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Rudi Bakhtiar Bio | Wiki

Rudi Bakhtiar ( Full Name: Rudabeh Carleen Bakhtiar) is a preeminent American television producer and journalist. As of now, she works at Reuters stationed in Washington, D.C., as a producer. Furthermore, Rudi is well-known for anchoring Reuters News, Voice of America, Anderson Cooper 360, and CNN Headline News Tonight.

During her free time, she enjoys sports. Rudi is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Yankees sports teams and served as an official festival judge for the Noor Iranian Film Festival based in Los Angeles in the year 2009.

Rudi Bakhtiar Age

She was born on June 21, 1966, in Fresno, California, United States. Rudi is 56 years old.

Rudi Bakhtiar Height

She is a woman of below-average stature. Rudi stands at the height of 5 ft 0 in ( Approx 1.52m).

Rudi Bakhtiar's Photo
Rudi’s Photo

Rudi Bakhtiar Family

She was born to her Iranian father and Iranian mother in Fresno, California, in the USA. In 2005, her father died of oropharyngeal cancer. Besides, Rudi also has a younger brother and a younger sister. However, she has not babbled paramount information with reference to her devoted mother and her siblings. Therefore, Rudi’s mother’s and siblings’ whereabouts are currently nonexistent.

Rudi Bakhtiar Husband | Married | Steve Overmyer

She has managed to keep her marital status private despite being in the limelight. Rudi is seen as a woman who despises drama. However, she was once in a love relationship with Steve Overmyer, a headline news sports reporter back in 2003. Moreover, they did not last long and separated from each other.

Rudi Bakhtiar Education

She went to a local high school. Later, Rudi furthered her studies at the University of California based in Los Angeles and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in the year 1990. Additionally, she also studied at the Havard School of Design for an Architecture course in the Career Discovery Program.

Rudi Bakhtiar Fox News

She started her career at Fox News in January 2006 serving as a general correspondent. While here, Rudi reported on major international news stories such as the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein and the Ahmadinejad-al-Maliki summit in September 2006 in Tehran. However, she made a complaint of alleged sexual harassment by Brian Wilson, then Fox Washington Bureau Chief, and terminated her contract with Fox News.

Later, she switched her career and became the first director of public relations for the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian-Americans in 2008. This was an organization devoted to building an inclusive and representative voice in the political and public arena for Iranian Americans. While here, Rudi produced minidocumentaries such as Profiles of Iranian Americans that focused on the successful lives of Iranian Americans and also produced Passing the Torch of Success, the organization’s signature celebrated community event.

Rudi Bakhtiar Cnn

She began serving at CNN News based in New York. While here, Rudi anchored the Prime Time News Cast called Headline News Tonight. She was also the correspondent for AC 360. Rudi also served for Anderson Cooper as a dedicated correspondent and reported on assignments from various countries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East such as Ethiopia, South Africa, Palestine, Israel, Rwanda, and Iran.

Live With Rudi Bakhtiar

She launched her own new show on Radio Iran devoted to tackling topics relevant to over a million Iranian Americans staying in the United States. Rudi’s aim was to create the space for her fans and friends to be able to discuss tough topics like the racial profiling by police in the United States and the systematic human rights violations by the Islamic Republic Government in Iran.

Rudi Bakhtiar Fired

She reported to Fox News about alleged sexual harassment by her superior bureau chief, Brian Wilson. Rudi’s lawyer stated that she had been unlawfully mistreated despite Brian denying the claims. Fox News repudiated the allegations by saying that it could not be responsible for the claims.

However, Rudi received a favorable ruling from the mediator after the case went into confidential mediation in 2007. She received a payment of $670,000 remaining on her contract and legal fees from Fox News. Rudi then decided to part ways with Fox News and quit her job in 2007.

Rudi Bakhtiar Salary

She spawns her monthly income working as a producer at Reuters. Rudi pockets an estimated salary of $86,149 annually.

Rudi Bakhtiar Net Worth

Having been instantly working in the journalism field with proficiency exceeding more than two and a half decades now, she has managed to garner good affluence in her career thus far. Online resources estimate Rudi’s net worth to be $978,634.

What Happened To Rudi Bakhtiar

She made a complaint against Brian Wilson, then Bureau Chief. Rudi complained that he was sexually harassing her and received a favorable ruling from the mediator after reporting to the confidential mediation.

Is Rudi Bakhtiar Married

Pending. She has not gone public with her personal intelligence despite being a public figure. Hence, we can not state whether Rudi is married, divorced, single, or dating.

Who Is Rudi Bakhtiar

She is a 56-year-old award-winning American television producer and journalist working at Reuters stationed in Washington, D.C., as a producer. Additionally, Rudi is well-known for anchoring Reuters News, Voice of America, Anderson Cooper 360, and CNN Headline News Tonight.

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