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Jeff Bezos Bio | Wiki

Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur, media proprietor, investor, computer engineer, and commercial astronaut. He is the founder, executive chairman, and former president and CEO of Amazon. As of August 2022, with a net worth of around US$159 billion, Jeff is the second-wealthiest person in the world.

He was the wealthiest from 2017 to 2021 according to both Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index and Forbes. Jeff founded the aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company Blue Origin in 2000. Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle reached space in 2015 and afterwards successfully landed back on Earth.

Moreover, he also purchased the major American newspaper The Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million and manages many other investments through his venture capital firm, Bezos Expeditions. In September 2021, Jeff co-founded biotechnology company Altos Labs with founder Yuri Milner.

Jeff Bezos Age

Jeff was born on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. He is 58 years old.

Jeff Bezos' photo
Jeff’s photo

Jeff Bezos Height

He is a man of average stature and stands at a height of 5 ft 7 in (Approx. 1.70m).

Jeff Bezos Family

He was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico to his parents Jacklyn and Theodore Jørgensen, and raised in Houston and Miami. At the time of Jeff’s birth, his mom was a 17-year-old high school student and his dad was 19 years old. His mother attended night school while bringing him along as a baby.

Jeff attended a Montessori school in Albuquerque, New Mexico when he was two years old. After his parents divorced, his mother married Miguel “Mike” Bezos, a Cuban immigrant in April 1968. Shortly after the wedding, Mike adopted four-year-old Jeff whose surname was then legally changed from Jorgensen to Bezos. He has two siblings Mark and Christina.

Following Mike’s degree from the University of New Mexico, the family moved to Houston, Texas, so that he could begin working as an engineer for Exxon. Jeff’s maternal grandfather was Lawrence Preston Gise, a regional director of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in Albuquerque. Lawrence retired early to his family’s ranch near Cotulla, Texas, where Jeff spent many summers in his youth.

Jeff Bezos Brother

He has a half-brother named Mark from his mother’s side. On July 20, 2021, Jeff flew to space alongside Mark, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen. The suborbital flight lasted over 10 minutes, reaching a peak altitude of 66.5 miles (107.0 km).

Jeff Bezos Wife

Jeff was married to novelist MacKenzie Tuttle in 1993. The couple met while Jeff was working for D. E. Shaw in Manhattan and Tuttle was a research associate at the firm. They are the parents of four children: three sons, and one daughter adopted from China.

On January 9, 2019, Jeff and MacKenzie announced on Twitter their intent to divorce after a “long period” of separation. On April 4, 2019, the divorce was finalized, with Jeff keeping 75% of the couple’s Amazon stock and MacKenzie getting the remaining 25% ($35.6 billion) in Amazon stock. However, he would keep all of the couple’s voting rights.

Jeff Bezos Girlfriend | Lauren Sánchez

On February 7, 2019, Jeff published an online essay in which he accused American Media, Inc. owner David Pecker of “extortion and blackmail” for threatening to publish intimate photos of him and current girlfriend Lauren Sánchez if he did not stop his investigation into how his text messages and other photos had been leaked to the National Enquirer.

Jeff Bezos Education

He attended a Montessori school in Albuquerque, New Mexico when he was two years old. Later, Jeff attended River Oaks Elementary School in Houston from fourth to sixth grade. He also attended Miami Palmetto High School in Miami, Florida. While in high school, he worked at McDonald’s as a short-order line cook during the breakfast shift. Subsequently, he attended the Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida.

In 1986 Jeff graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a 4.2 GPA and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree (B.S.E.) in electrical engineering and computer science. He was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. While at Princeton, he served as a member of the Quadrangle Club, one of Princeton’s 11 eating clubs. In addition, he was elected to Tau Beta Pi and was the president of the Princeton chapter of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS).

Jeff Bezos Amazon

Jeff is the founder, executive chairman, and former president and CEO of Amazon. He founded Amazon in late 1994 on a road trip from New York City to Seattle. The company started as an online bookstore and has since expanded to a variety of other e-commerce products and services, including video and audio streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. It is currently the world’s largest online sales company, the largest Internet company by revenue, and the largest provider of virtual assistants and cloud infrastructure services through its Amazon Web Services branch.

Jeff Bezos Yacht | Superyacht

Jeff is the owner of the Y721, a luxury superyacht estimated to cost more than $500,000,000. It is the largest yacht in the world.

Jeff Bezos Space | Blue Origin | Rocketship

In September 2000, Jeff founded Blue Origin, a human spaceflight startup. He has long expressed an interest in space travel and the development of human life in the Solar System. His 1982 high school valedictorian senior graduation speech was followed up with a Miami Herald interview in which he expressed an interest to build and develop hotels, amusement parks, and colonies for human beings who were in orbit.

At the age of 18, Jeff stated that he wanted to preserve Earth from overuse through resource depletion. In May 2013, Jeff met with Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Galactic, to discuss commercial spaceflight opportunities and strategies. He has been compared to Branson and Elon Musk as all three are billionaires who prioritize spaceflight among their business interests.

On July 20, 2021, Jeff launched the NS-16 mission with his half-brother Mark Bezos, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen. He launched nine days after Richard Branson launched onboard The Virgin Galactic Unity 22 mission.

Jeff Bezos House

He expanded his residential holdings in February 2022, purchasing a $16.13 million dollar apartment at a 24-story boutique condominium, located across from Madison Square Park in the Flatiron neighborhood, where he already owns all the units on the top floors. In June 2019, Jeff purchased three adjoining apartments overlooking Madison Square Park in Manhattan, including a penthouse, for a combined total of US$80 million.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth

He earns his wealth from his career, therefore, he has amassed a fortune over the years. Jeff’s estimated net worth is $168 billion.

Is Jeff Bezos Married

No. Jeff is divorced from his first wife MacKenzie Tuttle. He is currently dating his girlfriend Lauren Sánchez.

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