Garrett Haake MSNBC, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Tattoo, Salary, and Net Worth

Garrett Haake Bio | Wiki

Garrett Haake is an eminent American 2X Regional Emmy Award-winning journalist. As of now, he works as a correspondent at MSNBC located in Washington, D.C., since joining back in May 2017. Additionally, he also serves for NBC News as a correspondent and reporter.

Prior to joining MSNBC and NBC News, Garrett worked in Kansas City as a reporter and fill-in anchor for KHSB-TV.

Garrett Haake Age

He was born on April 14, 1985, in Texas, United States of America. Garrett is 37 years old. He commemorates and relishes his birthday on April 14 every year.

Garrett Haake Height

He is a man of above standard stature. Garrett stands at a height of 5 ft 11 in ( Approx 1.80m).

Garrett Haake's Photo
Garrett’s Photo

Garrett Haake Family | Parents

He was born to his staunch father David Haake, and his stalwart mother, Marylou Haake in Texas, in the United States. However, Garrett has not disclosed any salient intelligence with reference to his parents. Nonetheless, this portion will be updated in the twinkling of an eye. Besides, he has two siblings named Rusty and Jacky.

Garrett Haake Sara Murray

He was previously married to his ex-wife Sara Murray before their divorce. Sara is an American journalist working as a correspondent for CNN News. They had met in Iowa whilst covering Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and proposed to her in her home over thanksgiving. Before separating, they had been blessed with a daughter.

At this present time, Garrett is hitched to his alluring wife Allison Harris. She is a White House correspondent for Newsnationnow. Furthermore, Allison commemorates her birthday on April 1 each and every year. As a couple, they tied the knot on September 4, 2021, in a dreamy and intimate ceremony. Among the invited guests were their families and boon companions.

Garrett Haake Children

He is a proud father of one appealing daughter called Lane Loree Haake. Lane was born on June 28, 2022. At this present moment, she is one month old. Besides, he occasionally uploads beautiful pictures of his baby on his Instagram account.

Garrett Haake Education

He attended Klein High School. Later, Garrett matriculated at Southern Methodist University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism. Additionally, he also works as a reporter and multimedia journalist at NBC News.

Garrett Haake MSNBC

He joined MSNBC News based in Washington, D.C. back in May 2017. At this present time, Garrett works as a correspondent for MSNBC. While still in college, he interned with NBC Nightly News situated in New York. After graduation, Garrett served for NBC as a dust assistant. He was then raised to an associate producer and researcher position.

Later, he became an embedded reporter and proceeded on to become a fill-in anchor as well as a reporter at KHSB-TV based in Kansas City. While here, Garrett covered everything from politics, weather, crime, and scandals.

Additionally, he moved to Kandahar where Garrette handed a report and an hour-long documentary termination of the involvement of the United States with Afghanistan in the war in the fall of 2014.

Furthermore, NBC News placed him on the presidential campaign held in 2012 prior to joining KSHB-TV. Garrette reported from approximately 36 states for 18 months in 2012. There, he also covered the presidential campaign of Romney.

Moreover, Garrett was acknowledged with two regional Emmy awards for his documentary and environmental reporting. He could be heard cursing while reporting from Washington, D.C. following a hit with some sort of a rubber bullet. This took place in the course of the protests near the White House which resulted in the demise of George Floyd, on May 31, 2020.

Garrett Haake Nominations

He has been nominated for Emmy Awards various times as in the NBC News Special, Perfect Storm, The Funeral of Ted Kennedy, and Climate Change and Conflict. In addition to this, Garrett earned several Emmy Awards for his spontaneous and chronicled.

Garrett Haake Tattoo

In an interview, he was catechized regarding himself, and in the course of the conversation, he aroused up his body tattoo that is on his ribcage. The anecdote behind his tattoo is based on his mother’s guidelines that were, This too shall pass.

As Garrett was aging, he acknowledged the essence and basis behind it. As a result, Garrett tattooed himself to deeply ingrain this statement in his intellect.

Garrett Haake Salary

He spawns his monthly earnings working as a correspondent and reporter for MSNBC and NBC News. Garrett grosses an estimated income of $85,780 annually.

Garrett Haake Net Worth

Having been a skilled journalist by profession delivering ship-shaped reports, he has managed to accumulate good affluence in his career thus far. Online resources estimate Garrett’s net worth to be $812,431.

Who Is Garrett Haake

He is a 37-year-old American 2X Regional Emmy Award-winning journalist currently in Washington, D.C. working as a correspondent at MSNBC since May 2017. Also, Garrett is a reporter and correspondent for NBC News.

How Tall Is Garrett Haake

He is a man with a very tall stature. Garrett stands on an above-average stature height of 5 feet 11 inches which is approximately 1.80m.

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