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Matt Parker Bio | Wiki

Matt Parker is an Australian recreational mathematician, comedian, author, YouTube personality, and science communicator living in the UK. His book Humble Pi was the first maths book in the UK to be a Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller. Matt was the Public Engagement in Mathematics Fellow at the Queen Mary University of London. He is a former maths teacher and has helped popularise maths via his tours and videos.

He appears regularly on TV and online: and as well as being a presenter on the Discovery Channel his YouTube videos have been viewed over 85 million times. In 2018 Matt calculated the number pi live on-stage in front of a sold-out Royal Albert Hall using a real pie. He is also the first person to use an overhead projector at the Hammersmith Apollo since Pink Floyd.

Matt Parker Age

Matt was born on December 22, 1980, in Perth, Australia. He is 41 years old.

Matt Parker Height

He is a man of average stature and stands at a height of 5 ft 7 in (Approx. 1.70 m).

Matt Parker's photo
Matt’s photo

Matt Parker Family

He was born and raised in Perth, Australia to his parents. Matt was interested in maths and science before he went to school. He was part of his school’s titration team. He holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Information about his parents and/or siblings is not available at the moment.

Matt Parker Wife

Matt is married to his beautiful wife English solar physicist Lucie Green. The couple celebrated their wedding in July 2014. They used wedding rings made of meteoric iron. The family currently resides in Godalming, England.

Matt Parker Education

He went to the University of Western Australia and started off studying mechanical engineering before he “realized the very real risk of being employable at the end of it.” Matt switched to physics and later mathematics. His love of maths led him to want a job in the subject.

While at university, he wrote comedy for Pelican, the students’ magazine, and produced comedy sketches. Having found a delight in comedy, Matt enrolled in a course for stand-up comedy.

Matt Parker Podcast

Matt serves as the host of the A Problem Squared podcast alongside Bec Hill. A podcast dedicated to solving problems of all kinds, such as, “What should I listen to right now?”.

Matt Parker Books

In addition to his career, Matt is also an author of the following books:

Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World J(2020)

Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension: A Mathematician’s Journey Through Narcissistic Numbers, Optimal Dating Algorithms, at Least Two Kinds of Infinity, and More (2014)

Pifias matemáticas: Equivocarse nunca ha sido tan divertido (2020)

Damit hatte keiner gerechnet!: Die größten Mathe-Irrtümer der Menschheit (2022)

Matt Parker Maths

Matt was the Public Engagement in Mathematics Fellow at the Queen Mary University of London. He was interested in maths and science before he went to school. In 2014, Matt set up Think Maths, a team of experienced mathematics speakers who visit schools to run workshops and give talks for a wide range of ages and abilities. They show students the wider world of maths beyond school while giving them a chance to develop mathematical thinking skills.

Together with another YouTube mathematics populariser, Vi Hart, Matt won the 2018 Communications Award of the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics. This was for “communicating the excitement of mathematics to a worldwide audience through YouTube videos, TV and radio appearances, book and newspaper writings, and stand-up comedy”.

Matt Parker Humble Pi

His second book, Humble Pi, became released in March 2019 and became the first maths book in the UK to be a Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller. Humble Pi explores the greatest mathematical near-misses and mishaps involving planes, bridges, the internet, big data, and more. Matt shows us the bizarre ways maths trips us all up. Being wrong has never felt so right.

Matt Parker Numberphile

He has his own YouTube channel, “Stand-up Maths”, with over one million subscribers. matt also frequently appears as a guest on other popular channels such as Brady Haran’s Numberphile and James May’s Head Squeeze. He has made videos about unboxing calculators, including the Little Professor.

Matt Parker Christmas Tree

On Dec 24, 2020, Matt wrote on his Twitter account that he bought 500 LED lights for his Christmas tree. Once wired up, he obviously had to calculate their individual 3D coordinates so he could code geometric lighting displays.

Matt Parker Spreadsheet

Matt found a way to actually open digital photos as spreadsheets in Excel. The process involves cracking the digital photo file open, scraping out all of the numbers, and putting them into the cells of an Excel spreadsheet. Conditional formatting is then used to color each cell so that it is completely black for “0”, fully bright for “255” and every whole-number shade in between.

Matt Parker Net Worth

He earns his wealth from his career, therefore, he has amassed a fortune over the years. Matt’s estimated net worth is $1 million.

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