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Teddy Atlas Bio | Wiki

Teddy Atlas is an American fight commentator and boxing trainer currently working for ESPN as a Boxing Commentator. He joined ESPN in September 1998 working for ESPN2 Friday Night Fights as a ringside analyst.

In addition, Teddy handles the same role as ESPN Boxing Specials and regularly contributes analysis to SportsCenter as well as ESPNEWS. Before joining ESPN, he worked for ABC Wide World of Sports, Showtime, and HBO radio broadcasts as a ringside analyst.

Teddy Atlas Age

He was born on July 29, 1956, and was raised in Staten Island, New York, in the United States. Teddy is 67 years old.

Teddy Atlas Height

He is a man of average stature. Teddy stands at a height of 5 ft 8 in (Approx 1.73 m).

Teddy Atlas's Photo
Teddy’s Photo

Teddy Atlas Family | Parents

He is a doctor’s son and was raised in the well-off area of Staten, New York City, New York. Teddy’s mother Mary Riley Atlas was a model as well as a former contestant in the Miss America pageant system. His father whose name has not been disclosed belonged of Hungarian Jewish descent while his mother was of Irish descent. Teddy grew up in his mother’s Catholic faith and also spent his summers with his family’s friends in Spring Lake, New Jersey.

From his own confession, he was a troublesome and rebellious youth. Teddy had dropped out of school and was arrested multiple times. He also took part in an armed robbery and was sentenced to Rikers Island. In addition, Teddy was also in a street fight in Stapleton, Staten Island, where his face was seriously slashed with a “007” flick knife. The wound took a total of 400 stitches to close with 200 on the inside and 200 on the outside of his face. That attack left him with a scarred face. In the year 1997, he founded the Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation in memory of his father.

Teddy Atlas Mother

His mother’s name is Mary Riley Atlas. Mary served as a model and was also a former contestant in the Miss American pageant system. In addition, Teddy’s mother was of Irish descent and of the Catholic faith. Teddy grew up in his mother’s faith before turning into a rebellious and troublesome youth.

Teddy Atlas Father

His father Theodore A. Atlas was a doctor. In addition, Teddy’s father belonged to the Jewish ethnicity. Moreover, he launched the Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation in 1997 in honor of his father. However, not much is known concerning Teddy’s father.

Teddy Atlas Wife

He is married to his beloved wife Elaine. Teddy and his wife are blessed with two children named, Teddy III and Nicole. However, there is not much available information in regard to his wife and married life.

Teddy Atlas Daughter

He is a proud dad of two. His only daughter Nicole aspired to be a boxing judge after watching her father. She has attended fights since she was a baby in a baby carriage. Nicole said that she has watched her dad go off on the judges and also watches her father’s show frequently. She came to understand that there is a problem in the sport after listening to her father talk about poor officiating and wanting to do whatever she can to help.

Teddy Atlas Son

Teddy is a dad of two, a daughter and a son. His son Teddy III works in the scouting department for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Teddy Atlas Niece

Years ago Teddy served as an assistant to a Hall of Fame trainer named Cus D’Smato. Among his duties included the training of Mike Tyson, D’Amato’s teenage protege who years later would turn out to be the most dominant heavyweight worldwide. However, Teddy and D’Amato parted ways in the year 1982 after Teddy had an argument with Tyson who was then 15 years old for grabbing an 11-year-old female butt who happened to be Teddy’s niece.

In the argument, Teddy pulled out a gun and put it to Tyson’s ear while threatening him to never touch his family again or he would kill him. However, there is not much available information in regard to his niece including her name.

Teddy Atlas Education

He attended elementary school at PS 27 and later enrolled at Curtis High School in Staten Island, New York City, his father’s alma mater. However, Teddy has not revealed much information regarding his education hence we can’t tell his level of education.

Teddy Atlas Podcast | YouTube

He owns a podcast and YouTube show called The Fight, in which he shares his views on all things involving boxing. In addition, Teddy also provides fight analysis, predictions, as well as a look at what’s happening behind the scenes in the boxing world. Moreover, he also connects the tenets as well as lessons learned inside the ring to broader applications in life.

Teddy Atlas ESPN

He currently serves as a boxing commentator for ESPN. Teddy joined ESPN in September 1998 serving as a ringside analyst for ESPN2 Friday Night Fights, the weekly series that gave its first performance on October 3, 1998. In addition, he also does a similar role for ESPN Boxing Specials and often contributes analysis to ESPNEWS and SportsCenter. Since 1976, Teddy has been a well-respected boxing trainer including six years at Cus D’Amato’s legendary Catskill Boxing Club. In addition, for the first four years of his career, he worked as Mike Tyson’s trainer preparing him for the world heavyweight championship.

Teddy obtained the prestigious Sam Taub Award from the Boxing Writers Association of America for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism. In addition, he has also trained a plethora of pugilists, such as world featherweight champion Barry McGuigan; two-time world heavyweight champion Michael Moorer; European welterweight champion Gary Jacobs; world light heavyweight champion Donny LaLonde as well as welterweight champion Simon Brown. Besides that, Teddy has also worked with two-time world champions, Tracy Patterson and Joey Gamache.

In addition, he also trained the Swedish Olympic Team in the year 1980. Furthermore, Teddy also trained actor Willem DeFoe for his role as a fighter in the film called “Triumph of the Spirit” in which he also had a part in the choreographed fight scenes. He also choreographed fight scenes for the TV series called Against The Law as well as played a role in the HBO movie called “Only in America”. Before joining ESPN, Teddy worked for HBO radio broadcasts, Showtime, and ABC Wide World of Sports as a ringside analyst.

Some of Teddy’s colleagues at ESPN include:

John Buccigross – Sportscaster

Ashley Brewer – Sports Anchor & Host

Katie George – Sports Anchor

Molly Qerim – Host

Samantha Ponder – Sunday NFL Countdown Host

Kevin Negandhi – Anchor & Host

Jason Benetti – Play-by-Play Commentator

Ben Baby – NFL Nation Reporter

Teddy Atlas Book

Besides being a fight commentator and boxing trainer, Teddy has also written a book titled “From the Streets to the Ring: A Son’s Struggle to Become a Man which is found on Amazon, kindle at $10.99, and paperback at $12.59. In this book, he tells that none has influenced the choices he has made apart from his father. Teddy also explains his life from being a rebellious son of a doctor to the man he is, living by his father’s values and code.

Teddy Atlas On Mike Tyson | Mike Tyson

He began his career in boxing at Catskills where he operated Cus D’Amato’s gym. While there, Teddy was Mike Tyson’s trainer who was then 15 years old. The two had a massive argument when Tyson grabbed Teddy’s niece’ butt who was then 11 years old which ended up with Teddy pulling out his gun and directing it to Tyson’s ear while threatening him to never touch his family again or he would kill him.

This argument resulted in Teddy and D’Amator parting ways in the year 1982. However, Mike Tyson reached out to Teddy after 33 years after the confrontation to bury the hatchet between them.

Teddy Atlas Boxing | Boxer | Boxing Record | Trainer

His love for boxing started developing in his mid-teens when he began working out at the Police Athletic League and also fought in organized amateur matches. At that time, Teddy was hanging in the streets and getting involved in street fights. He also took part in an armed robbery and as a result, he was arrested and had to spend some time on Rikers Island. Teddy’s childhood friend named Kevin Rooney was training with the legendary Cus D’Amato in Catskill and organized for him to tag along to train as he waits for his trial.

Teddy trained and also lived with D’Amanto for a period of one year and obtained the Adirondack Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament. When his case came to trial, D’Amato spoke on his part and he was released into his custody. Sadly, he was later diagnosed with an injury that terminated his professional career as a boxer. D’Amato advised him to stay and become a trainer but due to his disappointment, he left Catskill. A couple of kids in his neighborhood who knew his reputation in boxing asked him to train them. In the process of training them, he came to understand the reason why D’Amato had urged him to become a trainer.

Teddy returned to Catskills and operated Cus D’Amato’s gym training professionals throughout the day as well as youths from the community in the evening. He has worked with some of the greatest fighters including Barry McGuigan, Mike Tyson, Shannon Briggs, Wilfredo Benitez, Michael Moorer, and Simon Brown.

Teddy Atlas House

He is a prominent public figure who is well-known as a fight commentator and boxing trainer. However, there is no available information on the internet concerning Teddy’s House.

Teddy Atlas Face

During his youth days, Teddy was involved in a street fight in Stapleton, States Island as he was a troublesome and rebellious youth. As a result, his face was severely slashed with a 007 flick knife. The wound was deep and used a total of 400 stitches to close, 200 on the inside and 200 on the outside of his face. Teddy’s face was left with a scar which he still holds to date.

Teddy Atlas Fighters

Throughout his career as a boxing trainer, Teddy has trained a number of fighters including Mike Tyson, Chris Reid who was an IBF super middleweight contender, Timothy Bradley, Jimmy McMahon, Donny Lalonde who fought 8 fights, Felix Santiago, and Michael Moore among many others.

Teddy Atlas Salary

He receives quite a fulfilling amount from working for ESPN as a fight commentator. Teddy’s average salary is $150,875 annually.

Teddy Atlas Net Worth

Having worked as a boxing trainer as well as a fight commentator for quite some time, it is safe to say that Teddy has been able to accumulate quite a massive fortune. His net worth is $5 million.

Who Is Teddy Atlas

He is an American fight commentator and also a boxing trainer working for ESPN as a boxing commentator.

How Old Is Teddy Atlas

Teddy is 67 years old. He was born on July 29, 1956, and grew up in Staten Island, New York, in the USA.

Is Teddy Atlas Married

He exchanged wedding vows with his wife Elaine. The couple is blessed with two children named Nicole and Teddy III. However, details regarding when Teddy met his wife or when they tied the knot are currently unavailable.

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