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Judith Shulevitz Bio | Wiki

Judith Shulevitz is an American journalist, editor, and culture critic who studied French literature at Yale University. She currently serves as a contributing writer at The Atlantic. In addition, Judith has been a columnist for Slate, The New York Times Book Review, and was a senior editor at The New Republic.

Nonetheless, she was previously the editor of Lingua Franca, a magazine about academia and ideas; the culture editor of Slate; and the deputy editor of New York magazine. She also has played a big role as contributing writer for The Atlantic.

Judith Shulevitz Age

She was born on February 28, 1963, in the United States. Judith is currently 59 years old.

Judith Shulevitz Height

She is a woman of average stature. Judith stands strongly at a height of 5 ft 6 (Approx 1.68 m).

Judith Shulevitz's Photo
Judith’s Photo

Judith Shulevitz Family

She was born in the United States, where she was also brought up. Solid information about Judith’s family background is unclear. In addition, she has managed to keep information about her background out of the limelight.

Judith Shulevitz Husband

She is married to Nicholas Lemann. The couple got married in 1999. Lemann is a professor and was previously the dean of, the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Judith and her husband Lemann are blessed with two children.

Judith Shulevitz Education

She graduated from Yale University in 1986, where she mainly majored in French. This opened the door in her editing career and proved to be of much success.

Judith Shulevitz Atlantic

She has worked as a writer and editor for The New Republic since 2012. In addition, she served as a contributing editor of the magazine before that. Judith is a contributing writer for The Atlantic, The New Yorker called it “gorgeously written.” Moreover, Judith wrote the book together with Rebecca Goldstein.

Judith Shulevitz New York Times

She worked for the New York Times where she wrote the “Close Reader” column for The New York Times Book Review from 2001 until 2003. Previously, Judith was one of the founding editors of Slate, the culture editor, and a daily columnist for the magazine. Her editing career started as a co-editor of Lingua Franca with Magrate Talbot. Fortunately, the magazine won a National Magazine Award for General Excellence under their editorship in 1993. Afterward, she worked as a deputy editor of New York Magazine and wrote a column there as well.

Judith Shulevitz The Sabbath World

In this book Judith dwells mostly on the Jewish and Christian day of rest, starting from its origin in ancient times to its current overview from people. She connects ideas together with memories, which then draws her focus on legends, history, and philosophy which bring up lessons for all in general, not just the religious part of it. It has built communities, sustained cultures, and connected us to the memories of our ancestors. The Sabbath World highlights this story with a connection to Judith’s own struggles in keeping this day.

Judith Shulevitz Philip Roth

It has been observed that there has been the publication of two biographies of Philip Roth, who died in 2018 after a long, successful, controversial, and much celebrated literary career. In Judith’s review, she focuses on the one written by Blake Bailey, a man whom Roth carefully appointed for the job. The news came in that Balke Bailey, the author of Philip Roth: The Biographer had been accused of sexual crimes.

In addition, his publisher W.W. Norton would halt the promotion of the book. Judith writes how there are still a lot of questions about Philip’s and Blake’s relationship. There are a lot of unresolved puzzles, mostly about their view of women and it is said Blake is the one who approached Philip to write his biography, and without question, he was hired. This raises questions about the relationship between the two men.

Judith Shulevitz Salary

She receives quite a generous amount from her work as a contributing writer at The Atlantic. Judith’s average salary is $75,000 annually.

Judith Shulevitz Net Worth

There is no doubt that over the years due to Judith’s dedication and work progress she has amassed a good sum of money. Her approximate net worth is roughly $1.5 million.

Is Judith Shulevitz Married

She got married to Nicholas Lemann in 1990. The two have been married ever since. They are blessed with two children.

How Old Is Judith Shulevitz

Judith was born on February 28, 1963, in the United States of America. She is currently 59 years old.

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