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Jason Crandell Bio | Wiki

Jason Crandell is an American Yoga teacher and Yoga practioner. He has become famours for his unique approach to vinyasa yoga, as seen on best-selling DVD’s such as Yoga for Wellbeing and The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Yoga. Jason has contributed more than two dozen articles to Yoga Journal magazine.

Before he discovered Yoga, he was a hockey player and skateboarder. Jason has presented the live yoga event Yoga Journal LIVE. He has contributed to Yoga Journal with his fellow Yoga teacher Ana Forrest

Jason Crandell Age

He was born on September 20, 1974, in the United States of America. Jason is 47 years old. He celebrates his birthday on September 20 every year and his birth sign is Virgo.

Jason Crandell Height

He is a man of average stature. Jason stands at the height of 5 ft 7 in ( Approx 1.7 m).

Jason Crandell's photo
Crandell’s photo

Jason Crandell Family

He was born and raised by his parents in the United States of America. Despite his fmr, Jason appears to be more reserved when it comes to family matters.

Jason Crandell Wife

He is happily married to a fellow yoga teacher and podcaster called Andrea Ferretti. Andrea started practicing yoga in the 1990s. Before that, she spent many years as a dancer. During her dancing years, Andrea was hired to code HTML for a small website called Women’s Wire. She worked there for four years and during her tenure, Women’s Wire became Women.com and went public.

She helped the company grow from 15 employees to more than 300. As a result, Andrea got to produce websites for Prevention Magazine and New Woman. She as well creating original content. She finished her 200-hour teacher training with Sarah Powers in 2002. From there, Andrea joined the staff as an editor at Yoga Journal. She worked there for ten years and during her tenure, she interviewed some of the greatest American yoga teachers of our time such as Lilias Folan and Maty Ezraty.

Also, Andera coached cover models such as Shiva Rea and Kathryn Budig on-set. She honed her editorial skills by editing celebrated writers such as Sally Kempton. Currently, Andrea’s goal is to bring all that she has learned from her own practice, her deep immersion with some of the greatest teachers,  and her experience as a mother to help others. Through her courses, podcast, and her writing, she encourages others to cultivate their own inner resources so they live fully, compassionately, and with a sense of humor. The couple shares a daughter named Sofia-Rose.

Jason Crandell Teacher Training | Yoga Teacher Training

He is a natural teacher and author with over two decades of experience. Yoga Journal has named Jason as “one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga.” He has been an in-demand teacher at conferences around the globe for more than ten years. Considered a teacher’s teacher, Jason has taught on countless teacher training faculties. He has as well led training globally and regularly presents teacher training content at esteemed conferences. His primary teacher is Rodney Yee who has described Jason as “Jason is taking the art of teaching yoga to its next level.”

Jason has honed his approach for the past ten years by looking to peers outside of the yoga community in the fields of orthopedics, physical therapy, traumatology, as well as sports medicine.  These collaborative partnerships have enabled him to offer the most up-to-date asana technique, injury management, cueing, and hands-on adjustments. His main goal is to blend the timeless wisdom of yoga philosophy with evidence-based information so as to create a yoga curriculum that helps modern practitioners grow and evolve.

Jason Crandell Beginners Sequence

– Quick Hip Openers: Downward-Facing Dog Pose, Low Lunge, Low Lunge Quad Strech, Lizard Pose, Pigeon Pose Foward Bend, Pigeon Pose Twist.
– A Shoulder Opening Sequence to Forearm Balance: Daddha Hastasana, Garudasana Arms, Gomukhasana Arms, Cat Pose, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Low Lunge Hands Clasped, Reverse Warrior, Ardha Chandra Chapasana, Warrior I, Warrior III, Downward Dog at Wall, Adho Mukha Vrsasana, Pincha Mayurasana.
– 30-Minute Morning Sequence
– Essential Sequence: 15 Poses to Warrior III
– Essential Sequence: Learn to Love Camel Pose
– Revolved Triangle Sequence: Stretch Your Hamstrings, IT Band, Outer Hips, and Spinal Muscles
– Essential Sequence: Wake Up and Flow- Essential Yoga Sequence for Lower Back Pain

Jason Crandell Beginners Yoga | Podcast

Everybody in Yoga starts as a beginner but that doesn’t mean that teaching beginning yoga students is intuitive. In the episode of Yogaland podcast, Begin Again series, Jason tackles the specifics of teaching asana to beginning students. He shares the importance of helping students pay attention to their whole experience in a particular pose and not just the muscle or muscle groups that they’re stretching. Jason explains how teachers can help their Beginners avoid comparing themselves to other students or what they were able to do in the past if they’re beginning again after stepping away for a while.

He talks about the skillful way to teach breath and movement in a vinyasa-based class. Also, Jason discusses why power, precision, and mindfulness are the three elements to focus on most when teaching beginners. In Episode 139: Teaching Beginners in an All Levels Yoga Class, Jason shares practical tips for teaching beginning students when they come to a mixed-level class. In Episode 136: Yoga Philosophy for Beginners, he offers useful tips for teachers facing the difficult (but rewarding!) task of teaching yoga to beginners.

Jason Crandell Core Sequence | Yoga Sequences

– Core Connector: Squeeze a block or folded pillow between your inner thighs so that you engage your inner leg muscles/adductors. Lift your feet an inch or two away from the ground while keeping the natural curve of your lower back. The posture will become much easier if you lift your feet too high. Draw your navel gently toward your spine and stay for several breaths. Repeat a few times.

– Reclined Side Crow: Side Crow/Side Crane on your back is a killer abdominal strengthened. Start on your back by lifting your head and chest off the ground. Then, draw your knees toward your chest. Twist your torso and reach both arms toward the outside of your left knee. Stay for a few breaths and repeat on the second side. Repeat a few times.

There are many ways that you can use these core yoga sequences. You can either do sequences on its own, combine them for a longer sequence, or use them as inspiration to get you on the mat and then add as many postures as possible.

Jason Crandell Net Worth

He is an American Yoga teacher and Yoga practitioner with an estimated net worth of $2,694,781.

How Old Is Jason Crandell

Jason is 47 years old. He was born on September 20, 1974, in the United States of America

Wher Is Jason Crandell From

He was born on September 20, 1974, in the United States of America.

How Tall Is Jason Crandell

He is a man of average stature who stands at the height of 5 ft 7 in ( Approx 1.7 m0.

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