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Steve Yegge Bio | Wiki

Steve Yegge is an American blogger and computer programmer. He is best known for writing about productivity, programming languages, and software culture through his site called “Stevey’s Drunken Blog Rants”  and “Stevey’s Blog Rants.”  Steve has twenty years of industry experience covering scalable e-commerce systems, embedded operating systems, software productivity tools, and applications for mobile devices.

Steve was a speaker at the UIUC 13th annual reflections❘projections Conference in 2007. He presented a talk on dynamic languages at Stanford University in May 2008. Also, Steve was a presenter at OSCON 2007 in July 2007 where he presented a keynote speech on “How to Ignore Marketing and Become Irrelevant in Two Easy Steps.”

Steve Yegge Age

He was born in the United States of America. Steve has not shared his birth details with the public, but from his appearance, he must be in his 40s.

Steve Yegge Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Steve stands at a height of 5 ft 9 in ( Approx 1.75m).

Steve Yegge's photo
Yegge’s photo

Steve Yegge Family

He was born to his father and mother in the United States of America. However, Steve has not publicly shared his family information.

Steve Yegge Wife

He is a married man. Steve has occasionally mentioned his wife in interviews and on his blogs. On May 19, 2020, he wrote a blog Saying Goodbye to the Best Gig I Ever Had. Steve did not miss mentioning his wife...My wife and I thought it over, and we want to give entrepreneurship a shot…., My wife isn’t a gamer, but she absolutely adores Wyvern……, As I often tell my wife, “they always come back”,….., I should thank my lovely wife Linh, whom I adore, for letting us try the entrepreneur route…….

Steve Yegge Education

He joined high school at the age of 11 and graduated at the age of 14. During his youth, Steve played guitar in garage bands. At the age of 18, he joined the United States Navy and also attended Nuclear Power School where he became a nuclear reactor operator. Steve graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Washington.

Steve Yegge Blog | Google

His blog, particularly his series of posts on hiring and interviewing has received considerable attention. Apart from his posts on hiring and interviewing,  Steve’s Lisp is Not an Acceptable Lisp post about the Lisp programming language has also been widely discussed and cited. His other programmers such as   Paul Bissex, the co-author of Python Web Development with Django have also described his blog as “required reading”. Steve published a 5000-word post upon leaving Google for Grab. In this post, he critiqued what he claimed is Google’s lack of innovation. In October 2011, he accidentally made an internal Google memo public on Google+

His comment of about 3,700 words garnered major media and blogger attention for Steve’s pointed commentary criticizing the leanings of the company’s technological culture ( i.e labeling Google+’s minimalist as well as in his view, the lackluster public platform “a pathetic afterthought”) and for his comments regarding his former employer, Amazon ( calling Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos “Dread Pirate Bezos”). Sergey Brin 9 ( Google co-founder) stated that he would still have his job. Melissa Bell ( Washington Post reporter) stated that  Steve’s public rant was a Jerry Maguire moment.

Steve Yegge Get That Job At Google

He started his career as a computer programmer in 1992 at GeoWorks. He worked as a Senior Manager of Software Development at Amazon from 1998 to 2005. Steve worked as a Senior Staff Software Engineer from 2005 to 2018,  at Google in Kirkland, Washington. He left Google in 2018  to join a ridesharing company called Grab based in Singapore with an American hub in Seattle.

Steve Yegge Interview

After leaving Google,  Steve was interviewed by CNBC about why he left the company. He stated that the company had grown “too conservative” and was “no longer innovative.” Steve announced in May 2020, that he would be leaving Grab to focus on the development of a video game called Wyvern. He had been working on it independently since 1995. In 2001, Steve released the graphical MUD Wyvern through his company Cabochon Inc.

He advocates server-side JavaScript for development. Steve ported Rails to JavaScript after failing to convince Google to adopt Ruby on Rails, creating the “Rhino on Rails” project. He was interviewed for the Google Code Blog in 2008 and discussed the “Rhino on Rails” project.  Steve’s work on “Rhino on Rails” has inspired at least one open-source clone, LatteJS.

Steve Yegge Net Worth

He is an American blogger and computer programmer. Steve has accumulated an estimated net worth of $3,683,781.

Is Steve Yegge  Married

Yes. Steve is happily married to a beautiful woman called Linh.

Who Is Steve Yegge

Steve is an American blogger and computer programmer. He is best known for writing about productivity, programming languages, and software culture through his site called “Stevey’s Drunken Blog Rants”  and “Stevey’s Blog Rants.”

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