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Michael Greger Biography

Michael Greger (Full Name: Michael Herschel Greger) is a popular American physician, author, and motivational speaker on public health problems. He is well known for his advocacy of a whole-food, plant-based diet, and his resistance to animal-derived food products.

In 2001, he became part of the Organic Consumers Association to serve on mad cow issues. Michael broadly spoke as cases of the illness were detected in the US and Canada, naming mad cow “The Plague of the 21st Century.” In 2004, he established a website and released a book critical of the Atkins Diet plus other low-carb diets.

Furthermore, Michael was one of the American College’s founding members of Lifestyle Medicine. In 2005, he became part of the farm animal welfare division of the Humane Society and worked as director of public health and animal agriculture. In 2011, Michael also developed the website NutritionFacts.org with funding from the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation. He is the Vegan Society Research Advisory Committee member.

Quick Facts

Podcast Nutrition Facts Podcast
Birthplace Miami, Florida, US
Nationality American
Education Cornell University (BA), Tufts University (MD)
Occupation physician, author, and professional speaker
Michael Greger's photo
Michael’s photo

Michael Greger Age

Michael is 52 years old. He was born on October 25, 1972, in Miami, Florida, in the United States. Michael celebrates his birthday on October 25, every year.

Early Life And Education

Michael was born in Miami, Florida to his parents. He holds American nationality and attended Cornell University School of Agriculture. Later on, Michael attended Tufts University School of Medicine, initially for its MD/PhD program, but later withdrew from the dual-degree program to do only the medical degree.

Michael Greger Wife

Dr Michael Greger is married to his wife whose name is unknown. He and his wife planted an elderberry bush in the garden of their Maryland home many years ago, but it bore its first crop of berries in 2017. This excited his wife, who likes birds, and intrigued Michael because elderberry is used in teas and preserves.

Dr Michael Greger

Michael is a real MD who has dedicated his life to nutrition science and informing the public. In 1994, he was hired to work on mad cow issues for Farm Sanctuary, near Cornell, and became a vegan following touring a stockyard as part of his work with Farm Sanctuary.

In 1998, Michael appeared as an expert witness testifying about bovine spongiform encephalopathy when cattle producers unsuccessfully criticized Oprah Winfrey for libel over claims she had made about the safety of meat in 1996. Moreover, his nonprofit NutritionFacts.org is the first science-based, non-commercial website to offer free daily videos and articles on the latest discoveries in nutrition.

How Not To Die Book

On December 8, 2015, Michael published his book titled How Not to Die. In this book, he examines the fifteen top causes of premature death in America–heart disease, several cancers, diabetes, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure, and others. He also talks about how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can sometimes trump prescription pills and other pharmaceutical and surgical approaches to help avoid and reverse these illnesses, freeing people to live healthier lives.

How Not To Age

On December 5, 2023, Michael published his book titled How Not to Age. In this book, he breaks down the science of aging and chronic illness and explains how to assist prevent the diseases most commonly experienced in people’s journeys through life.


– How Not to Die (2015).

– How to Survive a Pandemic (2020).

– The How Not to Die Cookbook (2017).

– How Not To Diet (2019).

– Bird Flu (2006).

– Carbophobia (2005).

Daily Dozen

Michael developed the Daily Dozen using the best available balance of proof from scientific nutrition research. The Daily Dozen is to be used as a checklist to encourage people to include some of the healthiest of healthy foods in their everyday routine. It also encourages them to design more balanced meals.

Nutrition Facts

Michael is the founder of a science-based nonprofit organization called NutritionFacts.org. This nonprofit organization gives free updates on recent tips in nutrition research by using bite-sized videos, podcasts, blogs, and infographics.


Michael tries to advise people to change their eating habits from a Western pattern diet to a whole-food, plant-based diet, which he says can prevent and change many chronic illnesses. He is critical of some other doctors for not advising their patients to adopt plant-based diets and to avoid animal-based products. Moreover, Michael has also criticized the USDA, saying that “a conflict of interest right in their goal statement” protects the economic interests of food producers in place of clear dietary guidelines.

How Not To Diet Vs How Not To Die

–  The book How Not to Diet was published in 2019 while How Not to Die was published in 2015.

– How Not to Die paints scientifically-proven nutritional advice while How Not to Diet features the optimal criteria to enable weight loss.


Michael hosts the Nutrition Facts podcast. In this podcast, he uncovers the best evidence-based nutrition that may add years to our lives and life to our years.

How Not To Diet

On December 10, 2019, Michael published his book How Not to Diet. This book puts an end to dieting―and restores those constant weight-loss struggles with a simple, healthy, bearable lifestyle. Furthermore, he builds the ultimate weight loss guide from the ground up, taking a continual, ardent approach that can stand up to any new trend.


Michael has uploaded several videos about nutrition facts. In one of his videos, he explains his traffic light system for ranking the relative healthfulness of Green Light vs. Yellow Light vs. Red Light foods.


Michael is a man of above-average stature who stands at a height of 5 ft 11 in (approx. 1.80 m).


As a general practitioner, Michael’s average salary is $85,978 per year.

Net Worth

Michael has been a physician, author, and professional speaker for over ten years. He has garnered a decent fortune over the years. Michael’s net worth is $1 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr Michael Greger A Seventh Day Adventist?

He only brought up the discussion of Seventh-day Adventists, whose religiously ordered vegetarianism appears to help their brains.

Is Dr Michael Greger Married?

Michael is married to his wife whose name is not yet disclosed to the public.

How Old Is Michael Greger?

Michael is a 52-year-old born on October 25, 1972, in Miami, Florida, in the United States.

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Instagram – michaelgregermd