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Goodtimeswithscar or Scar is an American Minecraft YouTuber. He is famous for his Hermitcraft series and building tutorials which are available in game Minecraft. His video with the most views is Day In The Life Of GoodTimesWithScar. He has also created large, detailed builds while he was participating in 6 seasons of Hermitcraft. In addition, Scar built timelapse music, a song called “Howling” by Lupus Nocte.

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Scar’s Quick Facts

 Birthday: August 19
Age: 38 years old
Cat: Jellie
Disease: Neuromuscular Disease
Height: 5 ft 7 in or 1.7m


Scar was born on August 19, 1985, in Washington state, in the United States to his parents. He holds American nationality. He has shared videos about his parents but their names remain unknown.


He is an educated man who attended a local high school. While in school, Scar swam the 500 freestyle at the state and was Top 5 in the state. However, he became ill and was later diagnosed with an unnamed neuromuscular disease at the age of 16.


Scar has his fanart where he has shared art featuring him and his cat Jellie.


In 2001, when Scar was 16 years old, he was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease that affected his nerve cells that control the voluntary muscles in the body. This led to Scar being confined to a wheelchair as his mobility aid and wearing an external oxygen pipe.


Scar’s Minecraft Skin is mainly based on Indiana Jones and it is available for download at the Planet Minecraft. Some of the skins that he has used at the MC Championship from 20 to 35 are available online.


Scar has collaborated with various brands to come up with some merch. Some of his merch includes various types of T-shirts, flip flops, phone covers, masks, earpod cases, socks, stickers, Tooties, notebooks, caps, backpacks, and watches among others.


Jellie was a pet cat belonging to Scar and was widely admired by his enthusiasts. The cat became particularly renowned within Scar’s expansive Minecraft survival environment, Scarland, and gained prominence for being photographed atop Scar’s internet router. Jellie’s further recognition was winning the “Minecraft Cat Contest” at Minecon 2019 and was the ninth cat to be incorporated into the game. On June 13, 2020, Scar revealed that Jellie experienced a severe illness, narrowly avoiding demise. Despite the perilous ordeal, Jellie managed to overcome the illness. Regrettably, on January 4, 2024, Jellie passed away.


Scar has shared his face on all his social media accounts.

Real Name

Scar is a gamer who is named Ryan.


Scar is also active on Twitch where he plays Minecraft and Phasmophobia. Also, he streams live when he is not making videos or when he is feeling up to it. The account has 516.8 thousand followers.


Scar is known as a recurring competitor in the MC Championship. He began competing in MC Championship 20 and is currently in MC Championship 35. He won the Mc Championship 25 by 3-1 and Mc Championship 32 by 3-2. Also, Scar took part in Mc Championship Twitch Rivals. Moreover, Scar was the first mobility-disabled person to participate in the MC Championship, as he had an unnamed neuromuscular disease. His cat Jellie was featured in MCC20 becoming the 9th cat type in Minecraft during the update.

Hermitcraft 9

Scar has participated in season nine of Hermitcraft as he began uploading Hermitcraft videos on season 4. At the start of season 9, he began by building an Elven Tree as his starter base, while slowly expanding adding elf houses and other fantasy-styled details. Moreover, Scar then settled permanently near Grian’s Dwayne creating Scarland. Scarland features a massive theme park based on Disneyland where Jellie is its mascot and queen, and currently incorporates Main Street Hermitcraft.

Elf Skin

Scar has an elf skin which has thick (4px) arms and is based on the classic Steve model. The elf has sushi, Killarney, golden grass, West Coast, and black colors.

Net Worth

He has earned a decent fortune from his YouTube, Minecraft account, Twitch, and Merch. Scar’s net worth is $5 Million.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Goodtimeswithscar?

Goodtimeswithscar is 38 years old born on August 19, 1985, in Washington state, in the United States.

Where Does Goodtimeswithscar Live?

He resides with his parents in the United States

What Disease Does Goodtimeswithscar Have?

He was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease that affected his nerve cells that control the voluntary muscles in the body.

Is Goodtimeswithscar Dying?

Goodtimeswithscar has not shared details regarding his health update but he has neuromuscular disease that confides him in a wheelchair.

How Tall Is Goodtimeswithscar?

He is a man of average stature standing at 5 ft 7 in or 1.7m.

What Is Goodtimeswithscar Real Name?

Goodtimeswithscar has not shared his real name yet.

What Illness Does Goodtimeswithscar Have?

Scar has neuromuscular disease.

Is Goodtimeswithscar Disabled?

The neuromuscular disease condition he has has left him confined in a wheelchair.

Social Media Account

Twitter – @GTWScar

Instagram – goodtimeswithscar