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Todd McFarlane is a popular Canadian comic book creator, artist, and publisher. He is recognized for his work as the artist on The Amazing Spider-Man and as the creator, writer, and artist on the superhero horror-fantasy series Spawn. Todd is also the current President and a co-founder of Image Comics.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, he became a comic-book superstar because of his high-selling work on Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man franchise, on which he was the artist to draw the debut full appearances of the character Venom. In 1992, Todd assisted form Image Comics, pulling the occult anti-hero character Spawn from his high-school portfolio and updating him for the 1990s.

The first issue sold 1.7 million copies, which as of 2007, remained a record for an independent comic book. The character’s fame in the 1990s also inspired a trend in creator-owned comic-book properties. Following departing inking duties on Spawn with issue No. 70 (February 1998), Todd has illustrated comic books less often, concentrating on entrepreneurial efforts, like McFarlane Toys and Todd McFarlane Entertainment, a film and animation studio.

Quick Facts

Wife Wanda Kolomyjec ​(m. 1985)​
Age 63 years old (born March 16, 1961)
Daughter Cyan
Net Worth $300 million
Comic The Amazing Spider-Man
Todd McFarlane's photo
Todd’s photo

Todd McFarlane Age

Todd was born on March 16, 1961, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is 63 years old. Todd celebrates his birthday on March 16, every year.

Early Life And Education

He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to his parents Bob and Sherlee McFarlane. Todd has two brothers. He holds Canadian nationality. Todd studied at William Aberhart High School and Sir Winston Churchill High School. Later on, he attended and graduated from Eastern Washington University.

Todd McFarlane Wife

Todd is married to his wife Wanda Kolomyjec. The couple married on July 27, 1985. They lived in Spokane, Washington until 1986, when they went to Vancouver, British Columbia. Todd and Wanda afterward relocated to Portland, Oregon, and later to the Ahwatukee Foothills of Phoenix, Arizona, where they proceed to live as of 2007.

There, the pair raised their three children: daughters Cyan and Kate and a son Jake. Todd’s daughter Cyan’s love of the TV series Lost inspired her dad’s decision to produce action figures based on that show. His other daughter Kate voiced the young Cyan in the animated Spawn TV series.


Todd started drawing comics in high school and in March 1984 got his break with Marvel Comics doing pencils for a back-up story in Coyote. For the following three years, he served at DC Comics, where he made his only contribution to the Star Trek comic universe.

Rejoining Marvel, Todd had successful runs on The Incredible Hulk and Amazing Spider-Man, and was given full reins on the brand-new Spider-Man comic, which he wrote, penciled, and inked. One year following the title’s debut, he departed Marvel to form his own publishing company, Image Comics, together with Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacioa and others.


In 1988, Todd joined writer David Michelinie on Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man, starting with issue 298, drawing the preliminary sketch for that cover’s image on the back of one of his Incredible Hulk pages. The Amazing Spider-Man started publication with a March 1963 cover date and has been published nearly continuously to date over six volumes. Todd earned notice for the more dynamic poses in which he depicted Spider-Man’s aerial web-swinging.


Todd is an artist on the superhero horror-fantasy series Spawn. He collaborated with six other popular artists to form Image Comics, an umbrella company under which each possessed a publishing house. Todd’s cover art for Amazing Spider-Man No. 313, for which he was formerly paid $700 in 1989, for example, would afterward sell for $71,200 in 2010.


In 1994, Todd and DC Comics partnered on an intercompany crossover, each producing a book featuring Batman and Spawn. The first of the two books, Batman-Spawn: War Devil was authored by Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, and Alan Grant, drawn by Klaus Janson, and published by DC. Spawn/Batman followed, which was written by Frank Miller and drawn by McFarlane. That year marked the point when Todd stopped to be the regular writer and artist of Spawn.

Movies And Tv Shows

– Spawn (1997).
– Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021).
– Tortured Souls (2005).
– Batman & Bill.
– So Much Damage.


Some Of Todd’s DC Comics Include:

  • All-Star Squadron #47 (with Mike Clark) (1985).
  • Detective Comics.
  • Infinity, Inc.
  • Invasion!
  • Sandman (1989 2nd Series)
  • Superman Special #1 (one-page pin-up) (1992)


A comic book signed by Todd is $120 per item. At cons Todd mostly signs for free, but there is a limit to how many books, but trying to get him at a private signing usually costs around $60-$80 per signature, which is around what his signature is actually worth.


Todd’s comic book Spawn saw considerable popularity upon its initial release in the 1990s. He had enjoyed superstar status among comic fans with his work on Spider-Man. Its fame peaked with the 1997 Spawn feature film.


The CGC In-House Private Signing fee for a comic book signed by Todd is $120 per item.


Spawn #9 CGC SS Dual Signature Autograph by Todd. His Signing fee for a comic book is $120 per item.


Todd has authored comic books such as:

  • Batman/Spawn (2022)
  • Sam and Twitch #21-16 (2001-2004)
  • Savior #1–8 (2015)
  • Spawn #1–7, 12–15, 21–150 (1992–2005); 185–current (2008–present)
  • Spawn Kills Everyone #1 (2016)
  • Spawn Kills Everyone Too #1–4 (2018–2019)
  • Gunslinger Spawn #1–current (2021–present)


In 1998, he created a film and animation studio Todd McFarlane Entertainment. The film studio also produced the animated series Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, (featuring voice work by actor Keith David) which aired on HBO from 1997 to 1999.

Net Worth

Todd has garnered a net worth of $300 million from his work as a comic book creator. He has been active in his comic writing career since 1981.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Todd McFarlane?

Todd is a 63-year-ld who was born on March 16, 1961, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

What Characters Did Todd McFarlane Create?

Todd created several characters such as Spawn, Venom, Violator, Malebolgia, Eddie Brock, Jason Winn, Billy Kincaid, and many others.

How Much Is Todd McFarlane Signature Worth?

At cons Todd usually signs for free, but there is a limit to how many books, but trying to get him at a private signing usually costs around $60-$80 per signature.

Who Is Todd McFarlane?

Todd is a comic book artist well known as the creator of the famous Spawn comics. He became integral in the drawing of the villain Venom in the Spiderman comics. Todd rose to prominence because of his acclaimed work on the Spider-Man comics of the 80’s and 90’s. He was a massive baseball fan and collector who owned prestigious baseball memorabilia, like Mark McGuire’s record-setting home run ball.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram – toddmcfarlane

Twitter – @Todd_McFarlane