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Roz Chast Biography

Roz Chast is an American cartoonist serving as a staff cartoonist for The New Yorker. She joined The New Yorker in 1978 and has published more than 800 cartoons. Chast has also published cartoons in Scientific American and the Harvard Business Review as a cartoonist. She recently published a book, I Must Be Dreaming, which takes readers on a nighttime tour of her phantasmagorical mind.

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Roz Chast’s Facts

Birthday:  November 26
Son   Ian Franzen and Peter Franzen
Age:  69
Parents: George Chast and Elizabeth Chast
Profession: Cartoonist
Husband: Bill Franzen

Roz Chast Parents

Chast was born to her parents in Brooklyn, New York, United States. She is the only child of George Chast, a high school French and Spanish teacher, and Elizabeth, an assistant principal in an elementary school. She grew up fairly isolated as she would spend most of her time in her room where she was not permitted to make a lot of noise. This lowered her options for reading, writing, or drawing. Moreover, she grew up in a Jewish family in the Flatbush neighborhood.

Roz Chast Husband

She is happily married to her husband, writer Bill Franzen. The couple have been married for over 39 years since they first met in The New Yorker. Bill and Chast bonded over shared childhood memories of joke books and a love of pet birds. Through her love of pets, she has an African grey parrot, Eli, and a younger female Caique, Jacky. The couple is also parents of two all-grown sons, Ian, who is a web developer, and Peter, a therapist. Bill and Chast reside in Ridgefield, Connecticut.


She earned her high school diploma from Midwood High School. Chast then enrolled at Kirkland College, a sister school of Hamilton College, and later transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design. She graduated from Rhode with a bachelor’s degree in Painting in 1977. During her time, Chast did some cartooning but her feelings ranged from “indifference to actual dislike”.


She is a cartoonist and writer and is famous for her work at The New Yorker. Chast joined the station in 1978 at the age of 23 as a contributor. She said that New York City offers unlimited material as a creator. Furthermore, Chast has illustrated and authored more than a dozen books like Mondo Boxo, Proof of Life on Earth, Unscientific Americans, Parallel Universes, etc.

Roz Chast New Yorker

She joined the station in 1978 at the age of 23 as a contributor. Chast said that New York City offers unlimited material as a creator. She has been contributing to the Village Voice and National Lampoon. Chast’s cartoons at the New Yorker began as small black-and-white panels where she later increasingly used more color and often appeared over several pages. Additionally, her first cover for The New Yorker was the August 4, 1986 issue.

Roz Chast Cartoons

She has published more than 800 cartoons which are available on her online website at The cartoons are classified as fairy tales, fear & loathing, kids & family, Unclassifiable, and New Yorker covers.

Little Things

Little Things is Chast’s first New Yorker cartoon sold to the magazine in April 1978. She described the cartoon as “peculiar and personal”, showing a small collection of “Little Things”.

What I Hate

In October 2011, Chast authored and illustrated a book, What I Hate: From A to Z. The book has epic horrors and daily unpleasantries which include by no means limited to rabies, abduction, tunnels, and the triple-layered terror of Jell-O 1-2-3. The book has 64 pages.

Going Into Town

Chast authored the book Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York Book by Roz Chast in October 2017, by Bloomsbury Publishing. The book is part New York stories, part personal and practical guide to walking, talking, renting, and venting an irresistible. In addition, the book has 176 pages.


Chast has authored numerous books some of which include:

  • Unscientific Americans in 1982.
  • Mondo Boxo in 1987.
  • Proof of Life on Earth in 1991.
  • Childproof in 1997.
  • The Party, After You Left in 2004.
  • Theories of Everything in 2008.
  • What I Hate in 2011.
  • Marco Goes to School in 2012.
  • Around the Clock in 2015.
  • Going Into Town in 2017.
  • I Must Be Dreaming in 2023.

I Must Be Dreaming

I Must Be Dreaming is Chast’s new book published on October 24, 2023. In her book, she explores the surreal nighttime world inside her mind and also untangles one of our most enduring human mysteries: dreams. I Must Be Dreaming has 128 pages and it was said to be the New Yorker’s Best Book of the Year.

Can’t We Talk About Something Pleasant

Can’t We Talk About Something Pleasant is Chast’s 2014 graphic memoir which she published about Chast’s parents in their final years. George her father died at the age of 95 while her mother Elizabeth died at the age of 97.


Chast revealed that she enjoys drawing interior scenes in a 2006 interview with comedian Steve Martin for the New Yorker Festival. The drawings often involve lamps and accentuated wallpaper to serve as the backdrop for her comics.

Obituary Cartoon

Chast has done a cartoon on, “How To Read The Obituaries” in June 2020. She also drew a statue of a man reading, “Died after a brave battle with everything”.

Net Worth

She has worked as a writer and cartoonist for over 30 years and has managed to earn a net worth of $3 Million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Roz Chast Have Children?

Chast has two all-grown sons Ian, who is a web developer, and Peter, a therapist.

What Is Roz Chast Known For?

Chast is a cartoonist at the New Yorker known for her artistic chroniclers of the anxieties, superstitions, furies, insecurities, and surreal imaginings of modern life.

How Old Is Roz Chast?

Chast is 69 years old born on November 26, 1954, in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

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