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Robyn Curnow Biography | Wiki

Robyn Curnow is an American anchor and journalist. She is currently working at CNN’s World headquarters based in Atlanta. Robyn was previously working for CNN’s a correspondent in Johannesburg, Africa. While there, she reported on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, political scandals involving South African President Jacob Zuma, the soccer World Cup, and Boko Haram among many more stories.

She also traveled all over the continent and reported on human rights abuses and corruption in Zimbabwe. Moreso, Robyn has interviewed former U.S. President Bill Clinton. She had an exclusive interview with former First Lady Michelle Obama on her trip to Africa. Robyn also carried out an interview with Oprah Winfrey when she was spending time with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. She has also written for Vogue magazine, Marie Clare magazine as well as The International Herald Tribune.

Robyn Curnow Age | Date Of Birth

She was born in 1972 in Australia but raised in South Africa. Robyn is 50 years old.

Robyn Curnow Height

She is a woman of average stature. Robyn stands at a height of 5 ft 4 in ( Approx 1.6m).

Robyn Curnow's photo
Curnow’s photo

Robyn Curnow Family

She was born in Australia to her father and mother. Robyn was then raised in South Africa. She is the granddaughter of South African cricketer Syd Curnow.

Robyn Curnow Husband

She is happily married to her better half called Kim Norgaard. Together, the two are blessed with two children named Freya and Hella. Robyn and her adorable family reside in Atlanta, they relocated from Johannesburg in August 2014.

Robyn Curnow School

She first studied at Wits before proceeding for her master’s degree in International Relations from Cambridge University.

Robyn Curnow Cnn

Prior to joining CNN, Robyn worked for BBC  as a reporter. He also reported for the South African Broadcasting Corporation during the Mandela era. Curnow started working for CNN in 2001 in London, he covered the UK and Europe reports. While in South Africa, Robyn led CNN’s team in covering Nelson Mandela’s ill health, and death and also reported live from his funeral. Robyn had a long association with the late South African President Mandela, she interviewed him several times during and after his presidency.

The last interview he gave was on his 90th birthday. Robyn was the one who covered and reported on Oscar Pistorius’s conviction for murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Her reports featured exclusive footage as well as interviews with Pistorius and his inner circle. When the Mosul offensive was launched by coalition forces in Iraq in October 2016, Robyn anchored the coverage that contributed to a News and Documentary Emmy nomination for CNN.

Robyn also reported CNN’s coverage of the fall of Zimbabwe’s longtime President Robert Mugabe. She co-anchored rolling news with correspondents in Harare. Due to this coverage, CNN won the Royal Television Society Award for covering Best Breaking News. Robyn was also in Havana covering two key events: One was former U.S Barack Obama’s 2016 historic trip to Cuba and also the death of Fidel Castro. In addition, Robyn interviewed former U.S. President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura about their visit to Zambia on a charity trip after winning the presidential pole.

Robyn’s colleagues at CNN include:

Jake Tapper – Chief Washington correspondent

Becky Anderson – anchor

Stephen Collinson – White House correspondent

Maeve Reston – national political reporter

Sanjay Gupta – chief medical correspondent

Ana Cabrera – anchor

Julia Chatterley– anchor

Laura Coates-anchor

Alisyn Camerota-political commentator

Jean Casarez-correspondent

Robyn Curnow Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disorder. It involves difficulty reading as a result of problems identifying speech sounds. It is also known as a reading disability, the disease affects areas of the brain that process language. Robyn learned that she was dyslexic when she was an adult. Since then, Robyn discovered the upside to the common learning disorder.

Robyn Curnow Barefoot

It was one of her memorable interviews in African Voice when  Robyn was forced to carry out an interview barefooted.

Robyn Curnow Salary

She earns her income through her job as a CNN anchor. Robyn’s salary is $86,897 per year.

Robyn Curnow  Net Worth

Due to her long time serving in the media, she has accumulated a lot of wealth. Robyn’s net worth is $1,578,174

Robyn Curnow Contact Details |Email Address

You can contact Robyn through her email addresses or

Where Is Robyn Curnow

She is currently working at CNN’s World headquarters based in Atlanta and resides in Atlanta

How Old Is Robyn Curnow

This CNN correspondent was born in 1972 in Australia but raised in South Africa. Robyn is 50 years old.

Is Robyn Curnow Married

This CNN  employee and Atlanta native is happily married. Her husband is called Kim Norgaard

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