Papa Shirandula Death, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Burial, Cause of Death, and Net Worth

Papa Shirandula Bio and Wiki

Papa Shirandula (Real name: Charles Bukeko) was a renowned Kenyan actor, director, and singer most popularly known for his starring role on the titular television series Papa Shirandula Show on Citizen Tv. Shirandula passed away in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 18, 2020.

He was a multiple award-winning actor who won the Kalasha Award for ‘Best Actor in a TV Series’ in 2010 among many others.

Papa Shirandula Age

Shirandula was born in Buhalarire, Kakamega County, Kenya, in 1962. As at the time of his death on July 18, 2020, he was 58 years old.

Papa Shirandula Death

Shirandula died on July 18, 2020, after falling ill with coronavirus disease in the early morning hours. According to his family, he was hospitalized at Karen hospital shortly before he met his death. His remains will be interred in Funyula, Busia County, in Western Kenya at his rural home on Monday, July 20, 2020. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

Papa Shirandula's photo
Shirandula’s photo

Papa Shirandula Cause of Death | Papa Shirandula Coronavirus | Charles Bukeko Cause of Death

Shortly after his death, there was early speculation as to the cause of Shirandula’s death with some stating that he exhibited Covid-19 like symptoms. The family, through Shirandula’s brother, later came out publicly to confirm the cause of his death to be Coronavirus (Covid-19).

He is said to have traveled from Nairobi to Western Kenya and back before being taken ill and diagnosed with Covid-19. Sadly, he would not recover and passed away on the morning of Saturday, July 18, 2020, at 8.30 am. Shirandula’s burial is set to be conducted in the presence of the Ministry of Health officials to minimize the risk of infection to the large number of mourners expected at the funeral.

Papa Shirandula Burial | Funeral

Shirandula died Saturday morning on July 18, 2020, at Karen Hospital Nairobi. His burial is slated to take place Monday, July 20, 2020, in his rural home in Funyula Sub-County, Busia County, in Western Kenya. The hearse carrying Shirandula’s body left Montezuma Funeral Home in Nairobi for Busia, late afternoon on Sunday, July 19, 2020.

Upon arrival in the rural compound, the Ministry of health personnel, dressed in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), were seen spraying the vehicle and casket with disinfectant. This was in accordance to the health guidelines in the disposal of Covid-19 victims’ remains.

Papa Shirandula Family

Shirandula was born in a family with a humble background in Buhalarire, Kakamega, Kenya, in the former Western province. His parents Valeria Makokha and Cosmas Wafula were humble peasants who depended on subsistence farming. Shirandula was the firstborn in a family of four siblings. He attended Jogoo Road Primary School and Upper Hill Secondary.

Papa Shirandula Wife

Until his death, Shirandula was married to his wife, Beatrice Ebbie Andega. Together, they were proud parents of three children; Tony, Charlie, and Wendy.

Papa Shirandula Children

Shirandula was a proud father to three lovely children, two boys, and one girl. The eldest is a son named Tony Bukeko followed by Charlie Bukeko and then a daughter, Wendy Bukeko. He is survived by his wife and kids.

Papa Shirandula Show

He has been the star in the titular television series which runs on Citizen Tv for its entire run. In the series, Shirandula played the big funny character of a janitor for his boss Mr. Anderson.

Papa Shirandula Net Worth

As at the time of his death, Shirandula had been in the acting industry for more than two decades. He also did numerous advertisements for multinational companies including Coca Cola in Indonesia and Vodacom in South Africa as well as the Goodwill Ambassador for Southeast Asia. His estimated net worth was Ksh. 50 million as at the time of death.