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Mel Robbins Wikipedia

Mel Robbins (Born: Melanie Lee Schneeberger) is a popular American podcaster, author, and inspirational speaker. She is also a retired lawyer. Mel is recognized for hosting The Mel Robbins Podcast. Her TEDx talk is “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over”. Mel has authored books such as The High 5 Habit and The 5 Second Rule.

Before joining CNN as a legal analyst, Mel served as a criminal defense attorney. She is known for reporting the George Zimmerman trial for CNN. Moreover, Mel was the host of Fox’s Someone’s Gotta Go show. In addition, she associated with Audible to release the Audible Original programs Kick Ass with her in June 2018 and Take Control of Your Life in 2019. Mel won the Gracie Award for Outstanding Host–News/Non-fiction in 2014.

Quick Facts

Age October 6, 1968 (56 years old)
Podcast The Mel Robbins Podcast
Husband Christopher Robbins (m. 1996)
Education Dartmouth College; Boston College Law School
Net Worth $17 million

Mel Robbins Age

Mel was born on October 6, 1968, in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. She is 56 years old. Mel celebrates her birthday on October 6, every year.

Mel Robbins' photo
Mel’s photo

Early Life And Education

Mel was born in Kansas City, Missouri, to her parents. She was raised in North Muskegon, Michigan. Her mother is Marcia Schneeberger. Mel and her mom were very close when she was growing up but in some ways ever since she left college they have grown more distant. Her parents still reside in the house she was raised in Western Michigan. Mel studied at Dartmouth College. Later on, in 1994, she graduated from Boston College Law School earning a J.D. degree.

Mel Robbins Husband

Mel is married to her husband Christopher Robbins. Her husband is an entrepreneur. The two married in 1996. Mel and her husband Christopher have three children, Oakley, Sawyer, and Kendall.

Mel Robbins Podcast

She hosts The Mel Robbins Podcast. In this podcast, Mel gets more personal than ever, inviting listeners into her life and taking them behind the scenes in real time. Each episode is packed with deeply relatable discussions, tactical advice, hilarious screwups, compelling talks, as well as the tools and motivations people need to create a better life. New episodes of this Podcast drop every Monday and Thursday.


– The Mel Robbins Show.
– A&E’s Monster In-Laws.
– Fox’s Someone’s Gotta Go.

5 Second Rule

On February 28, 2017, she published her second book, The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage. The book was the top non-fiction book on Audible and 6th most-read book on Amazon in 2017.


Mel is the author of five best-selling books which include:

– Stop Saying You’re Fine in 2011.
– The 5 Second Rule in 2017.
– Kick Ass with Mel Robbins in 2019.
– Take Control of Your Life in 2019.
– Work It Out in 2020.

Motivational Speaker

Mel is a motivational speaker who educates audiences on many science-backed strategies with life-changing impacts. She offers an emotionally and visually stunning experience for listeners. Furthermore, she has talked to executives at some of the globe’s leading brands, such as Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Optum, Cisco, and AT&T.


“Win or lose, at least I’m doing something.”


Mel the author of The 5 Second Rule uses inspiring quotes as a motivational speaker. These quotes include:

– “You can’t control how you feel. But you can always choose how you act.”
– “You need to hear this loud and clear: No one is coming. It is up to you.”
– “You Are One Decision Away from a Completely Different Life”
– “If you only ever did the things you don’t want to do, you’d have everything you’ve ever wanted.”
– “Your feelings don’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you DO.”
– “Passion is not a thing, it’s a state of mind.”


Mel’s June 2011 TEDx motivational talk went viral on YouTube after its release and received over 10 million views.


On February 28, 2024, Mel was the keynote speaker at the Keller Williams Family Reunion event in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Mel’s website is [email protected] which is designed to assist people overcome procrastination and take action toward their achievements.

Speaking Events 2024

  • Keller Williams Family Reunion event in Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2024
  • Wednesday, June 12, 2024 · 6:30 – 9:30 pm EDT

Podcast Sponsors

  • Shopify.
  • Native.
  • Indeed.
  • JCPenney.
  • Starbucks.


As a popular motivational speaker, Mel has toured several nations including the United States.

Podcast Episodes

– How To Stop Waking Up Feeling Tired.
– Master Class on How To Fix Your Digestive Issues & Gut Health.
– Before You Waste Time, Listen to This.
– Transform Your Life at Any Moment.

Book Recommendations

– When Things Fall Apart.
– Wherever You Go, There You Are.
– The War of Art.


For one to get tickets to attend Mel’s events, the tickets are available online.

Latest Podcast

Her latest podcast is The Mel Robbins Podcast. The podcast’s episodes are filled with the motivation and tactics listeners need plus deeply personal stories.

Tony Robbins Related

Tony Robbins is one of the best-known life coaches in the globe, but despite sharing the same last name, he and Mel are not related.

Let Them Theory

Mel has been using “Let Them Theory” technique for awhile. And she has some great stories and examples to share with you, because there are three very different ways you can use it.


Mel’s companion workbook is filled with exercises and prompts that inspire your own healing in each page. Access a free workbook from her that uses the latest research to help you get clear about what you want and move into action.

Take Control

Take Control with Mel Robbins is a workbook that helps people apply what they learn in the trainings into their own life and allow them to move from thought to action. Besides, Take Control is jam-packed with powerful exercises.

New Book

Mel’s new book Launch will be published in 2024.


Mel is a woman of above-average stature who stands at a height of 5 ft 9 in (approx. 1.75 m).

Net Worth

Mel has accumulated a net worth of $17 million from her work as a podcaster, author, and inspirational speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Mel Robbins?

Mel is a 56-year-old who was born on October 6, 1968, in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States.

Who Is Mel Robbins Husband?

She married her husband Christopher Robbins in 1996.

Who Is Mel Robbins Married To?

Since 1996, Mel has been married to Christopher Robbins.

Where Is Mel Robbins Speaking In 2024?

Mel spoke in February 2024 at the Family Reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How Tall Is Mel Robbins?

She is a woman of above-average stature who stands at 5 ft 9 in (approx. 1.75 m) tall.

How Much Is Mel Robbins Worth?

As a podcaster, author, and inspirational speaker, Mel is worth $17 million.

Who Is Mel Robbins?

Mel is a TV show host known for hosting A&E’s series Monster In-Laws. She has risen to prominence for working as a CNN legal analyst for which she received a Gracie Award in 2014. Mel’s June 2011 TEDx motivational talk went viral on YouTube after its release and received over 10 million views.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram – melrobbins

Twitter – @melrobbins