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Maureen Dowd Bio | Wiki

Maureen Dowd (Maureen Brigid Dowd) is an American journalist and author currently working for The New York Times as an Op-Ed Columnist. She writes about popular culture, American politics, and also international affairs. In the 1970s and early 1980s, Maureen worked for The Times and The Washington Star, covering news and sports, and also wrote feature articles.

She joined The New York Times in the year 1993 working as a metropolitan correspondent and later became an Op-Ed writer for the newspaper in the year 1995. Her career journey commenced in 1974 when she worked for The Washington Star as an editorial assistant before she became a sports columnist, metropolitan reporter, and also feature writer.

Maureen Dowd Age

She was born on January 14, 1952, in Washington, D.C., in the United States. Maureen is 71 years old.

Maureen Dowd Height

She is a woman of average stature. Maureen stands at a height of 5 ft 6 in (Approx 1.68 m).

Maureen Dowd's Photo
Maureen’s Photo

Maureen Dowd Family | Siblings

She was born in Washington, D.C., United States, and is the youngest among her four siblings. Maureen’s mother Margeret Dowd mostly known as “Peggy” was a housewife while her father Mike Dowd served as a police inspector for Washington, D.C.

Maureen Dowd Brother | Brother Column

She has a brother named Kevin Dowd. Maureen has been an Op-Ed writer for the New York Times since 1995 and writes a column for the New York Times. In addition, she turns her column over to her brother every once a year.

Maureen Dowd Husband | Boyfriend

She previously dated the creator and producer of The West Wing named Aaron Sorkin and her colleague columnist at the Times named John Tierney. In addition, Maureen was also briefly connected to Michael Douglas who is an anchor. However, at the moment, there is no available information regarding Maureen being married or in a relationship, hence her current marital status remains unclear to the public.

Maureen Dowd Aaron Sorkin

Maureen and Aaron Sorkin, an American playwright, actor, screenwriter, television producer, and also film director were previously in a romantic relationship. However, details on when they began dating or when they broke up are currently unavailable.

Maureen Dowd Education

She attended the now-defunct Immaculata High School where she completed her high school education in 1969. Maureen then joined The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C, where she graduated in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Maureen Dowd Author

Apart from being a journalist, Maureen is also an author who has written various books such as “Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide”, “The Year of Voting Dangerously: The Derangement of American Politics”, and “Bushworld: Enter at Your Own Risk”.

  • Are Men Necessary? is a book that talks about gender politics where she looks at the state of sexual union, raising bold questions as well as examining everything ranging from economics and presidential politics to pop culture and also the “why?” of the Y Chromosome. This book is also found on Amazon at $7.99.

Maureen Dowd Columns | Column | Sunday Column Today

Her columns are often described as letters to her mother, who friends credit as the source, and fountain of Maureen’s humor and also her Irish sensibilities as well as her intellectual take. Maureen’s columns show a censorious as well as an irrelevant attitude towards powerful and mostly political figures such as Bill Clinton and former President George W. Bush. In addition, she likes referring to her subjects by their nicknames for instance Bush as “W” and Former Vice President Dick Cheney as Big Time.

Moreover, Maureen who discerns her columns to be an exploration of Hollywood, politics, as well as gender-related topics, frequently uses famous culture to support and also metaphorically enhance her political commentary. In addition, she has also written a column known as “On Washington” for The Times Magazine. Maureen has also written for Vanity Fair, The New Republic, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Mademoiselle, and many others. In addition, her columns appear every Sunday.

Maureen Dowd Columnist | New York Times

Maureen’s career journey began in 1974 when she worked at the Washington Star as an editorial assistant, and later became a metropolitan reporter, sports columnist, and feature reporter. She went to work at Times after the newspaper closed in the year 1981. Maureen joined The New York Times in 1983 as a metropolitan correspondent and later went to The Times’s Washington Bureau to cover politics in 1986. She currently serves as The New York Times political columnist on the op-ed page.

Maureen has also covered nine presidential campaigns, worked at The Times as a White House correspondent, and also written a column for The Times Magazine known as “On Washington”. She published her first book titled “Bushworld” in the run-up to the 2004 presidential election. Bushworld covered the presidency as well as the personality of George W. Bush. Following the “Bushworld” book turning into a bestseller, Maureen shifted from presidential politics to sexual politics where she published another book that is famously known as “Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide” which also turned into a bestseller book.

Some of Maureen’s colleagues at the New York Times include:

Ezra Klein – Opinion Columnist

Thomas Edsall – Online Columnist

Ellen Barry – Chief International Correspondent

Michelle Goldberg – Op-Ed Columnist

Tania Ganguli – NBA Reporter

Bill Pennington – Reporter

Maureen Dowd Politics | Political Affiliation | Political Party

She currently works as a political columnist on the op-ed page for the New York Times. In addition, Maureen writes about international affairs, American politics, as well as popular culture. Moreover, she was ranked on The Daily Telegraph’s list of the 100 most influential liberals in America as No. 43 in 2010 and No 37. on the same list in 2007.

Maureen Dowd Salary

She makes quite a generous amount from working for the New York Times as an opinion columnist. Maureen’s average salary is $205,450 per year.

Maureen Dowd Net Worth

Having worked in the media industry for quite some time, Maureen has managed to secure a decent fortune. Maureen’s estimated net worth is $3.5 million.

Where Is Maureen Dowd

She became a political columnist for the New York Times in 1995  on the op-ed page. Maureen joined the paper in 1983 serving as a metropolitan correspondent before she went to cover politics in 1986 for The Washinton Bureau.

Is Maureen Dowd Retired

Maureen is still working at The New York Times as the political columnist on the op-ed page. However, there is no available information in regard to her retirement.

How Old Is Maureen Dowd

Maureen is 71 years old. She was born on January 14, 1952, in Washington, D.C., USA.

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