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Jesser Wiki

Jesser is an American gaming YouTuber famous for his gaming videos on basketball, NBA 2K, and challenges. He has featured some of the well-known athletes in his videos as well as playing basketball with his friends. Jesser’s YouTube channel has over 18 million subscribers. Additionally, he is also a member of the video game-playing web groups 2Hype and 100 Thieves.

Jesser Photo
Jesser’s Photo

Jesser’s Quick Facts

 Age: 25 years old (March 27, 1999)
Girlfriend: Christina Trexler
Real Name: Jesse Riedel
YouTube:  Jesser
Height: 6 ft 2 in or 1.88m


Jesser was born in 1999, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States to his father and mother. He is 6 ft 2 in tall and holds American nationality. He grew up with his brother James also known as Jiedel. Jiedel is a 28-year-old YouTuber who is famous for his NBA 2K gaming playthroughs, hacks, and montages. His mother has appeared on his YouTube account and his father works as a movie producer.

Jesser Girlfriend

Jesser is in a relationship with his girlfriend Christina Trexler. Christina works as a scientist as per her social media handle. The couple have been dating for a while and share each other’s photos on social media accounts.


He is an educated man who earned his high school diploma from a local high school. Upon graduating, he enrolled at a private university where he graduated with his degree.

Jesser Reacts

Jesser Reacts is his YouTube reaction channel that he launched on March 10, 2014. The account has over 2.52 million followers. Reacts has popular videos, 900IQ people on TikTok, Testing Basketball Hacks & Challenges, and Funny School TikToks among others. The account has over 936 million views in 1,104 videos and a new episode airs weekly. The first video uploaded for the channel is Peter Answers Pranks!!! Trolololol.


He has designed a high-quality luxury cloth brand at The merch includes Chevron, Thunderbolt, and Graphic Novel adult and shirts, shorts, and outwear, shoes, basketball, accessories, and gift cards. This merch is available in various sizes and colors, and at affordable prices.


Jesser is not dead. He is alive and celebrated his 25th birthday on March 27, 2024.

The Lazer

Jesser was formerly known as JesserTheLazer before dropping the Lazer name.

Jesser Basketball

He is a YouTuber who creates challenge and wager videos in addition to a Road to the Playoffs series and the occasional NBA 2K in Real Life videos. He has also focused on trick shots and playing basketball with his friends and he’s featured well-known athletes in his videos. Moreover, he is a diehard fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. In August 2017, in a1-on-1 in a video on his YouTube channel, he played James Harden.

Also, he signed with Night Media early in 2023, the same agency that helped take MrBeast’s career to the next level. He has managed to compete against Cash Nasty in NBA 2K. Furthermore, he is also a member of a group called 2HYPE where they live together and have a group YouTube channel where they upload challenges every Saturday.

Real Name

Jesser’s real name is Jesse Riedel.

Celebrity Game

He had the privilege of playing in the NBA celebrity game in February 2023. He also took several videos that are available at Jesser X NBA from February until April 2023.


He is very active and he shares his videos on his social media accounts including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


He has shared several memes on his Jesser Reacts YouTube account.


He had a Duchmund dog known as Humphrey. On June 3, 2023, he shared that his loving, joyful, and sweet dog, Humphrey had died. The dog lived for 18 years.  Jesser and the dog shared many memorable moments.

Net Worth

He earns his net worth through his active YouTube accounts and his merch. Jesser’s net worth is $4 Million.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall Is Jesser?

Jesser is a man of tall stature standing at 6 ft 2 in or 1.88m.

How Old Is Jesser?

Jesser is 25 years old, born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on March 27, 1999.

Where Does Jesser Live?

He lives in Los Angeles along with the 2HYPE house with his fellow group members.

What Is Jessers Real Name?

His real name is Jesse Riedel.

Where Is Jesser From?

He is a Los Angeles, California native.

Is Jesser In The Nba?

He had the privilege of playing in the NBA celebrity game in February 2023.

Does Jesser Have A Girlfriend?

He is in a relationship with his girlfriend Christina Trexler. The two appear on each other’s social media accounts.

Social Media Account

Twitter – @Jesser

Instagram – @jesser

TikTok – @jesseryt