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Michael Barbaro Bio | Wiki

Michael Barbaro is a popular American journalist. Currently, Michael is the host of The New York Times news podcast, The Daily, one of the most famous podcasts in the United States. Before, Michael worked at The Washington Post as a reporter covering the biotechnology industry.

Michael Barbaro Age

Michael was born on October 12, 1979, in North Haven, Connecticut, in the United States. He is 42 years old.

Michael Barbaro Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Michael stands at a height of 5 ft 10 in ( Approx1.75 m).

Michael Barbaro Family

He was born and raised in North Haven, Connecticut. Michael’s mum Jean, served as a library media specialist at Anna Reynolds Elementary School in Newington, Connecticut, while his dad named Frank, was a New Haven, Connecticut city firefighter.

Michael Barbaro's photo
Barbaro’s photo

Additionally, his mum is Jewish and Michael identifies as Jewish. He has a sister named, Tracy Barbaro, who serves at Harvard Campus as a research lab coordinator. When he was in middle school, Michael and his sister Tracy delivered the New Haven Register every weekday at 6 am. The two attended Hamden Hall Country Day School based in Hamden, Connecticut.

Michael Barbaro Husband | Timothy Levine

He happily married his lovely husband named Timothy Levin, in October 2014. Timothy is a fellow Yale graduate and the founder of Bespoke Education, which is a tutoring and test prep company. It was reported that Michael and Levin had since divorced in July 2018.

Michael mentioned in a June 2019 interview with Evening Standard, that it “wasn’t a coincidence” that he and his husband Timothy broke up shortly after The Daily launched. Michael said that the show was a massive change, and it exposed things to him about his life. It made him reflect on who he was.

Michael Barbaro Lisa Tobin

Later on, after the divorce, Michael started a relationship with his co-worker and The Daily executive producer, Lisa Tobin. The two report to the same boss, Sam Dolnick. The New York profile on Michael reported in January 2020 that he and Tobin are engaged and bought an apartment together in 2019 in Brooklyn. Michael and Lisa Tobin marreid in 2020. The two welcomed a baby named Tobin Barbaro born in 2021.

Michael Barbaro New Baby

On May 7, 2021, Michael reported on The Daily that he and his wife Lisa Tobin had welcomed a baby named Tobin Barbaro. Michael wrote in The Daily’s newsletter on May 28, “My wife and I had a baby,” confirming that he and Tobin had gotten married. Besides, Michael took paternity leave on and off from The Daily for much of 2021.

Michael Barbaro Education

He wrote for Hamden Hall’s official newspaper while in High School at Hamden Hall Country Day School in Hamden, Connecticut. Later on, Michael graduated from Yale Campus in 2002 earning a degree in history. At Yale, Michael reported for the Yale Daily News and later became its editor-in-chief, overseeing a staff of about 100 student writers.

Michael Barbaro The Daily | Podcast

The New York Times launched The Run-Up, a twice-a-week political podcast in August 2016, that Michael hosted for the final three months before the presidential election in November.

Michael started hosting The Daily, the Times’ first podcast to air five days a week in February 2017, The Daily attracted an audience of one million listeners a day in its first year. Besides, the podcast, which has 20 to 30-minute-long episodes, has experienced tremendous success and was the #1 podcast in the United States for every month of 2019. Despite the Times’ different other podcasts, most of the newspaper’s audio revenue is from The Daily.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Daily has seen even greater success. Michael and his team at the Times have established themselves as the most trusted voices in podcasting at a time when the nations are desperate for information.” The newspaper’s president and CEO Meredith Kopit Levien noted that at the time in August 2020, The Daily had over 3.5 million subscribers every day, a “vastly larger” audience than both the Times’ daily and Sunday paper.

The Daily was the most popular U.S. news podcast for both Spotify and Apple listeners in 2020. Michael apologized after privately pressuring some journalists to pull back criticism of the New York Times podcast Caliphate in January 2021.

Michael Barbaro NYT | New York Times

He joined The Washington Post in 2002 after his college graduation, as a reporter reporting on the biotechnology industry. Michael joined The New York Times in 2005, where he first reported Walmart extensively until 2007 for its Business section.

Later, Michael reported on New York City Hall and the American retail industry. In addition, Michael became a national political correspondent for the Times. During the 2016 United States presidential election, he frequently wrote front-page articles and was one of the most prominent Times reporters reporting on Donald Trump and the election.

Michael’s colleagues at The New York Times Include:

Ross Douthat– columnist

John Eligon-national correspondent

Dean Baquet -exercutive editor

Farhad Manjoo– technology columnist

Kathleen KingsburyOpinion Editor

Michael Barbaro Voice

He is known for his distinctive voice, frequently described as “dulcet”, and his “staccato” speech style. Michael’s success with The Daily and distinct appearance also lead many to compare him to Ira Glass, host and producer of This American Life.

For the past few years since The Daily launched, he has earned important media coverage. Michael has made sold-out public appearances around the nation and a wide range of media outlets have interviewed him about The Daily, journalism, and politics.

Michael has also been featured on television shows such as Late Night with Seth Meyers, CBS This Morning, and PBS NewsHour. Moreover, Michael has been featured at South by Southwest (SXSW), Vox’s Recode Decode podcast, and NPR’s talk show 1A. In addition, the New Yorker also ran an article entitled: “An Appreciation of Michael Barbaro and The Daily.”Liev Schreiber portrayed Barbaro on Saturday Night Live in November 2018.

Michael Barbaro Salary

He earns his salary as the host of The New York Times news podcast, The Daily. Michael’s average salary is $91,291 per year.

Michael Barbaro Net Worth

Michael gets his wealth from his journalism career as well as the host of The New York Times news podcast, The Daily. Therefore, he has accumulated a decent fortune over the years he has worked. Michael’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Who Is Michael Barbaro Married To

He happily married his lovely husband named Timothy Levin, in October 2014. Later on, after the divorce, Michael married his coworker and The Daily executive producer, Lisa Tobin. The pair married in 2020 and have a baby named Tobin Barbaro.

How Old Is Michael Barbaro

Michael is a 42-year-old who was born on October 12, 1979, in North Haven, Connecticut, in the USA.

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