Damon Singleton WDSU, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Daughter, Salary, and Net Worth

Damon Singleton Bio | Wiki

Damon Singleton is a prominent American journalist. Currently, he works as a meteorologist at WDSU stationed in New Orleans, Los Angeles. Prior to joining WDSU-TV, Damon worked as a surface warfare officer and a 22-year veteran of the United States Navy from 1984 to 2006.

During his free time, he enjoys watching television, traveling, eating, trying out new restaurants, watching basketball, and spending time with friends and family.

Damon Singleton Age | Birthday

He was born on July 14 in New Orleans, United States. However, Damon has not disclosed his personal details to the public such as his year of birth despite being in the limelight. Nevertheless, he celebrates and enjoys his birthday with his family and friends on the 14th of July. Therefore, Damon’s age is currently not available.

Damon Singleton Height

He is a man of average stature. Damon stands at a height of 6 ft 2 in ( Approx 1.88m).

Damon Singleton's Photo
Damon’s Photo

Damon Singleton Family | Father

He was born to his father Dr. Jimmi Singleton and his mother in the United States. However, Damon has not unveiled salient information with reference to his stalwart parents or whether he has any siblings. Therefore, Damon’s parents’ or siblings’ whereabouts are currently not available.

Damon Singleton Wife

He is a married man. Damon is currently living a happy and healthy love relationship with his lovely wife, Tami. She is a pediatric oncologist. As a couple, they are blessed with three lovely kids.

Damon Singleton Daughter

He is a proud father of three children including a daughter, Hope Singleton. She is a professional basketball player. Besides, Joshua, his son was born on January 24, 2004. At this present moment, he is 18 years old.

Damon Singleton Education

He attended St. Augustine High School. Later, Damon matriculated at the University of St. Thomas based in Houston, Texas, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology. Additionally, he earned a Master’s Degree from the United States Naval War College situated in Newport, Rhoda Island.

Damon Singleton WDSU | Leaving WDSU | New Orleans

He currently works as a meteorologist for WDSU-TV News. Damon has traveled the world as a crew member aboard the Executive Officer of USS LASALLE (AGF 3), the Navigator and Electrical Officer on the USS MERRILL (DD 976), the Operations Officer on USS MOUNT HOOD (AE 29), and the USS CORAL SEA (CV 43), an Engineering Officer on USS CONSTELLATION (CV 64).

Additionally, he took part in Operation PRAYING MANTIS, Operation SOUTHERN WATCH enforcing the no-fly zone over Southern Iraq, Operation RESTORE HOPE in Mogadishu, Somalia, Operation JOINT GUARD supporting Joint Task Force SILVERWAKE operations in the former Yugoslavia, President Reagan’s measured response to the Iranian mining of the USS SAMUEL B ROBERTS, EARNEST WILL Escort Operations of reflagged Kuwaiti Tankers.

Furthermore, Damon spent a good portion of his career tracking weather across the Indian and Pacific Oceans modifying his ship track on various occasions to avoid extreme weather, tropical cyclones and preparing ocean temperature compared to pressure gradients used to regulate the most productive method to make use of sonar systems to spot submarines. Moreover, he has not stated any plans whatsoever about him leaving the station any time soon. Thus, those were just rumors.

Some of Damon’s other colleagues at WDSU-TV include:

Gina Swanson – Anchor

Morgan Lentes – Anchor

Sula Kim – Anchor

Sherman Desselle – Weekend Anchor

Fletcher Mackel – Sports Anchor

Margaret Orr – Meteorologist

Christina Watkins – Anchor

Randi Rousseau – News Anchor

Damon Singleton Salary

He generates his monthly income working as a meteorologist for WDSU-TV News. Damon pockets an estimated salary of $85,466 annually.

Damon Singleton Net Worth

He has accumulated quite a good fortune over the years through his combination of military service as well as his journalism career. Online resources estimate Damon’s net worth to be $866,280.

Who Is Damon Singleton

He is a prominent American journalist who at this present moment works as a meteorologist at WDSU stationed in New Orleans, Los Angeles. Damon previously served as a surface warfare officer and a 22-year veteran of the United States Navy from 1984 to 2006.

How Old Is Damon Singleton

His age is at this present moment not available. Damon was born on July 14 in New Orleans, the USA. However, he has not uttered his year of birth to the public despite being a public figure. Nonetheless, Damon relishes and commemorates his birthday on July 14 each and every year.

Is Damon Singleton Still With Wdsu

He is currently still working with WDSU-TV News where Damon is serving as a meteorologist. He came to this station after working for more than two decades as a veteran and a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy.

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