Leah Shutkever Age, Partner, Height, Eating, and Net Worth

Leah Shutkever Biography

Leah Shutkever is an English famous professional competitive speed eater and YouTuber. She holds several Guinness World Records relating to fast eating and became Europe’s No.1 female competitive eater. Leah has 465K subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel.

In 2014, she worked as an architectural assistant at TKA Space Studio. Then, between 2015 and 2018, Leah worked as a design manager and an interior design manager at Eos Interiors. From 2018 until 2020, she worked as a freelance designer at Diligent Design. Since January 2020, Leah has been working as a competitive eater and is self-employed.

Quick Facts

Born May 11, 1990 (age 34)
Birthplace Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Occupation Competitive Speed Eater and YouTuber
Net Worth $2 million.
Education Solihull College and Birmingham City University

Leah Shutkever Age

Leah is 34 years old. She was born on May 11, 1990, in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. Leah celebrates her birthday on May 11, every year.

Leah Shutkever
Leah’s photo

Early Life And Education

She was born to her parents in Redditch, near Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. Leah’s mother Esther worked as a chef and is from Guatemala. She has Latina, Swiss Italian, Egyptian, and Native American ancestry. Her dad has English, Irish, and Russian ancestry. Leah studied at Solihull College. In 2011, she joined Birmingham City University in Birmingham and in 2014, she earned a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.).

Leah Shutkever Partner

Leah shares her career as a competitive speed eater but is private about her relationship life. At the moment, details regarding if Leah is single, married, or has a partner are not yet known.


She ate a total of 775.1 grams of chicken nuggets in three minutes. Leah also ate 15 Ferrero Rocher within 2 min 1.7 sec. Moreover, she ate 80 g of watercress within 45.26 seconds and a total of 23 mini gherkins/pickles in one minute.

Hot Dog

Leah ate a hot dog with no hands within 18.15 seconds.

Leah Shutkever Competitive Eater

She has been the position one ranked female competitive eater. Leah holds 27 Guinness World Record titles. One of her most popular competitive eating videos has been viewed over 3 million times. Leah has competed against Eddie Hall in an eating contest.


Leah holds the Guinness World Record title for eating a burrito in just 32.35 seconds which was the fastest ever possible.

Leah Shutkever Eating

As her mom was a chef and her dad and brother were big eaters, she too was a gourmand from a young age. From a very young age, Leah was capable of eating twice as much as that of her father and brother and used to compete with her brother in eating. She ate 5 kilograms of chicken skewers at the globe championships, and this is the most food that Leah had ever eaten in a challenge.


She exercises almost daily and tries to get back her body to a normal state after an eating challenge. At the age of 18, she was overweight and started bodybuilding at a gym. Bodybuilding taught her structure and discipline and Leah started living a healthy lifestyle.


Following reaching her heaviest weight of 76kg and a size 16 as a teenager, Leah tried many diets but this didn’t help her much. Later, she learned about nutrition and dieting. Leah began bodybuilding at a gym and improved her eating habits. Bodybuilding taught her structure and discipline and she began living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to all these, Leah got into good shape and lost excessive weight.


Leah is a woman of average stature who stands at a height of 5 ft 5 in ( approx. 1.65 m ).

World Records

She holds many Guinness World Records related to eating. As per her YouTube channel’s about page, Leah holds a total of 27 Guinness World Records some of which include:

  • 8 tomatoes eaten in one minute.
  • 20 marshmallows eaten in one minute (no hands).
  • Leah ate a banana within 20.33 seconds.
  • She ate 301 grams of spring rolls in one minute.
  • Ate 10 sausages in one minute.
  • Leah ate 6 hot cross buns in three minutes.
  • She ate a burrito within 32.35 seconds.
  • Ate a total of 775.1 grams of chicken nuggets in three minutes.

Net Worth

Leah has been a professional competitive speed eater and YouTuber since 2020. Therefore, she has achieved a decent fortune over the years. Leah’s net worth is $2 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leah Shutkever Married?

Details regarding if Leah is married are currently under the radar.

Is Leah Shutkever Single?

Leah has not yet disclosed to the public if she is single or has a partner.

Who Is Leah Shutkever?

Leah is an English  YouTube content creator and personality who rose to prominence via the use of her self-titled channel. She publishes eating challenge videos and mukbang-style content. Besides, Leah has over 480,000 subscribers on the platform. She made her YouTube start in 2017 with the upload, “Girl Vs. Randy Santel | 1.5kg Tomahawk Pizza Steak Challenge.”

Leah Shutkever Social Media Handles

Twitter – @LeahShutkever

Instagram – shutkeverofficial

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