Abraham Piper Wife, Age, John Piper, TikTok, and Barnabas Piper

Abraham Piper Biography

Abraham Piper is an American visual artist, author, social media personality, and serial entrepreneur living in Minneapolis. He is popularly known as the son of John Piper, a prominent American pastor, chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Baptist theologian.

Piper is also the owner of Brainjolt, a media company founded in 2014, which owns 22 Words and various other internet companies. Furthermore, in 2008, he began the famous news aggregator 22 Words. Moreover, Piper told CNBC in 2017, that his company Brainjolt was anticipating to have $30 million in annual revenue. He began Blue Kazoo, a premium jigsaw puzzle company in 2019.

Piper has also authored the book Heaven Hell and the Afterlife where he questions hell. In addition, he is also a famous TikToker whose videos have garnered over 37 Million likes. Piper began posting Titok videos in November 2020 and has since accumulated over 1.7 Million followers. Furthermore, he also has an Instagram account with 650,000 followers where he posts his digital artwork.

Abraham Piper's Photo
Piper’s Photo

Quick Facts

Age 44 years old
Wife Molly Piper
Family John Piper, Noël Henry, Talitha Piper, Barnabas Piper, Karsten Piper, and Benjamin Piper
Puzzles Blue Kazoo, Jigsaw Puzzle Company
Book This Will Disappoint You
TikTok abrahampiper

Personal Information

Piper is 44 years old, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on December 12, 1979. His birth sign is Sagittarius and his birthday is December 12. He is 5 ft 9 in tall ( Approximately. 1.75 m). Piper was brought up in South Minneapolis and didn’t have a TV growing up. He is the son of John Piper and Noël Henry. His father is a renowned Pastor who has been married to Noel since 1968. Piper was brought up alongside his four siblings. He has an adopted younger sister called Talitha Piper.

His brother Barnabas Piper serves as a pastor in Nashville, Tennessee. Piper’s other brother, Benjamin works in construction while Karsten works at Minnesota West Community & Technical College as an English instructor. Additionally, his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer on January 11, 2006, and he along with his doctors believed that the cancer was treatable. On February 14, 2006, John Piper underwent successful surgery. Piper attended a local high school in Minneapolis and obtained his diploma. He later enrolled in college but quit a couple of times.


He is married to Molly Piper and is a proud father of four. Piper and his wife Molly had only dated for two months before he asked her to marry him. At the time, his wife was in the bathroom doing her hair and she had her back to him. The lovebirds later tied the knot four months later. Piper and his wife have since welcomed four kids. Furthermore, he has also become good at swaddling babies. Back in 2008, Piper lived with his wife and young son in a house that was only four blocks away from where he was raised. At the time, he worked in a mailing warehouse.

John Piper

He is the son of John Piper, a prominent chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota, pastor, and Baptist theologian. John worked at Bethel University from 1974 to 1980 where he taught biblical studies. He later worked in Minneapolis from 1980 to 2013 as pastor for preaching and vision of Bethlehem Baptist Church. Furthermore, he is the senior teacher and founder of Desiring God “desiringgod.org”. Additionally, John has authored various books including Desiring God, Spectacular Sins, Pierced by the Word, and The Passion of Jesus Christ.

Moreover, he has been highly active online, especially, with his Ask Pastor John podcast in which he gives answers to submitted questions. John was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, on January 11, 1946, to Ruth Piper and Bill Piper. His father also served as a traveling evangelist for more than 60 years. Furthermore, his family relocated to Greenville, South Carolina, when he was one year old where he spent the rest of his youth. John graduated in 1964 from Wade Hampton High School. Piper’s father John and his mother Noel Henry have been married since 1968.


He began his TikTok account in 2020, during the height of COVID-19 after having a talk with his son who was distance-schooling from his office. Piper started posting TikTok videos in November 2020, which consisted of posts condemning his Evangelical upbringing. He has since accumulated over 37 million likes and more than 1.7 million followers on his abrahampiper TikTok account.

John Piper Abraham Piper Relationship

Piper is among John Piper’s four sons. John Piper is a popular chancellor, pastor, and Baptist theologian. He is the father of Piper, and his brothers Barnabas, Benjamin, and Karsten. Piper also has an adopted sister named Talitha Piper, who is younger than him.

Barnabas Piper On Abraham Piper

Piper’s brother Barnabas talked about his excommunication, saying he understood why it happened. In addition, he went ahead and said that it happened by the church’s membership standards. However, he always felt that it had much to do with managing your household criteria from 1 Timothy.

Additionally, Barnabas also said that it wasn’t quite fair to say that his father was the one who did the discipline “ex-communication”. He clarified that the choice was made by a board of elders. Moreover, Barnabas also said that the publicity of his brother’s excommunication was mainly the side effect of being the child of a globally known pastor.

John Piper Responds

John responded to his son’s rebellion by requesting his church elders to Pursue Piper as far as they could. Moreover, he also told his church to excommunicate Piper if he did not respond to the elders.


Piper began deconversion at the age of 19. He declared around 1999, that he decided he would be honest and stop claiming he was a Christian. Moreover, he was bored with church and school but wasn’t bored with rock music, alcohol, and sex. This was a crisis for his father who is a prominent pastor since evangelicals broadly read the Bible passage of Titus 1:6.

The passage requires a church elder to have “devoted” kids. As a result of Piper’s actions, John requested his church in an uncommon move to excommunicate Piper, in other words, to declare him dead. Four years after his excommunication, Piper was restored to the church’s membership. However, he turned down the faith for the second and final time.


Piper began a premium jigsaw puzzle company in 2019 called Blue Kazoo. This company deals with puzzles including The Abraham 1, which is considered a tricky, complex, and difficult jigsaw puzzle. The Abraham 1 jigsaw puzzle consists of Precisely cut for snug fit, Crisp, vibrant, high-res imagery, completed size:  20” x 30” 1000 piece puzzle, and Includes a 2:1 poster for reference. Furthermore, he also sells these puzzle pieces for $25.00 depending on the quantity.


He is writing a book titled This Will Disappoint You that is yet to be published. This book contains 520 Brief notes regarding life, meaning, as well as other curiosities.

Net Worth

Piper has accumulated a net worth of $25 million from his blog, companies, and his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Abraham Piper Still Married?

Piper has been married to his wife for almost two decades. The lovebirds have four children and currently reside in Minneapolis.

Does Abraham Piper Talk To His Dad?

While it is not quite clear if Piper talks to his dad, he does not precisely comment about his dad.

Who Is Abraham Piper?

He is an American social media influencer, visual artist, author, serial entrepreneur, and celebrity son living in Minneapolis. Piper is popularly known as the son of John Piper, a renowned pastor, Baptist theologian, and chancellor.

How Old Is Abraham Piper?

Piper is 44 years old, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on December 12, 1979.

What Happened To Abraham Piper?

He was excommunicated from his father’s church at 19 years after he turned down the faith. Piper was accepted back to the church after four years but he then rejected the faith for the second and final time.

Are Abraham And Molly Piper Still Married?

Piper and his wife Molly have been married for more than one decade and share four children.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram – abraham.piper

Twitter – @abrahampiper

Facebook – Abraham Piper

TikTok – abrahampiper