in Redmond, Washington, USA. Shannon is currently 50 years old.

Where Is Shannon O’Donnell

She has been working for KOMO TV in Seattle since joining in the year 2009. Currently, Shannon serves as a chief meteorologist for KOMO 4 News. Prior to that, she worked as a morning meteorologist for KNTV in San Francisco, California.

Who Is Shannon O’Donnell Married To

She exchanged wedding vows with her husband and the love of her life whose name and occupation have not been revealed. The couple shares three amazing kids. However, information concerning when the duo tied the knot is currently unavailable to the public.

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